lincoln creek

Game #3887

I was having trouble following this game with all the satellite imagery and the rotating gifs, so I plotted everything on Google Maps. 

What the hell is going on here?

As Danny said, the line of scrimmage (I think that just means the place where they line up to start the play), was in this small town of Gresham, specifically at the intersection of Pine and Maud. Instead of trying to break through the line, she retreated west, and the booked it south down Highway 69. 

She continues south until she passes Lincoln Creek, which prevents the defenders from the North from getting in front of her as she goes east, as long as she can beat them past the 462nd bridge. 

Upon crossing the creek, she cuts diagonally across the field. She could have just followed the road, but Pythagoras is a dick so it would have taken 1.34 times as long. 

Once she goes as far east as she can, follows the creek southeast until she hits McKelvie road. 

She crosses the creek again at the Seward bridge. She’s pretty safe there. As Danny said, it’s hard to catch a lone ball carrier in an urban area. Her next problem is all these bare plains and Iowa is setting up a long wall of defenders on 154th street. 

This is where we first tuned in on chapter 2. 

She runs into the twister, which flings her all the way to a field just northeast of Garland. This is pretty far, but not far enough to skip over the line of defenders, so she cuts northwest across the Oak Glen State Wildlife Management Area

After leaving the park going west, she moves north-northwest through all these lakes, and concludes her run for the day by rushing west to the small town of Bee.

This was Nancy’s entire run for the date of July 2, 17776. 


A cool time lapse video I found on YouTube of preparing a Portunites fossil crab in a concretion from the Lincoln Creek Formation in Washington.