lincoln christmas markets

Every year (when it doesn’t get cancelled) on the first weekend in December, we go off to the Lincoln Christmas markets.

It’s a routine that’s been going on for about 4 years now and when December rolls around it’s something I always look forward to.

This year wasn’t as great as previous outings but I still had a pretty awesome time and bought some great Christmas gifts.  It was jam packed yet not as many stalls as previous years which led to really bad congestion when trying to get about and massive queues.

My fave comic store had sadly closed down since we last visited so off we went to a little indoor shopping centre where I stumbled upon a record store and picked up this gem.  The Beatles 1963 7” vinyl single, Parlophone release of She Loves You with the B-Side I’ll Get You.

This vinyl isn’t incredibly rare but I was just thrilled I found it for so cheap, in such good condition and that it sounds brilliant.

My Beatles vinyl project is currently on hold as I’m struggling to find an early pressing of Please, Please Me that’s in decent condition for reasonable price.  I could buy later reissues but I really want to search high and low for a good early pressing.

I spent the Sunday putting up the Christmas trimmings, listening to my new Beatles single along with A Very She & Him Christmas and ended with watching Home Alone on Blu Ray.

Which was awesome apart from the fact that in HD you can totally see when the stunt doubles are in place. Which is something that I’ve never noticed before, along with the fact in certain shots Joe Pesci looks exactly like my dad lol.  There was also an extra that had crew members talking about where Buzz is now, man that guy looks rough.  In case you’re wondering just imagine a later years Elvis impersonator in a bowling alley shirt and there you have it.

Happy December everyone.