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James Corden makes a stunning Belle in a 'Beauty and the Beast' crosswalk musical

Daniel Day Lewis had Lincoln. James Corden had Belle.

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In the video above, Corden took on the role of a lifetime in an episode of Crosswalk the Musical: Beauty and the Beast. Corden and his theater chorus were joined by Beauty and the Beast actors Dan Stevens, Josh Gad and Luke Evans.

The crosswalk cast took on some of the film’s most famous songs and moments, including the iconic dance scene between Beast and Belle. 

Corden totally committed himself to the role and his dedication showed. If Crosswalk the Musical were eligible for the Tony Awards, Corden would definitely deserve a win (or a nod, at the very least).

The 100 Reactions to 3x01 - Wanheda: Part 1

Bob’s voice though. Duuuuude, stop having such a sexy voice.

We’re on season 3 and I still have mixed feelings about Murphy but damn does Richard make a brilliant job playing him! Seriously, he’s phenomenal

AH! The Lincoln and Bell training scene! Sexeeeeh

That stupid uniform is not a good idea

I like Kane. I’ve learned to like Abby. I like Abby and Kane together.

MONTY! I’ve missed you, you cute lil cupcake

I hate seeing Jasper like that :c Devon is doing a brilliant job though!

Uuuuuh Bellamy’s girlfriend! She’s cute I like her :)

RAVEN! *hugs**wraps bubble wrap around her so she doesn’t get even more hurt than she already has*

Okay so we have Miller as well, cool, but yeah where is O?

What the hell Jasper?! *sighs heavily* you have a lot of mental shit going on so I guess you’re forgiven this time. But do not do it again.

OCTAVIA! Ah #modernpocahontas :b

They’re all happily singing I fucking love it! I’m pretty sure this is going to be my favorite part of the episode

No but Bell’s face when Miller grabs Monty’s arm when singing along to the line “Make love to you” LOL Bell, I know I know, I ship them too :b

So Miller has a boyfriend? Damn it what about Minty? It needs to happen

I don’t like ALIE. At all.

Dude, the Wanheda is Clarke. THEY’RE LOOKING FOR CLARKE


Okay why does everyone only blame Clarke for what happened in Mt Weather? I love Monty and Bellamy but they have just the same amount of guilt and they’ve admitted it.

I know Clarke has to survive but omg look at that cute little bunny so cute I want one :3

So this is the girl she’s gonna bang? Wanna bet she speaks english and not just grounder

Told you that uniform was a bad idea.

Raven’s too stubborn for her own good.

What THEY did, not what Clarke did, what THEY did *sighs*

Told ya she speaks english! Too obvious tbh

Woooow Raven that was too much honey.

Well at least someone’s taking care of Clarke :3 


I ship Linctavia so bad damn it. I completely understand Lincoln’s side but I also understand Octavia’s and why she hates the uniform so much; she lived all her life hiding under a floor, scared she would get captured by men using the same uniform, so her reaction to, the uniform, to living with the same people that once wanted to float her for being born, etc., is perfectly justifiable

I’m really not understanding which side Jaha is on

Ahahahah John turns into a puppy when he’s with Emori

Oh Shawn! I’m very disappointed they didn’t make him sing “Stitches”. He has a very nice voice tho :)

“I’m here as your friend” am I the only one who loved this?

I still don’t understand how they just let Jasper walk around like he’s totally fine

And my finally thoughts after watching the whole episode and promo for the next episode is a very short and simple: GOD DAMN IT