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“I’m a damn mystery to me.”


The 100 vs Ao3 tags  Part 9/??

Okay so I’m rewatching season one, and I FINALLY realized where/why I started shipping Bellamy and Clarke. So I’m on 1.07, and Lincoln is being tortured and Clarke is trying to save Finn. So after realizing that finn has been poisoned, she goes to talk to Lincoln. Now, bell would have kept anybody else from coming up there but let Clarke up. When she’s explaining what’s happening, Bellamy looks at her with such respect and open ears. He sees her distressed and does everything possible to make her undistressed. He comforts her by putting his hand on her shoulder, and he even says Clarke doesn’t have to be there when he tortures Lincoln.

So um this is where I see a lot of chemistry. He respects the hell out of her and in this scene shows the lengths he’d go to get her what she needs.

Like legit after Clarke saved Atom in the woods, Bellamy went from “idc I’ll cut her wrist off see if I give a shit about that princess” to “get that motherfucking brave ass woman anything she needs”

As I know many braven/rellamy shippers/editors struggle in finding the scenes I figured I'd list all of them:

01x05 Raven arrives to ground and Bell threatens her with a knife
Later they search for the radio on the river and Raven is glaring at Bellamy
01x06 Raven snaps at Bell bc he messed up the radio and they couldn’t contact the ark in time
1x07 they torture lincoln together
1x09 bell comes to ask for bullets from Raven (with Jasper in the tent)
Later Bell and Raven go under the bridge where the grounders and klork are
01x11 first Bell talks raven out of leaving
Then they fuck
And in the end Bell apologizes for finn being lost
01x12 they talk a little about the landmines in the beginning and then a little to each other “show them you give a damn” etc
When jasper is in the dropship with Murphy bell and ray have a brief talk and later when Bell is getting hanged raven helps him and gets shot, bell screams “no” when it happens
In the end raven comes with a bullet wound and bell runs to her
02x01 bell is in the camp and when he sees raven being taken away with the bullet wound he looks at her from the distance and finn convinces him to leave so he can ensure raven is fine or smth. Before that he beats up murphy bc he shot her
2x2 bell hears raven’s screams while being locked up when she’s in surgery
2x8 first bell pushes people away from raven when they yell at her. He also confronts abby with her and is with her in the dropship before murphy comes + he catches her on the end when finn is killed
2x9 he stands beside raven when clexa burn finn
He stands with her when they are waiting for what will happen to her bc she poisoned lexa’s drink, he pushes grounders away again and yells she didn’t do anything or smth when they come to get her. Then when the grounders cut her “we have to do something” and he is the first one to rush to raven when she is released.
In the end he and raven go to tent to go through the plan in mw, only them ourside the tent is shown
2x11 they talk a little through the radios(bell climbing up in mw) and when bell finds out klork lied bout octavia being in arkadia he asks how could RAVEN lie to him, before that ray also asks from klork why she lied to him
2x14 they work with wick to get the acid fog off “hello to you too” “don’t mind wick, he’s an idiot”
2x16 Raven’s bone marrow is taken and bell sees it through camera “tell them to stop”, then in the end he looks at her when wick carries her inside arkadia
3x1 raven comes from under the rover “hey!” “hello to you too”
Then they talk a bit in the rover “she’s too good for you”
Later they arrive to where grounders have been spotted (azgeda) “raven stay in the rover”
3x3 they arrive to mw and bell looks at raven a few times
In the end when mw blows up Raven contacts bell with her walkie “I’m sorry”
3x11 bell takes raven from jasper and carries her into the cave, then basically almost everything at Niylah’s place has rellamy:
-raven roasts jasper “it’s not raven”<- bell. Then she roasts bellamy “just you and me huh”
-she’s trying to kill herself
-he gives her a lot of sad looks being the only one who ain’t offended bc he knows it’s not her
3x12 when emerson is going around arkadia bell calls to raven (and sinclair$ to check if everything is okay
Later she is locked up with him in the airlock
In the end they hug a goodbye bc raven has to stay behind “you got this”
4x1 bellamy radios raven to make sure she’s okay
4x2 when in the end bell returns, raven questions what he has done (blew up the water maker) and they stand side by side in klorks talk
4x3 in the beginning they are in a storage room (+klork) “I’m not starving bexause I won’t be inside…”
Then they go outside to where luna etc are and bell and ray stand side by side
Jaha is leaving in the rover so they and Crust Graffiti go to him
4x11 bellamy asks who is going after raven in the end (barely heard but I posted bout it)
4x12 at the end bellamy makes his awesome entrance to save raven and he is the only one who hugs her (raven also looks up and down his body when he walks down the stairs) “we’re not leaving you behind”, then he looks at her proudly when she explains da shit
4x13 all rellamy but a few important ones I wanna point out:
-bell stands up for ray when Murphy “you’re good at convincing(or smth)l
-Raven doesn’t believe she can do it so bellamy reassures her "we need you”
-echo done killing herself, Raven looks at Bellamy with a slight sad look as Klork ain’t back
-“bellamy” raven’s soft voice not to wait for klork
-bell glances at her on the rocket
-he makes sure she gets her spacewalk and helps her out
-even if raven told them not to try floating bellamy still does it and looks at Raven through the window as she tries to open the ark
-AND IN THE END “you with me?” “A L W A Y S”

Day 04 - Your favorite show ever:

- Fringe.

«When you say ‘Fringe Science’, you mean pseudo science?»

«I suppose. Things like mind-control, teleportation, astral projection, invisibility, genetic mutation, re-animation—»

«Whoa, excuse me for a sec, re-animation? Really? So you’re telling me… what? My father was Dr. Frankenstein?»

To Group: Fake Adults

Clarke: Stop telling everyone our kid is 36. It’s not funny. 

Bellamy: It’s hilarious. 

Clarke: No one thinks it’s funny. 

Jasper: I think it’s funny! 

Clarke: No you don’t. 

Jasper: Okay, no I don’t :( 

Bellamy: Did she threaten you? 

Monty: She might’ve kicked him. And she might be glaring at me and mouthing threats. 

Clarke: Monty! I swear to god I’ll kick you too

Monty: If you can move.

Clarke: -_- if I can move. 

Bellamy: Princess, you can’t just kick people to do your bidding for you.

Clarke: I can too when I’m carrying your spawn.

Bellamy: My spawn? 

Clarke: Yes, your spawn! And I think I get rights, you know? Being pregnant and all. I’m allowed to kick people.

Bellamy: I don’t think that’s how it works. 

Octavia: She’s right. She totally gets right. Pregnancy is no joke, Bell. 

Lincoln: O punched me when she was seven months pregnant. 

Octavia: It was an accident!

Lincoln: I know. But I’m just saying. 

Jasper: Mom bit me! 

Bellamy: What?

Octavia: ??????

Monty: You did try to steal her brownies. Never steal a pregnant woman’s brownies. 

Bellamy: Okay, yeah. You had that coming, Jas. 

Octavia: No sympathy here. 

Monty: Um… Hey Bell, when will you be back with Cleo? 

Bellamy: Why?

Jasper: I made mom cry and now she won’t stop! And she keeps saying something about needing to hold her firstborn and how she thought the second pregnancy should be easier. Please hurry home!!!!!!

Bellamy: Jesus, Jas, what the fuck did you do?

Jasper: Nothing, I swear!!!!

Bellamy: We’re on our way. Just try not to make it worse, will you? 

Monty: That’s not a guarantee. Clarke just threw her phone at Jas. 

Octavia: Man, I wish I wasn’t working so I could be there for this. 

Miller: Yeah, some of us do work so can you all shut the fuck up! 

Raven: What he said. P.S. Clarke, need me to kill Jas? I have a new robot and I’m sure I can upgrade it to cause some damage. 

Jasper: Not funny. 

To Clarke Griffin-Blake

Bellamy: We’re on our way, princess. 

Bellamy: *picture sent*

Bellamy: See? Cleo’s super excited to cuddle her mama so please don’t cry. 

Clarke: I love you both so much! Have I said that today?

Clarke: Oh and can you buy more brownies? 

Clarke: And peanut butter!!!!

Clarke: And that nutella ice cream??? 

Bellamy: Anything you want, princess. We love you too.