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One Year ago today, The Loud House premiered on Nick. I drew this comic for the premiere and colors by the Assassin, Diem! Speaking of comics, stay tune later this week for more Loud House Comic posts. or post. depends on how busy I get. the writers gave me another Whopper of a script. A WHAMMIE! get it?! Whitney and Sammie!!  Best. Writers. Ever!

Practice with posing Lincoln I did while at work. I think I’m gonna do this for all of the Loud siblings. I intend to become a storyboard artist, but since The Loud House isn’t really an “off model” show, I’m trying to see how far I can push the characters and how expressive I can make them while still keeping them on-model. I haven’t quite gotten there yet because his head’s too small.

The Loud House ©️ Nickelodeon and Chris Savino


The Loud House references you MISSED!

There are so many awesome moments in this cartoon, but there’s also a ton of references too! Here’s our list of the ones we found! Let us know which one is your favorite!

Black History in Animation:

Abigail Lincoln/Numbuh 5 from Codename: Kids Next Door (voiced by Cree Summer)

Sector V’s second in command, Numbuh 5 is the most laid back and level headed member of the group. Though her sister is a member of the evil teenagers, she always remains loyal to her team. Abby also commonly speaks in the third person and loves sweets, especially ice cream.

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