• Rick: I actually think today is gonna be a pretty good day.
  • Negan: *Many miles away in the Saviours compound an alarm begins to deafeningly sound* The 'RICK IS HAVING A GOOD DAY-O-METER' is ringing. To the Neganmobile!
  • Rick: Yeah, it's looking like everything might turn out for the bes-
  • Negan: *turns up at Alexandria/insults/taunts/teases/laughs at/injures Rick/threatens to and/or kills someone Rick cares about/eats dinner at Rick's house/tries to steal Daryl from Rick/makes Rick uncomfortable with not so subtle sexual suggestiveness/gives the finger to Rick whilst driving away after leaving his life in ruins again* Until next time Rick!
  • Rick: ... For fuck sakes Negan.