Bonjour, moi c’est Lina sans

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being that i’m immature and love to torture people who have messed with me,

i decided to screen shot all the lovey comments my ex made to me while we were still dating, and him cheating with another girl (who now is his girlfriend)

and sent them to her

now, i’m actually doing her a favor, i’m sure she doesn’t know how much of a mega douche this kid is, so think of it as i’m helping her.

boys, learn from this.

I was in ASL today and we had to sign to each other what vocab words our group was doing because we can’t repeat any word in our posters.

So, I’m signing to a girl that I need the word “Christmas stockings" 

You know these things

But I guess I signed "Christmas stocking” like these kind

And everyone was laughing and asking why I was drawing lingerie on an assignment and I had no idea what they were talking about.