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narwhalsarefalling replied to your post “YO what are we calling the sam/valerie ship?? i haven’t found the ship…”


i cant think of anything better than this it’s so ridiculous and i love it

hey friends here is your tiny bit of encouragement for today:

growing up and Being An Adult ™ is super daunting and scary but for the most part it tends to hit you in reasonable chunks. you learn how to do things bit by bit, even silly things that you think everyone already knows, like how to change a lightbulb. it’s not like one day you wake up and have to face everything at once, it’s usually a steady stream of manageable new things, and you’re going to run into new and different Adult Responsibilities throughout the rest of your life. every little thing you face and overcome helps prepare you for the next thing you have to face, and with time and patience you can get through it. <3

(and if you’re really stuck, go ask @howtogrowthefuckup!)

@yukarishy is having her first ever Dan Phan marathon and while I Could take this wonderful opportunity to gush over how adorable all her reactions to the show are so far, instead, here’s a couple of things I noticed that I didn’t before;

In Splitting Images, Sydney Pointdexter and every other Ghost in grey-colored 50s Casper High are clearly aware of the fact they’re ghosts
but none of them seem to be aware of Ghost Powers, and Sydney only figures out how to use them After seeing Danny do it

In Prisoners of Love, whatever was in that pot of food turned Danny’s ghost glow from white to green for a moment

Danny’s Ghost Glow while holding the Fright Night’s Sword is a lot thicker

Jack sucked the house into a parallel dimension at some point before Maternal Instincts, and I am very curious

Jack does needlepoint

Danny sent a bunch of murderous Animal Ghosts after a de-powered Vlad in Maternal Instincts and Vlad survived, and I dunno what that tells me about the animals

fantasy-blogger-deactivated2015  asked:

Had he lived, Fili would have been an excellent king. Kind and fair but not above dictating punishment to those deserving of it.

Yes! A strong king and a wise king, fierce and just. There are things he still has to learn but he can grow into it. He has a kind heart. He would listen to his people, to everyone who wants to come and talk to him. And they would love him for that, that he doesn’t want to rule but lead them.

In times of need he would cut down his own expenses as well, not run around in new silk tunics and have five banquets a day when people in the kingdom go hungry.

And he would have Kili at his side to look after him, and his mother as well, so he won’t lose himself in helping other, in leading the kingdom, in making a good life for everyone, but forgetting to look after himself completely.

He’s kindhearted and selfless, but strong and protective as well. Erebor can only grow under such a king. So yes, I think he’d make a great one.

anonymous asked:

I think you may have been a bit too kind to that last anon. They could have politely let you know that tumblr savior doesn't like apostrophes and politely asked you to change it. But no, they had to be a jerk. They were VERY rude.

I dunno, I admit, I felt a serge of righteous indignation when I first saw the ask, but reading it over, I realised that anon had a point. My self loathing is annoying to deal with, even behind read mores. I dunno, I think maybe it’s time I put that secondary blog function to good use and leave this blog rant-free. What do you think?

Don’t get me wrong though, I do think they could have asked more politely, or even not have been anon and we could have talked it over privately. I actually would have preferred very much if they weren’t anonymous, but what can ya do?