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@yukarishy is having her first ever Dan Phan marathon and while I Could take this wonderful opportunity to gush over how adorable all her reactions to the show are so far, instead, here’s a couple of things I noticed that I didn’t before;

In Splitting Images, Sydney Pointdexter and every other Ghost in grey-colored 50s Casper High are clearly aware of the fact they’re ghosts
but none of them seem to be aware of Ghost Powers, and Sydney only figures out how to use them After seeing Danny do it

In Prisoners of Love, whatever was in that pot of food turned Danny’s ghost glow from white to green for a moment

Danny’s Ghost Glow while holding the Fright Night’s Sword is a lot thicker

Jack sucked the house into a parallel dimension at some point before Maternal Instincts, and I am very curious

Jack does needlepoint

Danny sent a bunch of murderous Animal Ghosts after a de-powered Vlad in Maternal Instincts and Vlad survived, and I dunno what that tells me about the animals

hey friends here is your tiny bit of encouragement for today:

growing up and Being An Adult ™ is super daunting and scary but for the most part it tends to hit you in reasonable chunks. you learn how to do things bit by bit, even silly things that you think everyone already knows, like how to change a lightbulb. it’s not like one day you wake up and have to face everything at once, it’s usually a steady stream of manageable new things, and you’re going to run into new and different Adult Responsibilities throughout the rest of your life. every little thing you face and overcome helps prepare you for the next thing you have to face, and with time and patience you can get through it. <3

(and if you’re really stuck, go ask @howtogrowthefuckup!)

the-strawberry-bunny  asked:

Okay, I remember you saying Frog Lad lives on an island. This makes me wonder if there are certain places on... Earth? that have the syndrome more so than other places or it it happens in a certain part of the world specifically? Also, where does the color on the head go from froggy to human?

Yes, he does live on an island! To be honest, I haven’t gotten around to figuring where exactly in his world the syndrome would more widespread, but there are places where they’re located in more concentrated clusters…I just need to figure out where haha.

As for the mutation, here is a rough mapping of Frog Lad’s:

Now the proximity of the mutation does differ from one individual to the next. For example, it can also extend a little farther beyond the base of the neck, usually along the spine and/or shoulders. Like so:

These are only a few rough examples, but I hope this gives you a good idea!   

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips on drawing poses?I always seem to have trouble doing anything other then a stiff standing pose when trying to draw from my imagination and not using reference.

Hm-mm, that’s the problem with drawing from the imagination, poses tend to rather static and flat, and that is not good.

To be honest, I still have problems with drawing fluid poses but it does help to practice and look at reference and photos! There are a plethora of resources for you to make use of, so don’t let ‘em go to waste, bro! I’ll start you off with some really useful sites I turn to when I find myself stuck:

Another thing that does come in handy is to be wise to how the human body moves, muscle placement, and such. The sites above will hopefully get you going, so if you’re serious about improving, buckle down and get to drawing!

Also, sorry if this wasn’t at all helpful, anon! ;-;

heyitslollie  asked:

On fluid poses: It's worth trying to imagine things in motion. Aim to draw an -action-, rather than a pose. Maybe even draw a few sequential thumbnails of an action (eg: preparing to swing a bat, pulling the bat into swing, swinging the bat, and end of swing) to get a feel for it, before settling on one of the thumbnails to flesh out as a full image. This works in combination with muscle knowledge/body movement/etc.



anonymous asked:

Have you ever drawn.. THE NAUGHTIES?


but then I immediately came to my senses, and realised what I had done! I erased the drawing, ripped up the paper into tiny bits, then proceeded to set aflame the torn remains

I watched the fire die down as I cracked open a pepsi to quench my thirst because MAN all that excitement really parched my throat 

Since last night I’ve been working on a couple of new characters that are going to be in Frog Lad’s story (GOSH I ought to come up with a working title)

I know that doesn’t sound like much, but you guys have no idea how thrilled I am to finally start fleshing out these two characters! And it’s about time too, because they’ve been in the works for god knows how long, so yea


reyguns-deactivated20131123  asked:

Aah, if I may, I would like to say something about that pose ask. In my experience, lovecastle(.)org/draw/ is actually a much better site for studying poses, as it has a wide variety of poses using photographs!

Well there you have it, folks! Another great resource website! I’d not heard of this one till now, so thank you very much for the link! =D

here’s an actual link to it 

So for shits and giggles I decided to use that secret fetish generator, but put Frog Lad’s name instead of mine. I swear this is what came up just look:

GOD IN HEAVEN HOW DID IT KNOW???? Seriously, this was purely coincidental but so perfect and beautiful ohmigosh I am just losing it asf;ljkhasd;;lfkjhas