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I had too much banana milk and I saw this amazing picture of this 80s guy wearing a shirt with this text and holding a cockatoo and all I could think of was maglor… in whatever universe, to me, maglor would be this… the luxury chemise guy

Dial Back The Clock || {Eve & Nathan & The Daytons}

What if it all never happened? What if the Seelie guards never killed Thomas? What if the war between the Daytons and the Seelies never happened…..

We’re back in Earth 1. The Seelie guards never came looking for Eve. Instead of trying to get back the queen they never even wanted, they put another into power will full Seelie blood. Eve heard of this and stayed with the Daytons. She was with Malina in a room of Dayton Manor as she was getting fitted for her wedding dress. Eve was there because she was the one who made Malina’s wedding dress.

“You look beautiful, Lina, now stop worrying. You’re going to make me poke you with a needle and then Thomas will be all over me.”


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regarding graceland, i notice how much you hate pike (i do too) but you only ever point out how paige was abusive. what are your thoughts on what mike said to her about the fox? (how basically he was the fox and she was just the leg that he needed to chew off) personally, it made me lose a lot of respect for him and it really upset me.

i want to start out by saying that it’s very good that you want to hold people accountable for their actions, but i disagree with you about mike in this scene (his reaction being bad or wrong or upsetting or abusive), and here is why

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Sauron and Thuringwethil, mayhem mates!! magic, mischief and murder not optional. I have that cool kids song stuck in my head now

If Slayers main party was sorted into Harry Potter houses

I’ve seen some debate about it and usually it’s if Lina would be in Gryffindor or Slytherin. I actually think she would be in neither house. The houses are made for what people value the most and I do not think Lina nessecerily values courage nor cunning. Hear me out.

Lina: I think Lina would be sorted into Ravenclaw and here is why….. It is true Lina has traits from Gryffindor and Slytherin, but her ultimate thing is knowledge because knowledge is how she works her magic. In the first season it was about the philosopher’s stone and later Zanaffer. In Next, her whole quest is revolving around getting her hands on copies of the Claire bible which contain information nessecary to cast spells or make them more accurate. It included knowledge on the Lord of Nightmares. (Try was more about her being forced to save the world by Luna.)

Now if she never valued this kind of knowledge I am not sure she would have even invented Giga slave in the first place, as she did experiments before hand. In the Slayers world sorcerers have to be educated via a school and Lina had gone through this herself. She is also always shown explaining things to people, as the role of the teacher with knowledge. This is true in offshoots like Light Magic and in the first season, among the other official extra images of her as a teacher.

She is likewise depicted as able to keep up with Rezo, who is a bit of a “scientist” of that world. Naga has a similar personality but she is more ditzy and business oriented than Lina.

Ravenclaw is also the house of quirky and eccentric people, Lina definitely is far from being an average person let alone your average magic user.

Gourry: Gryffindor, definitely. Gourry is not big on cunning, knowledge, and while he has some traits of hardwork, he is far more about courage. Gryffindor is the “hero” house and Gourry fits that role a lot. In fact he only really seems to do bad when influenced by Lina or black mailed.

Gourry certainly doesn’t show that much fear in the face of enemies. With the exception of Lina. He is also in the business of protecting people and seems to enjoy being Lina’s body guard. Plus, his physical prowless is amazing. If he could remember spells, he would be just as powerful as Lina.

Zel: He would be sorted into Slytherin. Zel is just as capable as Lina is about knowledge, but he seems to use his in more cunning ways and is quite ambitious about fixing his body. For example, in Slayers Revolution he devises many traps based on complex calculations to catch Pokota so he could get information out of him.

Zel seems to hate mazoku such as Xellos but doesn’t mind being called evil. In fact he fully embraces being called an evil sorcerer in Slayers Try. He loves it. While this is not a specific trait of Slytherin and both Slytherins and Ravenclaws have been known to embrace the “darkside” for different reasons, I think it is an interesting point. Also, Zel will forgo some group things because he is uninterested as seen in the jar episode of Try. He is very assertive and many Slytherins are as well. Likewise, he is resourceful, maybe in part to do with his body, but still gets the job done without having as much magic power as Lina. As well as having both physical and magical power.

Amelia: Definitely Hufflepuff. In fact in the sorting hat’s song it mentions that Hufflepuffs are “just and loyal”. Amelia is all about justice and loyalty. Well, I think the justice thing is self-explanatory to anyone who watches the show or reads the novels. She is always trying to do the right thing and she works extremely hard at it, just as Hufflepuffs are not afraid of hard work.

Her loyalty to her family and friends is a very admirable trait. She remains loyal to Lina and Zel, despite the fact they can be on the other side of the moral spectrum at times. (Though she will stop Zel from being a villian if he goes too far.) She seems to value her family a lot, especially her father, but I suspect her sister too, in the subtle hints we’re given. Amelia is all about responsibility to her duties and she also works pretty hard at them, as we see during her off time when she is not fighting evil as an ally of justice.

Naga: Slytherin, and not just because she is Naga the serpent, either. But because though she is ditzy at times, she can switch sides to be against Lina as we have seen in Slayers Platinum, the oavs, and some novels. (In Slayers Special Naga even wanted to kill the last of the mer people for money until Lina stopped her.) Sometimes for Naga, it’s simply the side who pays the most. (She does not seem to care as much about doing the right thing unlike her dad and sis. She even goes too far for Lina.)

On top of the fact that she is ambitious about money and attacks Lina because of sweet business deals or over treasure, she displays cunning or what you could call, an attempt at cunning. Her plans seems to backfire. But she is always trying to fight “dirty” and trick Lina. Such as the time she set Lina’s clothes on fire as a challenge and inadvertently burned the entire hotel down.

Naga is ambitious in glory and nobility too, and many prideful nobles seem to be in Slytherin. One of Naga’s crowning moments is the entire fiasco with Serena, where she laid down the royal slap. Then converted everyone to the greatness that is Naga.

That’s what I got now. I need to maul over Filia and Pokota too. Well, we could exclude Filia too since she is not human either….. But cannot seem to place Pokota atm. Xellos is excluded because he isn’t human, but he may be a Slytherin.

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(they’re all amazing, valid creatures tbh so I feel like actually ranking my faves would be super uncool.)

she blinded me with science’ is playing softly in the background while I turn on the overhead; on it, I gently place the transparency sheets I prepared especially for you:

wolf eel - which is apparently not a “TRUE” type of eel but you know what, fuck that. their hearts are true

electric eel - which is apparently also NOT a real eel??? (a “knifefish”?? with sparks?? is this some kind of super nintendo era final boss?). at this point I’m questioning whether eels actually exist. are they made up? are they just the product of someone overusing the liquify tool on an unsuspecting goldfish?? is it just a picture of me, having realized german netflix doesnt have xfiles? I’d like to meet science and have a word with them tbh

grey conger - an ACTUAL eel, belonging to the worms with small arms family. ‘clap your hands if youre having fun’ says conger, staring into the void of opportunity

giant moray - what the fuck!!!!! honestly!!! tbh!! it’s so huge holy shit I wanna ask it if it can give me a ride to work like the catbus in totoro

blue ribbon eel - FANCY. they’re so fancy omg. they’re like the david bowie of eels!! I love them. #styleinspo tbh. they’re apparently a species of moray eel?? I want a buddycup AU of fancy ribbon eel and the giant moray

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top 5 hats

1)the spock

2) the ‘bloodsausage? medieval dildos? don’t worry, I have the perfect self-storage opportunity’ - hennin

3) the ‘my favourite hockey team is tyler seguin’s abs on a zamboni’

4) the duckie (formative)

5) ahhhhhhhhhh I love all hats I will put them all on my head at once!! I want to be buried in the mcqueen birdcage hat, positioned in a fetal position, cradled by exquisite headgear, i will find peace

6) mention OF SHAME for the fashion monstrosity feanor commited. “[…] and made tall helms with plumes of red” - there’s being extra, and then there’s wearing a plucked chicked tucked into a party hat. I might not have believed in your chance to succeed, but I at least believed in your ability to fail in style. the real betrayal of the silm

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Top 5 things to draw or/and top 5 songs? :D

.I’m doing the first part of this question bit by bit, but I’m going to use the second part to get grossly sentimental and level 10 embarrassing!! top 5 songs for some of my favourite silm characters:

Idril - We don’t need another hero  - this is no joke my n1 Idril song. I love her I love Tina I love this song and it’s my n1 Idril song!! ahhh

Maglor - All these things that I’ve done - this track is so intensely maglor to me, like the entire vibe and all the lyrics and like ‘I am so much older than I can take’ and the chorus (it’s such a standing-on-a-mountain-with-your-hair-flowing-in-the-wind-type of chorus) and just. all of it !!!!

Fingon - Conqueror - I’ve linked this before but this is still top of all my secret fingon playlists help it’s such a perfect song for him?? TEARS

Maedhros - burn - not trying to be all wink wink, nudge nudge with the title, honest. also all my secret maedhros playlists are 80% cure tbh so it’s hard to pick but this one!! this one song !!!!! no regrets. I’d warned you I’d go all out kitsch

Elemmírë - this ain’t no hymn - Elemmírë is one of those super open source characters seeing as they’re only referenced with one line, but I’ve gotten super attached to her… this is what I was listening to when I first started sketching her and it’s been my song for her since

I’ve been meaning to finally continue my tattoos, and the piece I want to add to has some bits I’ve wanted to change -cover up, that is (they’re 13 years old now) and the tattoo artist I’ve been seeing about it has suggested I have some laser/removal sessions first before we start. Today I went to the first session and it was really good! The place was like a loft/open space that felt really comfortable (although the actual procedure ofc happened in a separate room). And a tattoo studio is part of it, which was really nice because it made everything feel less judgey, you know? The idea of sitting in some clinic space with a doctor or technician who propagates an atmosphere of “I told you so’s” and judgement has always been a big no for me (because that’s not what it’s about you know? My body is a WIP 😂 ~~~ and my tattoos are part of that so this is not me going ctrlz on life choices but just making some edits lol). The person/technician (idk what the official job title is) was super super nice (and also covered in tattoos, yay) and the whole thing lasted like 20 minutes tops… it felt p much like getting ink done but at the same time, I’ve apparently gotten super wimpy over the years, also clavicle/upper chest area is generally an uncool area in terms of painfulness, so swearing did happen and stressballs were squished rather violently. I’m curious how it looks in the morning, if it’ll be super gross looking lmao…

idril!!! a small sketch I colored. she’s just so……. …..!!!! hearteyes emoji, etc

Also, @ mutuals, if any of you want a postcard from seoul, send me an ask! I’ll include a bad quality drawing of your favourite elf lol. (If you want a card but you’re not comfortable giving out your address, just say so and I’ll send you a picture of the dog I befriended here holding the card I wrote for you)

I saw this post here about how you shouldn’t try to suck out the poison if you’re bit by a snake and I spent 20 minutes frantically trying to remember where I read this meet cute scene where somebody was trying to suck out poison from somebody’s leg wound and trying to be sexy about it but then they fainted and everybody kind of fainted ?? and then they made out but they were sad about it. Was it a movie was it a book was it a tv show??… until I finally realized it was tehta’s flawed and fair lol. Fic that stays with you forever tbh