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“Thorin didn’t intend to go to war,” thinks Dean O'Gorman, who plays the slowly disillusioned Fili, “but the dwarves are fighting for their home, for what they believe is right. Thorin decides that basically, like George W. Bush, you’re either with us or against us.”



slowly dissillusioned Fili


I’m not ready! I will never be ready! Dean already ripped my heart out with Fili’s bamf moment in DoS. When Thorin decides to leave Kili behind not only because he’s wounded but mostly because he would be nothing but a burden on the rest of their quest you can basically see it in Fili’s eyes that the hero of his childhood crumbles to dust right in front of him and leaves someone behind he doesn’t want to be like which leads to Fili making his own decision, standing up for his own believes, even if they don’t find Thorin’s approval.

That’s the first glimpse Fili gets of Thorin not being the hero of his bedtime stories through and through. The first time Fili understands Thorin is not without fail, he isn’t perfect and he doesn’t know everything.

The days of hero worship without questioning are over. Fili disagreed with Thorin once already and I hope there are more times to come when he actually voices that in front of Thorin, telling him that the decisions he make are by far not in all of their interest.

There are hard times ahead for Fili, watching his hero fall.


despite warnings to not wander off too far, the child with her arms wrapped tight with gauze skipped on ahead through a sunny park, scooping up dandelions and buttercups, holding a small bouquet out to a stranger.     ❛   here, mister, these are for you!   ❜

melkor and sauron floating in the void, reminiscing about good old times

#sometimes when i cant sleep i imagine what a del toro hobbit would have looked like#a lot of ron perlman probs (x)

no but ron perlman would actually be amazing, he could just play everyone. I mean:


(anthropomorphized?) SMAUG:




petition to reshoot the hobbit but with everyone played by ron perlman instead

thranduil sitting with little legolas in the evening before he sends him to bed and braiding his hair at his temples and asking him about his day and what he’s learned and legolas babbling about hitting the target at archery practice on his first try and finding one of the blue butterflies that had accidentally gotten lost near the throne room and carrying it outside and being all excited and cute and thranduil smiling fondly and enjoying the quiet alone time with his son


ok so I tried drawing the felagund in a fancy getup or sth because Im always torn between “overly casual hippie finrod” and “doesn’t know when to stop king of bling finrod” when at some point I was like waiiiiiiiiiit a minute and realized that who he reminded me of here was princess zelda which is when I ragequit this mess as hard as I could but still ended up thinking about the similarities between ocarina of time and the silmarillion for like an hour damn you finrod felagund
Im was gonna try caranthir but he’ll probably just end up looking like ooccoo jr goodbye

there’s more to aredhel’s character than being killed by her husband. there’s more to celebrian’s story than the trauma she suffered. there’s more to  amarie and anaire than staying behind, more to elwing than her flight, more to nerdanel than tempering feanor’s fire, and there’s more to miriel than being turned into some kind of symbol of death. there’s so much more to these fascinating women in tolkien’s world than being mere afterthoughts to other protagonists’ tales; than being dead wives, dead daughters, dead mothers; and suffering often violent fates at the hands of men. even if you have to dig deep within the narrative sometimes, it is always worth doing so and I feel like it is always the more rewarding option to explore these aspects than reducing them to passive caricatures of doom and faceless victims. (and even if that would be all we found, I feel like we could still at least ask ‘why’ and 'how’ and 'what if’)

I love the fact that when they put together the trailer, they must have been like.. ok we got 1:60 minutes here, what scenes are we gonna add? More of the company? The master of laketown? More dragon or Beorn or fight scenes, spiders? Nah, let’s dedicate an entire shot to Lee Pace’s eyebrows.