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Sauron and Thuringwethil, mayhem mates!! magic, mischief and murder not optional. I have that cool kids song stuck in my head now


ok so I tried drawing the felagund in a fancy getup or sth because Im always torn between “overly casual hippie finrod” and “doesn’t know when to stop king of bling finrod” when at some point I was like waiiiiiiiiiit a minute and realized that who he reminded me of here was princess zelda which is when I ragequit this mess as hard as I could but still ended up thinking about the similarities between ocarina of time and the silmarillion for like an hour damn you finrod felagund
Im was gonna try caranthir but he’ll probably just end up looking like ooccoo jr goodbye

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(they’re all amazing, valid creatures tbh so I feel like actually ranking my faves would be super uncool.)

she blinded me with science’ is playing softly in the background while I turn on the overhead; on it, I gently place the transparency sheets I prepared especially for you:

wolf eel - which is apparently not a “TRUE” type of eel but you know what, fuck that. their hearts are true

electric eel - which is apparently also NOT a real eel??? (a “knifefish”?? with sparks?? is this some kind of super nintendo era final boss?). at this point I’m questioning whether eels actually exist. are they made up? are they just the product of someone overusing the liquify tool on an unsuspecting goldfish?? is it just a picture of me, having realized german netflix doesnt have xfiles? I’d like to meet science and have a word with them tbh

grey conger - an ACTUAL eel, belonging to the worms with small arms family. ‘clap your hands if youre having fun’ says conger, staring into the void of opportunity

giant moray - what the fuck!!!!! honestly!!! tbh!! it’s so huge holy shit I wanna ask it if it can give me a ride to work like the catbus in totoro

blue ribbon eel - FANCY. they’re so fancy omg. they’re like the david bowie of eels!! I love them. #styleinspo tbh. they’re apparently a species of moray eel?? I want a buddycup AU of fancy ribbon eel and the giant moray

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top 5 hats

1)the spock

2) the ‘bloodsausage? medieval dildos? don’t worry, I have the perfect self-storage opportunity’ - hennin

3) the ‘my favourite hockey team is tyler seguin’s abs on a zamboni’

4) the duckie (formative)

5) ahhhhhhhhhh I love all hats I will put them all on my head at once!! I want to be buried in the mcqueen birdcage hat, positioned in a fetal position, cradled by exquisite headgear, i will find peace

6) mention OF SHAME for the fashion monstrosity feanor commited. “[…] and made tall helms with plumes of red” - there’s being extra, and then there’s wearing a plucked chicked tucked into a party hat. I might not have believed in your chance to succeed, but I at least believed in your ability to fail in style. the real betrayal of the silm

Also, @ mutuals, if any of you want a postcard from seoul, send me an ask! I’ll include a bad quality drawing of your favourite elf lol. (If you want a card but you’re not comfortable giving out your address, just say so and I’ll send you a picture of the dog I befriended here holding the card I wrote for you)

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is good at reading people, great at applying eyeliner, kinda scared of horses

1) I don’t know? I try to be, and I do think I’m at least somewhat perceptive to moods etc, but that might also just be social anxiety and overanalyzing. I also tend to get really self-involved, so I miss a lot, but I’m trying to work on that.
2) sufficiently skilled, but I also use a 7x magnifying mirror when doing eye makeup bc I’m far-sighted lol
3) I used to have an anti-horses and anti-horse-girls rebellion phase as a tween (you know those girls who were really into horseriding and stuff? and had horse dolls and stuff.. you know what I mean), but I suspect that had more to do with me crushing on said horse girls and dealing with it badly lmao. I still stand by the fact that horses are weird (they are very large and oddly shaped), but also I really want to learn horseriding at some point and ride through the glens and let my hair flow in the wind firing arrows into the sunset. sorry for saying horse girls so many times.


I remember drawing this after I made that hobbit music AU way back, in which I think I said Galadriel would be Björk haha. Anyway and Reyks said that someone should draw Galadriel wearing Björk’s swan dress, which would have been hilarious (please somebody actually do it), so I was like WHY NOT but then obviously I totally failed and I didnt want to draw the poofy part so now it’s just a bit of swan (??) for no reason at all, so I scrapped it. but I just found it again and had to laugh so much because the whole swan carcass thing is just kinda unfortunate when you’re part noldo?? [suddenly a wild feanor appears, pulling hair and setting things on fire]

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I want to read that discussion but I shouldn’t contribute since my takeaway from this was ‘oath of dishes’

AU in which the feanorians dont promise to do ANYTHING without swearing really dramatically first, oaths, theatrics and all. “celegorm do your homework”. celegorm gets his sword (it’s a wooden practice sword at this point) while caranthir is in the background, holding the feanorian lamps for intense mood lightning, and starts yelling several verses in iambic tetrameter. it’s the most passionate and poetic version of ‘I’ll do it later mom’ since maglor tried to get around doing laundry earlier that morning.

thranduil sitting with little legolas in the evening before he sends him to bed and braiding his hair at his temples and asking him about his day and what he’s learned and legolas babbling about hitting the target at archery practice on his first try and finding one of the blue butterflies that had accidentally gotten lost near the throne room and carrying it outside and being all excited and cute and thranduil smiling fondly and enjoying the quiet alone time with his son