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If you wanted, you could write a Solangelo au where one is a single parent? That'd be neat,,

Note: Lina’s full name is Carolina, and it is pronounced CaroLEENA.

Hope you guys like it.

Ari xxx

It was Lina’s first day of school, and Nico was having a breakdown.

The little five year old ran in circles around her dad, wearing her adorable Little Mermaid backpack. Her Uncle Percy started that obsession, and now Nico didn’t have a day without watching that movie at least twice.

She was so excited, but it made him even more nervous for her.

What if the kids are mean to her?

What if she falls and hits her head?

What if she’s alone for lunch?

What if they laugh at her for not having two parents?

He wiped his hands on his jeans for the millionth time.

“Carolina, did you brush your teeth?”, Nico said.

“Yes, papa.”, She nodded and bit back a smile.

“You sure?”, He raised an eyebrow.

“Yes…”, Lina’s face betrayed her words.

Nico waited a bit more and crossed his arms.

“No… I didn’t.”, She looked down ashamed.

“It’s okay. Now, go up and brush your teeth.” He watched his daughter fondly, as she ran up the stairs.

Nico nibbled on a piece of toast, not having that much of an appetite.

Lina was an exact carbon copy of Nico’s sister Bianca. The only thing different was her eyes, instead of the dark brown, it was a deep grey. Startling and clever.

It hurt everytime he thought of Bianca. She was the one who basically raised Nico, later their half sister Hazel. She was always the one who loved life and wanted to do something great, but then she got pregnant.

Whoever the father was, he was never around. Nico never knew him. The only remnant of him was Lina’s eyes.

Bianca was ecstatic. She wanted to be a mom so bad. She wanted to make sure her abby never felt unloved, unlike Nico and her growing up. But after she gave birth to the perfect Carolina, she fell sick. She was gone too soon and Nico was left with his niece, now daughter. He was a dad at 21.

He wouldn’t have survived that first year if it wasnt for his friends. Helping him with Lina and his grief.

And now 5 years later, here they were happy and content.

“Carolina Maria di Angelo, you’re gonna be late!!”, Nico yelled.

The sound pitter patter of small feet running started almost immediately. “I’m coming, papa! Wait for me!”

He soft shook his head, as if he could leave her.

“Let’s go, slowpoke!”, he laughed as she rushed to get her new shoes on.

“Don’t laugh, papa!”, She stuck her tongue out at him.

As the two exited the small flat, Nico handed Lina her lunchbox. “Don’t forget to eat, okay?”

“I won’t, papa.”, She took it in her hands.

“Don’t forget to drink water and if someone is mean to you, what do you do?”

“You kick them where it hurts.”

“Yes you kic- No! Who said that?”, Nico said, already dreading the phone calls he’s going to get saying that Lina kicked a classmate in the crotch.

“Uncle Leo and Uncle Percy.”, Lina flashed him an innocent grin.

Nico made a mental note to kick them where it hurts.

Lina’s school was a little public school around five blocks away from where they lived. Parents were already going to their children’s classes to meet the teachers.

Before they got out of the car, Nico took a breath he didn’t realize he was holding. “Darling, have fun, okay. Make friends, have fun, and try your best. If you do that, papa will be so very proud.”

“I promise, papa!”, she flashed him a brilliant smile.

As they walked to Lina’s cass to meet her teacher, Lina grabbed his hand. A small gesture that melted his heart.

They finally got to Room 112, and a man that Nico guessed was Mr. Solace stood outside the door greeting his incoming students and parents.

Holy Hell. Mr. Solace was the most beautiful person Nico has ever seen. He seemed to be around Nico’s age. Deep tan skin and golden hair that seemed to reflect sunlight.

No, Nico. Dont get distracted by your daughter’s teacher, for gods sake. Be professional.

“Hi! I’m Will Solace, and who would you be?”, The pretty teacher crouched down to Lina’s eye level.

The excitement in Lina was replaced with a sudden shyness. She hid behind Nico’s leg and peeked up at Will with curious eyes.

“Go on, darling. Introduce yourself to Mr. Soalce.”, Nico softly nudged Lina with his hand.

“My name is Carolina di Angelo, but my papa calls me Lina.”, Lina slowly got out from behind Nico’s leg and stood in front of Mr. Soalce. She held out her hand, just like how Nico taught her when she met new people.

“Nice to meet you, Lina. Go inside and find a seat, and we’ll start soon.”, He smiled warmly at her.

Lina looked at Nico, silently asking permission. Nico nodded, and she went off.

However, just before she passed the door, Lina abruptly stopped and turned and gave Nico a hug. “Bye, papa. See you later. Love you!!”

Nico’s eyes misted over, but he quickly wiped them away with his sleeve.

“She seems like a good kid, Mr. di Angelo.”, Mr. Soalce said to him, a shining glint in his eyes.

“You can call me, Nico, and I tried raising her the best I can.” Nic soft said, hoping the secret meaning of the words were carried along.

Mr. Solace’s eyes slightly widened, and he smiled even wider, if it was possible. “I can alreayd tell that you did an amaizing job, Nico.”

Nico’s heart skipped a beat. His eyes were a very startling blue. He was such pleasant sight to look at. The way he smiled and the way Nico’s name rolled off his tongue.

“Thank you, Mr. Solace.” Nico desperately tried to hid the spreading blush on his cheeks.

“Call me Will. I promise you I will take good care of Lina.”, Will’s deep blue eyes met Nico’s.

“Okay. Thank you, Will.”, Nico smiled. He then had to go to work and said his goodbyes to the captivating teacher.

Will waved at him as he left.

Nico didn’t feel scared for Lina anymore.

He knew she was in good hands.





Ari xxx

Waiting in the Wings

The Twins & Lina

Anon request: Fanfic about Barba and his daughter (His daughter is in her school’s musical and is starring, and she told him about it and is worried he won’t be there to see her) please?

Lina took a deep breath and knocked on the door of her father’s study.

“Come in,” Rafael’s voice sounded weary on the other side.

Lina crept into the study, feeling a little apprehensive about the state of mind her father would be in that evening. It wasn’t always easy to be the daughter of an assistant district attorney of the city of New York. Today was one of those days.

“Hi, Papi.”

Rafael looked up at his youngest daughter and gave her a tired smile and closed the file he had in front of him. She shouldn’t be looking at photographs like those, not at the tender age of ten. “Mija,” he beckoned her over. “Everything alright?”

“Yes, Papi. Are you okay? You looked tired.”

Lina had always been a little wise for her years. She had started out life as a tiny infant, but this hadn’t stopped her trying to emulate and keep stride with her older sisters. In Rafael’s opinion, she was growing up faster than he cared to think about.

“It’s been busy at work, I’ve just had a lot of work to get through.”

“Defense attorney giving you grief, Papi?”

Rafael chuckled. “Mija, you know I like to wipe the floor with them, don’t you?”

“You sure do!” Lina smiled, her sparkling green eyes, matching his own.

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Exaulted Part Four

Originally posted by cupofeternitea

Parts: Prologue, One, Two, Three (M), Four, Five (Coming soon!)

Genre: Drama, Romance, Violence, drug use, plus more!

Pairing: No ‘romantic interests’ yet. But some ‘Yixing is a sweetheart and should be protected forever’ moments!

Word Count:  7.?K

A/N: People are assholes, the game I watched earlier didn’t end how I wanted it to, and my back is killing me, but fuck it! Y’all are amazing and deserve the part! So I finished it! Hours late, sorry!

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I had too much banana milk and I saw this amazing picture of this 80s guy wearing a shirt with this text and holding a cockatoo and all I could think of was maglor… in whatever universe, to me, maglor would be this… the luxury chemise guy

Dust and Shadows Part 5:

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She screamed and screamed and screamed.

Distantly, she was aware of Rhiannon shouting at her to stop. She was going to burn it all down. The fields caught on fire matches to fuel her flame. And she screamed.

Someone would notice the fires soon and raise the alarm.

Lina didn’t care. Let them notice. She was tired of accepting it. Accepting what other people wanted, accepting that things were just too difficult for her to understand.

Around her, hell opened.

“Lina, stop!” Rhiannon shouted at her. There was the briefest touch of iron talons on her arm before Rhiannon hissed in pain.

Her mother had lied. Her father had lied. Everyone had lied and told her the lies were the truth.

They had been such beautiful lies. She was sick of it.

She was sick of it.

Somewhere in the midst of it all, Rhiannon had left.

Fine. She didn’t want her there with her anyways.

People were shouting now. Most likely they would be running up to the palace to tell her mother to control her unruly brat.

The princess who needed to be lied to because the truth would be too much for her to bear. Because she was still a child.

She knew as she burned that her mother and her uncle and all the people she had trusted, had lied to protect her. Lied out of love.

But they had still lied.

It didn’t matter.

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Violet put the finished touches on her half of their room, straightened the blanket, and fluffed the pillow one last time. Her side looked barren compared to Lina’s, which was covered in decorations, and trinkets to make this small space feel like home for the next six weeks. Violet regretted not bringing at least a few photos or something to put up on the wall. She’d have to grab some when she went home for the weekend.

Lina sat down on Violet’s bed next to her. She explained that the campers would arrive tomorrow after lunch time, and they’d do a few little ice breaker games, and explain how the camp worked to them before doing dinner, and a campfire to kick off the week.

“But, of course, before all of that craziness tomorrow, it’s kind of ritual for all the counselors to get together the night before camp and have a little party! Well, we can’t call it a party– it’s a social. And no alcohol either,” she sighed, “but usually it’s a lot of fun! So you pretty much have to go– if only because I will literally drag you if I have to.”

“You won’t– that actually sounds like a lot of fun. How many other counselors are there?”

“Hmm,” Lina stopped to think for a moment, going over all the names in her head, “I don’t know, like, ten? Twelve? A few of them are new this year, just like you, but there’s four of us who have worked here before. They’re kinda my camp squad. You’ll like them. I’ll introduce you tonight!”

“I can’t wait.”

The blonde sat up, and smiled at her, a small glint in her eye, “Good.”

The Burglar and the Storyteller

Originally posted by thilbosbagginshields

This story was inspired by an imagine I sent in to @middle-earth-imagines that went like this: “Imagine Bilbo having a hard-core crush on you that he never mentions until Gandalf explains that you’re soulmates.  Then he can’t tell you fast enough and you end up kissing in his back garden.”  It was meant to be a short story, but…I was avoiding working on my edTPA.  I was super accurate about some Lotr facts (like the names of the Gamgee children) but I also took some licence with a few others (like the fact that it’s hinted Frodo is Bilbo’s actual nephew instead of a distant cousin who just calls him Uncle).  No flames please!  I don’t own anything belonging to Tolkein, Middle Earth, or the movie franchise.

Word Count: 4,998

Bilbo Baggins / OC

(sort of) Soulmate AU

Both Bilbo and Martin Freeman are sweethearts!

Bilbo loved an afternoon tea gathering as well as any hobbit.  Gandalf had arrived the day before and was staying in a special sized room they kept at the Green Dragon for people of his size. Bilbo’s sister and her husband were there, along with Bell and Hamfast Gamgee and their many children.  But after his sister surprised them all by announcing that she was pregnant, he didn’t feel like he was up for any more surprises that day.  They’d even picked out names already!  Frodo for a boy and Amelia for a girl.  Bilbo was beginning to feel rather worn out and irritable.  

I’m getting old.  He thought tiredly as he rinsed out teacups at the sink.

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Exhaulted Part Five

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Parts: Prologue, One, Two, Three (M), Four, Five, Six,

Genre: Drama, Romance, Violence, drug use, plus more!

Pairing: UnidentifiedxReaderXUnidentified maybe?

Word Count:  6.6K

A/N: Wanted to get this done late tonight so I’m not worrying about trying to get it published before Critical Role. Also, not that this matters, but fuck yeah Paramore with new music! Hard Times is great! Enjoy the part and enjoy having another character to hate!

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Sauron and Thuringwethil, mayhem mates!! magic, mischief and murder not optional. I have that cool kids song stuck in my head now


Close your eyes … And there, in the depths, behind closed eyes, close your eyes again. Then come to life even the stones. (с) Wings of Desire

Chapter 21. Three months later.

I’ve never been sick for so long. These three damn months exhausted me completely. The constant temperature and weakness had me so dead that I was already ready to die.
And silence. Anya at first visited me often, but then I started to visit less often and spent whole days alone. It was like before, but it turned out that I had time to get used to it. I was sorely lacking in Lina.
Silence crushed, I heard the sound of my own heart and realized that I was starting to go crazy. His father’s ghost began to appear regularly, he simply stood with his arms crossed and his eyes fixed on me with black eyes. I again felt like a child, I felt old scars get inflamed and it always seemed to me that thick blood was flowing down my spine again. He ran his hand over the disfigured skin and stared blankly at the clean palm. But the feeling did not disappear.

And outside the window I was beckoned for emptiness and promised deliverance from everything. From infinite longing, from impossible weakness, from devastating thoughts. And every day I was closer and closer to accept it.
I wanted to call Lina, but I could not find the phone near me. And when he tried to get up and look for him in the apartment, several times he put his head on the floor and more attempts to look for him did not. Yes, and that I said to her? Do you need me like air? But do I need her? Or maybe I misunderstood everything? But where is Lina, then she has the keys to my apartment …

Sometimes it seemed to me that I saw Lina nearby. I lifted my leaden hand, but my fingers passed through it. Then I closed my eyes and felt tears under my eyelids. I was giving everything, if only my beloved was close. But as usual, I only had me and, it was not the best company.
From heavy thoughts, my head ached even more and the temperature jumped. I wrapped my arms around myself and fell asleep with an agonizing, not bringing a relief sleep.

And then I started to dream, as I draw. I saw myself from the side near the easel, but could not understand what was on the canvas. He glared at the bare back with scarred blood and slowly flowing down the buttocks; Tried to touch the long hair, sticky with blood and sweat, but constantly pulled his hand away and woke up. And again I fell asleep, because I was not awake.
And again there was this endless dream, in which nothing was changed. And then I heard my voice, which hoarsely asked the drawer:
- What’s on the canvas … Denis?
And I saw my reflection turn my head and peer into the yellow eyes and involuntarily sighed.
And I saw my pale lips stretching out in a smile, smeared with blood draining from my nose, pressed the brush to mouth and heard a whisper that sounded in my head with a bell:
- Lina.
- Lina, - I repeated and opened my eyes.
- Lina! - I shouted.
Memories for the whole lost year came crashing down on my head. Lina … Anya …
I struggled to get out of bed, staggering and suddenly realized that I was healthy. There was only weakness. But now I remembered everything.

I have to see Lina.

I hardly got to the hostel. However, today was a joyous day - my sister said that the disease is not progressing and doctors have the confidence that she will be able to defeat her.
I was happy. And the day was warm, I was in a good mood, despite all the leaden fatigue that accumulated in me all these months.
I lived with the constant feeling that something important was being taken away from me, part of me and I knew what the name of this part was. I needed him, but the man did not call, did not come and I realized that he did not need me, since he refused so easily from me. And to think about it was dreary.
But today I had a feeling of ease, maybe because of the weather, maybe because of something … I was happy.

On the steps of the hostel sat a man and twirled a pack of cigarettes in his hands, as though considering whether he should smoke or not. Black-haired, with long hairs, carelessly tied in the tail … my heart jumped at his sight. And when I came closer and he raised his head, I clamped my hand in order not to scream. I was closely watched by Denis, with painful dark bruises under his eyes, with sunken cheekbones and crooked lips. The yellow eyes faded and he looked like that … did he really manage to get sick all this time?
And then I went up to him and snatched cigarettes from his hands.
- Do not smoke,- I said sternly, - you idiot!
- Idiot, - he agreed, and held out his hands to me like a child.

- Nerd,- I told him the third time. - You did not even try to be … even jealous!
In the room, I use the absence of a neighbor, I arranged for Denis a breakdown. The man listened to everything in silence, only his pale cheeks reddened and he slowly wound his long hair on his finger.
- I do not know how to be jealous, Lina,- he answered, wincing and looking away. - I’ve never had anything that I could zealously guard.
- And I? -  I shouted. - You lied to me about your love?
- You … I never deceived you, Lina. But I just could not get used to the fact that you need me. Also constantly thought - what for I to you such? And I just could not take it for granted. And when I saw how that guy kissed you, he freaked out and left. It did not even occur to me that I can do something because I do not know what to do in such cases. They always left me at once, and there was never any lasting relationship. Anya … this is a separate story.
- And all these months I was sick and thought about you. I wanted to see you and thought that you do not need me anymore. And then I remembered everything and realized that I would die if I did not see you … alone or not, but I had to see you. Maybe the last time, who knows?

I stood for a few seconds in front of him, and then weighed Denis a slap in the face. The man’s head jerked and he looked at me in an offended manner.
- Suck it all know where? - I said irritably. - How can you be insane to me! Wake up, Denis! I stand before you and say that I do not need anyone else, do you? Do something!
- Oh, - he said, and I was ready to beat the man with a heavy object on his dull head, but suddenly Denis sat down on one knee and took my hand. I covered my mouth with my hand. What else did he decide to do?
- Lina. But you’re right. I have to do something. And I will do what I wanted for a long time.
His eyes turned green when he said:
- Will you marry me, Lina?
Time stopped. He … seriously? But was not this something I had dreamed of sometime? The man looked away and sighed heavily, starting to rise from his knees. He thinks I’m refusing him?
- Yes, - I heard my voice and repeated it louder. - Yes, Denis!
And then I cried.


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Russian text

Lina really wasn’t trying to push her luck, but she had to know if she had no magic at all. She was sat on her bed, legs tucked under her butt, a pencil laid on the bed. She was staring at it so intensely, she didn’t notice anyone at the door. “Come on… just one tiny wiggle.”

If Slayers main party was sorted into Harry Potter houses

I’ve seen some debate about it and usually it’s if Lina would be in Gryffindor or Slytherin. I actually think she would be in neither house. The houses are made for what people value the most and I do not think Lina nessecerily values courage nor cunning. Hear me out.

Lina: I think Lina would be sorted into Ravenclaw and here is why….. It is true Lina has traits from Gryffindor and Slytherin, but her ultimate thing is knowledge because knowledge is how she works her magic. In the first season it was about the philosopher’s stone and later Zanaffer. In Next, her whole quest is revolving around getting her hands on copies of the Claire bible which contain information nessecary to cast spells or make them more accurate. It included knowledge on the Lord of Nightmares. (Try was more about her being forced to save the world by Luna.)

Now if she never valued this kind of knowledge I am not sure she would have even invented Giga slave in the first place, as she did experiments before hand. In the Slayers world sorcerers have to be educated via a school and Lina had gone through this herself. She is also always shown explaining things to people, as the role of the teacher with knowledge. This is true in offshoots like Light Magic and in the first season, among the other official extra images of her as a teacher.

She is likewise depicted as able to keep up with Rezo, who is a bit of a “scientist” of that world. Naga has a similar personality but she is more ditzy and business oriented than Lina.

Ravenclaw is also the house of quirky and eccentric people, Lina definitely is far from being an average person let alone your average magic user.

Gourry: Gryffindor, definitely. Gourry is not big on cunning, knowledge, and while he has some traits of hardwork, he is far more about courage. Gryffindor is the “hero” house and Gourry fits that role a lot. In fact he only really seems to do bad when influenced by Lina or black mailed.

Gourry certainly doesn’t show that much fear in the face of enemies. With the exception of Lina. He is also in the business of protecting people and seems to enjoy being Lina’s body guard. Plus, his physical prowless is amazing. If he could remember spells, he would be just as powerful as Lina.

Zel: He would be sorted into Slytherin. Zel is just as capable as Lina is about knowledge, but he seems to use his in more cunning ways and is quite ambitious about fixing his body. For example, in Slayers Revolution he devises many traps based on complex calculations to catch Pokota so he could get information out of him.

Zel seems to hate mazoku such as Xellos but doesn’t mind being called evil. In fact he fully embraces being called an evil sorcerer in Slayers Try. He loves it. While this is not a specific trait of Slytherin and both Slytherins and Ravenclaws have been known to embrace the “darkside” for different reasons, I think it is an interesting point. Also, Zel will forgo some group things because he is uninterested as seen in the jar episode of Try. He is very assertive and many Slytherins are as well. Likewise, he is resourceful, maybe in part to do with his body, but still gets the job done without having as much magic power as Lina. As well as having both physical and magical power.

Amelia: Definitely Hufflepuff. In fact in the sorting hat’s song it mentions that Hufflepuffs are “just and loyal”. Amelia is all about justice and loyalty. Well, I think the justice thing is self-explanatory to anyone who watches the show or reads the novels. She is always trying to do the right thing and she works extremely hard at it, just as Hufflepuffs are not afraid of hard work.

Her loyalty to her family and friends is a very admirable trait. She remains loyal to Lina and Zel, despite the fact they can be on the other side of the moral spectrum at times. (Though she will stop Zel from being a villian if he goes too far.) She seems to value her family a lot, especially her father, but I suspect her sister too, in the subtle hints we’re given. Amelia is all about responsibility to her duties and she also works pretty hard at them, as we see during her off time when she is not fighting evil as an ally of justice.

Naga: Slytherin, and not just because she is Naga the serpent, either. But because though she is ditzy at times, she can switch sides to be against Lina as we have seen in Slayers Platinum, the oavs, and some novels. (In Slayers Special Naga even wanted to kill the last of the mer people for money until Lina stopped her.) Sometimes for Naga, it’s simply the side who pays the most. (She does not seem to care as much about doing the right thing unlike her dad and sis. She even goes too far for Lina.)

On top of the fact that she is ambitious about money and attacks Lina because of sweet business deals or over treasure, she displays cunning or what you could call, an attempt at cunning. Her plans seems to backfire. But she is always trying to fight “dirty” and trick Lina. Such as the time she set Lina’s clothes on fire as a challenge and inadvertently burned the entire hotel down.

Naga is ambitious in glory and nobility too, and many prideful nobles seem to be in Slytherin. One of Naga’s crowning moments is the entire fiasco with Serena, where she laid down the royal slap. Then converted everyone to the greatness that is Naga.

That’s what I got now. I need to maul over Filia and Pokota too. Well, we could exclude Filia too since she is not human either….. But cannot seem to place Pokota atm. Xellos is excluded because he isn’t human, but he may be a Slytherin.

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regarding graceland, i notice how much you hate pike (i do too) but you only ever point out how paige was abusive. what are your thoughts on what mike said to her about the fox? (how basically he was the fox and she was just the leg that he needed to chew off) personally, it made me lose a lot of respect for him and it really upset me.

i want to start out by saying that it’s very good that you want to hold people accountable for their actions, but i disagree with you about mike in this scene (his reaction being bad or wrong or upsetting or abusive), and here is why

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I don’t know why it has to be such a fucking pain in the ass to share music on this website (not that it’s a surprise amongst this remarkable conglomeration of byte bugs). anytime I like a song I gotta jump through hoops to find if sb has already uploaded it because the Spotify integration looks like some kind of Winamp 97 memorial project. I mean jesus it’s like their idea of moving with the times is a some sort glacially paced, reverse moonwalk. so I put in external youtube links that nobody would click anyway because clicking external links feels like the equivalent of going to a bar across town when you’ve already exfoliated and put on your pajamas. Anyway, this is a song I liked today: Is this ready by Sleep Thieves. The video is unnecessarily weird but the track is good

idril!!! a small sketch I colored. she’s just so……. …..!!!! hearteyes emoji, etc