lina leads a life


crow and i have been commenting on a slightly queerphobic article on girl’s life and this is what came out of it

(the carrot thing was in reference to people who confusedly believe that you need to have experience with kissing people of the same gender/other genders in order to know you’re queer)

Find Your More - Introduction

I’m Lina (and that is my dog Macs, and I’m using this picture because I just really like it). I was a little iffy about participating in this project - mainly because I’m not really good at the whole being healthy thing - but I figured this was a nice incentive to be healthier without having to deal with any calorie counting/weight tracking/etc features.

Anyways, I’m a pretty unhealthy person who’s trying to put more effort into taking care of myself. I’m currently taking a gap year (and I picked two really awesome places to work - a music studio right beside a salad place and an organic food store) and I’m trying to focus on developing healthy habits. I’m doing my best to eat something every three hours (preferably healthy, although at this point I’m still just trying to eat something every three hours), and right now I’m trying to do yoga as often as possible.

I have pizza every Friday and I’ve been craving juice a lot this week and I’m not quite sure why. The other day I tried quince juice and it was really weird. I order half of the available toppings at that salad place because it’s worth the extra 2 dollars. I have a weakness for olives. I’m not really sure what else to say, so yeah. Thanks!

If you think politics is boring just remember that we learned about the Rest of Canada party in social class and they wanted to

  • ban winter
  • separate Quebec so Canada would be light enough to float to Hawaii
  • Build a slanted bike ramp from the East coast to the West coast so that you could “coast from coast to coast”
mathematical poetry

I am a thing of numbers,
I am equations etched into crumpled papers, buried in the depths of your memories from some math class you took long ago, settled under a blanket of fine dust but if you pull me out I can be arranged I am still useful no matter how many times you forget I exist but at the same time
It does not matter to me if you forget I exist because I can still solve every mystery that has ever existed about the universe, I can still answer every question you’ve ever asked about why and how the world works the way it does and

I will still be here even if you never bother to find me.

I never needed anyone to be true.

I am a thing of poetry,
I am the metaphors caught between the lines of your favorite books like kernels in teeth,
Scarlet words pulse through my veins from the tips of my fingers to the center of my chest and radiate back out again,
and I scare the hell out of a lot of people because they don’t understand but I was never made to be easy for you to read, I was never supposed to be simple, a bedtime story; I am Shakespeare and Dante and Orwell and it will take you years to fully understand all I have to offer you and I cannot be erased, I will leave scars on your lenses that you may never even notice, and you could go your whole life without ever laying a finger on my pages but I would still be here, a story within myself,

I am not a fill-in-the-blanks.

I never needed a reader to be complete.

I am Galileo’s stars and Van Gogh’s stars,
Swirls and splashes of color on canvas,
Dotted lines of constellations on paper and in the sky

And I am not theirs at all.