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The Demogorgon

Is anyone else going to talk about that scene, where Eleven is too weak to run (because she squeezed all the bad guys’ brains with her mind), so the boys get her up, and DUSTIN CARRIES HER IN HIS ARMS ALL BY HIMSELF as they run away from the monster?… No?… Okay.

“She squeezed your tiny bladder with her mind!!“, God, I love that boy so much.

One of the most hilarious part of the novels I swear

I’ve promised this, it’s great.

And then, as if he [Milgazia] has just recalled something, “That’s right, around two years ago we also felt a strong evil presence…”

Memphis nodded at that. “Yes. We felt it as well. From its presence, the enemy must have been a considerably high ranked Mazoku. It grew violent but… before we could even act, a day - not even that, had passed and the presence suddenly disappeared. What in the world was that?” She shook her head side to side and brought her cup to her lips.

“Hey Lina.” Interrupting the story, Gourry looked to me with a question. I was wondering what kind of stupid thing he was going to ask because he wasn’t paying attention but…

“About two years ago…isn’t that around the time we defeated the dark lord Shabra-whatever?”


At Gourry’s words, Milgazia, Memphis, Luke and Milina all blurted out.

“Y-Yooouuuuuu! Don’t say things like that so casually!!!”

*cough cough hack*


Mr. Milgazia went into a coughing fit and next to him, Memphis fired off a bunch of w’s in rapid succession.

“H-Hey, there’s no way you mean…?! Ruby Eye Shaburanigdu?! You shitting me?! “

“But…I don’t think he’s the type of person to lie…” Next to a completely baffled Luke, Milina pretended to keep her cool, with sweat collecting on her forhead. “W-Well… at least, I don’t think he’s intelligent enough to lie…  But, how on earth did you defeat him?”

“Uhhh… well…” I threw a fleeting glance at Memphis and Mr. Milgazia who were paying close attention to me. While scratching my head, I said “The Sword of Light… that is the Dark Star weapon Gorun Nova, with a maybe a tiny bit of the imperfect Lord of Nightmares spell as an extra. Teehee! ♡ ”

At those words, Memphis and Mr. Milgazia were completely and utterly petrified. But of course they were, since they should know about Dark Star and the Lord of Nightmares. But the other two… Not knowing what was going on around them, Luke and Milina just knit their brows.

“I’ve no idea what’s going on but… Did you do something awesome?”

“Don’t say “awesome’ so easily!!!” Memphis screeched at the words let slip. “And you! What the hell?! Do you understand what you did?! If you lost control of that it could’ve meant the end of the world!” Her voice compeletely changes when she gets excited like this.

“Well, no… at the time I really had no idea what I was doing…”

“You used an unknown spell without even knowing the consequences of using it?!! Only a human would…!”

“Yeah, well, that story’s way over anyway.”

“You aren’t even contemplate what you did?!”

At my all-in-the-past attitude, Memphis became even more excited. To the side, Mr. Milgazia continued being petrified. Hm… I guess in this situation, I better not say something like ‘When I defeated Hellmaster, my body was being controlled by the Lord of Nightmares’ ♡ .

Slayers Novels, vol. 13, The Path to the Demon’s Fall.

Lina should have said it. Poor Milgazia probably would have gotten a heart attack while Memphis’ brain would have shut down but would have been worth it for the effect. And also, great job Gourry, dropping a bomb like that. AND I WILL FOREVER REGRET THAT THIS SCENE IS NOT ANIMATED. OR AT LEAST ON A DRAMA CD. That I know of. If there is one, pls tell which one.


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It’s not homestuck but I really want you guys to just appreciate the lyrics from this song (from the POV of the title character)