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Here’s a list of weird/strange articles on wikipedia in no particular order for you to read and just add more useless knowledge in your puny human brain. General murder/death trigger warning for most.

Bloody Mary || Kennedy curse || Taman Shud Case || La Voisin || Greyfriars Bobby || Pripyat || Albert Fish || Mary Toft || The Cure for Insomnia || Roanoke Colony || John Murray Spear || Arecibo message || Nuckelavee || Phaistos Disc || Tanganyika laughter epidemic || Mad Gasser of Mattoon || Murder of Junko Furuta || Peoples Temple || Ed Gein || Stargate Project || Jackalope || Numbers station || UVB-76 || Bélmez Faces || Donner Party || Adam || Mariana UFO incident || Valentich disappearance || Cleveland Torso Murderer || Trepanning || Dyatlov Pass incident || Grey goo || Overtoun House || The Garden of Earthly Delights || Wilhelm Reich || Starchild skull || Original Night Stalker || Owlman || Ararat anomaly || British big cats || Jack the Ripper || Clapham Wood Mystery || Pope Lick Monster || Shadow person || Out-of-place artifact || Black Dahlia || Jersey Devil || Crawfordsville monster || Koro || Philadelphia Experiment || Glasgow smile || Roswell UFO incident || David Parker Ray || D. B. Cooper || Total Information Awareness || Goatman || Grey alien || Joachim Kroll || Peter Kürten || Gilles de Rais || Alien abduction || Joseph Vacher || Mothman || Polywater || Catacombe dei Cappuccini || Villisca Axe Murders || Grace Sherwood || Loveland frog || The Hermitage || Jatinga || Sankebetsu brown bear incident || Mongolian death worm || Devil’s Footprints || The Sick Child || H. H. Holmes || Dysaesthesia aethiopica || Bloody Benders || Lamia || Black Paintings || The Monster with 21 Faces || Shirime || Lina Medina || Exploding head syndrome || Quantum suicide and immortality || Mokele-mbembe || Spontaneous human combustion || Dulce Base || Chandre Oram || Oscar || Men in Black || Vladimir Demikhov || The Great Red Dragon Paintings || Bloop || Retroactive continuity || Elizabeth Báthory || Delphine LaLaurie || Silverpilen || Polybius || Guided rat || Robert J. White || Chelyabinsk meteor || Armin Meiwes || Big Crunch || Belchen Tunnel || Moberly–Jourdain incident || Boy Scout Lane || Princes in the Tower || Rosenheim Poltergeist || Peter Stumpp || Bermuda Triangle || Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery || Hill of Crosses || Self-immolation || Lycaon || Burke and Hare murders || Pykrete || Kate Morgan || List of unusual deaths || Sawney Bean || Rogue elephant of Aberdare Forest || Yoshio Kodaira || Incorruptibility || Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus || Toynbee tiles || Rat king || Sailing stones || Thalidomide || Jersey Shore shark attacks of 1916 || Tunguska event || Head transplant || List of cryptids || Borley Rectory || Sedlec Ossuary || Alien hand syndrome || Capgras delusion || Mellified man || Atuk || Monster of Glamis || Spring-heeled Jack || Allagash Abductions || Aokigahara || Raymond Robinson (Green Man) || Premature burial || Brain transplant || Nightmarchers || Decompression illness || Midgetville || Zombie || Mercy Brown vampire incident || Necromancy || Lamkin || Harry K. Daghlian, Jr. || Icelandic Phallological Museum || Neisseria meningitidis || Unit 731 || Bunny Man || Bubbly Creek || Malleus Maleficarum || Moll Dyer || Original Spanish Kitchen || Charles Bonnet syndrome || Voynich manuscript || Black Annis || True name || Dorothy Talbye trial || Black dog || Wandering Jew || Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway || Yara-ma-yha-who || Rod Ferrell || The Juniper Tree

One of the antagonists of my character design portfolio project ‘Semblance’ - Lina Fromm aka ‘The Butler’. 

Lina is one of Siobhan Murdoch’s trusted minions. She is always there when her Mistress needs a cup of tea or a foe assassinated discreetly. It’s a real mystery how Lina is able to function but she is a lot quicker and tougher than she looks. 

Monotony - Prologue (Jungkook ver.)

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Prologue - Hyungwon ver. | Prologue - Jungkook ver.

Genre: angst, smut

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader, Hyungwon x Reader

Word Count: 2.6k

Summary: You’re bored, so you decide to break up with your boyfriend so that you can live the single life once again. But you quickly realize that it’s not worth it.

Two years ago…

Hyungwon was gone. It wasn’t that bad at first. He still called you and texted you when he could. But after about two months, the calls and texts stopped coming. And you didn’t want to come across as desperate. So you didn’t reach out to him even though you could’ve. He wouldn’t have rejected you.

He called you on FaceTime when he got to Chicago. He said, “Don’t be too upset. We can always get back together when I come back, you know. We can pick up where we left off…”

And you said, “I’ll wait for you.”

“Will you?”

You nodded confidently. “I definitely will.”

“You don’t have to do that, you know.”

“I know.”

“We’ll see, right?”


You met Jungkook through your roommate. He was someone she had a group project with. They became friends, kind of like how you and Hyungwon did.

You met him the next fall semester, in the cafeteria. You were having lunch with your roommate when she called an unfamiliar boy over. He looked young, a doe-like gaze in his eyes.

“Are you meeting your friends?” your roommate, Lina, asked.

He shook his head. “Nah. They’re all in class now.”

She tapped the table. “Why don’t you sit with us so you don’t have to eat by yourself?” He nodded and sat next to Lina, on the other side of the table. “Y/N, this is Jungkook. He’s in my communications class. We have this group project coming up.”

“Nice to meet you, Jungkook.”

And that’s when things changed. Jungkook started hanging out with you more. He slowly made his way into your group of friends, coming out with you on weekends, hanging out around campus and such.

One day when you were out for drinks and dinner with some friends, Jungkook showed up unexpectedly. Turns out Lina had invited him earlier in the week but he declined, saying that he had other plans. But apparently they got cancelled and, well, here he was. The group ordered a few dishes to share and a couple bottles of soju to start the night off right.

You excused yourself to the bathroom, Lina tagging along to go to the bathroom as well. She started touching up her makeup while you were in the stall.

She said, “So Jungkook told me something the other day.”

“What?” you asked, flushing the toilet and heading over to the sink next to her.

She smirked. “He likes you.”

You raised your eyebrows, running the water. “Really?”

She nodded. “Yeah. You never notice him staring at you?”

You shook your head. “Uh, I guess not.”

“So what do you think of him?”

“He’s okay. He’s cute, I guess.”

Lina rolled her eyes and turned to you. “That’s it? I’m trying to get something going here.”

“I don’t want to date right now.”

“Is it because of Hyungwon? Come on, Y/N. He’s a million miles away in Chicago. And he’s single, tall, and good-looking. He can’t just be there doing nothing. It’s been two months already. He’s probably already moved on.”

You thought about it. Hyungwon wouldn’t lie to you. You spoke to him every now and then. He didn’t call you as often as he used to, but you were grateful for any form of communication you had with him. You didn’t complain about it. He was studying abroad, having a good time. You didn’t want to become the clingy girl who asked a million questions.

“That doesn’t mean that I have to move on right this second.”

Lina shrugged. “You’re right. I just thought I should let you know that he likes you.”

You nodded. “Let’s just get back.”

That night at dinner, you started to notice how often Jungkook would look over at you. And when your eyes met, he’d play it off and smile at you. He was one of those guys that was typically outgoing but shy around people he didn’t know or, in your case, around people he liked.

A couple weeks later, your heart broke. You were scrolling on Instagram one day and saw your ex-boyfriend in a picture with another girl. The caption read, “It’s always a good time with you.” And he even put a heart next to it. Your heart dropped and shattered into a million pieces. Everything changed. First, you felt heartbroken. But then your sadness shifted into anger. Why did he say all of those things to you if he didn’t mean it? Why did he even suggest getting back together later on if he was only going to start seeing some other girls?

It would be different if he didn’t post it on social media. He put it there, for you and for everyone else to see. Did he forget that you followed each other? Did he want you to see? Was he trying to prove something? No, you thought. He wasn’t that kind of person.

Who was this girl? Was he dating her? Was she just some girl? Was she from his school or did he meet her somewhere else? You had no answers to these questions. You wanted to pick up your phone and text him right now. But you hadn’t even spoken to him in over a week, maybe two. He’d been slowly drifting away from you and, clearly, this girl was the reason why.

You examined the picture. They were sitting side by side in a restaurant booth. They must’ve been on a breakfast date or something since it was morning there. Or was it a photo that was already saved in his camera roll? His arm was around her and she was smiling widely, lips painted a dark red. She seemed to wear a good amount of makeup and from what you could see, she was probably curvier than you were. Was this the kind of girl he was into now? It made you feel insecure.

To make matters worse, he tagged her in the picture. You clicked on her profile. According to her bio, her name was Jocelyn Lopez. And she did go to the same school as Hyungwon. And she seemed to be a year younger than him. But that was all the information you gathered since her profile was private.

You tossed your phone down, leaving it on the bed. The phone was the least of your problems, you thought, as you headed toward the convenience store. You needed a drink or several. You were so tuned into your thoughts that you didn’t even hear your name being called. It wasn’t until Jungkook was walking at your side that you realized that he’d been calling you. You stopped, turning to him.

“Are you okay?” he asked. “I was calling you but you didn’t answer.”

“Ah, sorry.” You shook your head. “I’ve been in a whole other world…”

“Where are you going?”

“To get soju.”

“Are you drinking with Lina? I thought she left for the weekend.”

You shook your head. “No I’m not drinking with her. And yeah, she left this weekend. I’m just going to drink by myself.”

Jungkook frowned. “What? Why?”

You pushed your hair back in frustration. “I’m just…Never mind. I don’t want to talk about it. I’ll, uh, see you later.”

You started to walk away, until Jungkook grabbed onto your arm to stop you. He said, “You shouldn’t drink by yourself. How about you drink with me instead?”

You shrugged. “Sure. Come on.”

And you headed to the convenience store with him, grabbing four bottles of soju. Two for you and two for him. You declined his offer to pay for the drinks so he bought a bunch of snacks instead because he wasn’t sure if you’d eaten and he didn’t want you to throw up.

It had been a complete coincidence running into you on campus. He’d just come from shopping with his friends and he saw you walking. You looked so lost and sad. He wanted to comfort you and be there for you, whatever it is you were going through.

He liked you. It was hard not to. You were so down to earth and kind and creative. It was fun to be around you and he enjoyed every minute he spent with you. He never really spent time with you alone and he supposed that this was a good opportunity.

As you walked out of the store, bags full of snacks and soju, you said, “Let’s not go back to my dorm. I don’t wanna go back there right now.” You weren’t ready to go back to your phone. You didn’t want to be in your room to think of Hyungwon and the nights spent watching movies and cuddling last year. Instead, you wanted to be somewhere else enjoying the drinks with Jungkook.

“We can go to my place. I live with my brother but he doesn’t care if I have friends over. I’ll walk you back later.”

You nodded. “Lead the way.”

And with that, he shot you a toothy smile. He had a nice smile. His lips were small but they had a beautiful shape. His smile even made you smile. Jungkook really was handsome. You never really looked at anyone younger than you but you found yourself stealing glances at him when he wasn’t looking.

Maybe Lina was right. Maybe you should give Jungkook a chance. You weren’t sure if he knew that you knew how he felt about you. But maybe you should consider him. If Hyungwon wanted to move on, so could you. Right?

You arrived at Jungkook’s building in a few minutes. He didn’t live very far from campus. He led you up the stairs and to the third floor. He opened the door, letting you inside first.

Flipping on the light switch, he said, “I guess he’s not here. He’s probably out with his girlfriend.”

Jungkook put the bottles of soju and the snacks on the table. He grabbed two small shot glasses from the cabinet and set them on the table. You were first to open a bottle, pouring the liquid into the glasses yourself. You took the shot before Jungkook could sit down.

He sat down at the table across from you. “You seem stressed out.”

You started pouring your second shot. The alcohol needed to hit you. And fast. “It’s been a rough day.”

He nodded, taking his shot. He was curious as to what happened but he didn’t want to upset you more than you already were. He wondered what or who could’ve upset you so much that you needed a drink to get you through the night.

You drank. You took one more shot. Then another.

You talked to Jungkook while you drank. He drank with you, asking no questions. The house was silent. His brother seemed to be out and there was no background noise. There was no music playing. No television on in the background. No cellphone notifications from Jungkook’s phone. There was just the pouring of soju and the setting of the glasses on the table.

Jungkook eventually brought the snacks over, a bag of seaweed and a sweet bread snack that you ate fairly often enough for Jungkook to know that you liked it. Eventually he stumbled into the kitchen to make ramen too. You shared it, eating straight out of the pot.

“Can I tell you something?” Jungkook asked.

“Yeah,” you said, stirring the remaining noodles around in the pot with your chopsticks.

“I like you.”

“I know.”

His eyes widened in surprise. “You do?”

You nodded. “Yeah. I know.”

“I was going to ask if you wanted to go see a movie together sometime but now I’m not sure if I should…”

“I just…I’m not over my ex. I don’t think I’m ready to date.”

He nodded. “I understand.”

“But maybe I should move on. He seems to have moved on these days…”

“Did something happen?”

“He posted a picture with this girl. I saw it. That’s why I’m upset.”

You picked up the bottle of soju and raised it to your lips. But Jungkook took it away from your grasp. “I don’t think you should drink more.”

You didn’t argue with him. The alcohol was really starting to get to you. You nodded. “Actually I should go back home.” You stood up from the table and nearly fell over.

Jungkook rushed to you to help you get your balance. He held you by your arm, holding you steady. He was pretty tipsy too but he knew that he wasn’t on your level.

“I’ll take you,” he said.

You shook your head. “Nah. I can go myself.”

Jungkook sighed. “It’s one in the morning. I’m not letting you leave here by yourself.”

“Fine.” You started digging through your bag and realized that there was a problem. Your keys definitely weren’t in the bag. And Lina wouldn’t be back until tomorrow afternoon. And you weren’t trying to get charged extra money to have an RA let you into your room. Odds are, the RA was still awake. But the last thing you wanted was to piss her off.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, voice laced with concern.

“I left my key in my room…”

Before you could even ask, he said, “Stay here. I don’t mind…”

“Are you sure?”

He nodded. “You can sleep in my bed. I’ll sleep on the couch. My room is a little messy so don’t laugh.”

“I won’t,” you said, giggling.

Jungkook lead you toward the back of the apartment, to his bedroom. He flipped on the light switch. He was right. There was a mess, mostly the huge pile of shirts on his bed. And the pants all over the floor.

“You couldn’t decide on an outfit?” you asked as he grabbed the clothes and piled them on top of his desk.

Jungkook smiled and said, “I guess you can say that. You can lay down now. Do you want something to sleep in?” You nodded and he rummaged through his drawers for a moment before he pulled out a T-shirt. He handed it to you and left the room while you changed.

His heart raced while he paced back and forth outside of the door. You were here, in his house, and about to spend the night. Sure, you weren’t going to be sleeping in the same bed but you were in his house, in his room, and soon his bed. He could hardly handle it. His thoughts washed around in his mind, back and forth. He was starting to feel the alcohol now, more than before.

You came out of the room, in his old shirt, and flipped your hair. “How do I look?”


Then you did the unthinkable. You walked over and you kissed him. You needed to feel something so you kissed him. You kissed him because you already knew how he felt about you and he wouldn’t reject you. Maybe you were using him to forget about Hyungwon and what you saw earlier. Either way, you kissed him and he kissed back.

As his fingers tangled into your hair and you pulled him closer, he realized that this was wrong. He didn’t want his first kiss with you to be like this. He wanted to take you on a date and kiss you properly. But here he was, kissing you when you were both intoxicated. He pulled away, before things could start getting heated.

“What’s wrong?” you asked, needing his lips on yours.

He shook his head. “It’s nothing. I just–we should do this when we’re sober. Kiss me in the morning when you’re sober. Okay?” You nodded, planting a small peck on his lips. “Get some sleep.”

You said, “Will you stay with me until I fall asleep?”

“Yeah,” he said.

You took his hand in yours, pulling him into the bedroom. And you got in Jungkook’s bed, leaving room for him to slide in next to you. He held you, wrapping his arms around you. And, soon enough you were asleep, your fingers intertwined with his.


I’m very lazy to do good pics. Alas.

Chapter 10. Lina.
Three months later.

To live with Denis was not as I imagined. He worked all the time, lecturing in the morning, and the rest of the time he was lost in the workshop. He slept for three or four hours a day, and sometimes he could paint for two days in a row. And nothing in it showed fatigue, only his eyes became quite yellow and evil.
To me, his attitude changed - he behaved like an older brother, could pat me on the head, but nothing more that could give at least some of his feelings for me. And I did not understand why. I turned seventeen and deep down I hoped … For what? The fact that he will kiss me at least on my birthday?
What happened to him? Why did he treat me like that after that evening? I could not understand.

The man was sleeping on the couch in the living room, and I often noticed how he rubbed his lower back in the morning and felt remorse because his back hurts because of me.

Once I could not stand it and at night I came to him. Lied next to Denis, put her hands on his chest, feeling how measured his heart beats. He embraced me in a dream, his lips pressed against mine, unconsciously kissing me. The man’s hands slid under my T-shirt, squeezing my chest and I took a deep breath. Apparently, this is what awakened him. He opened his eyes sharply and stared at me in bewilderment.
- Lina? - he asked hoarsely. - What are you doing, damn you?
He jumped up from the couch and stared at me angrily.
- Shall I lock the door? Am I entitled sometimes to sleep? Angelina, can you hear me? I do not need a mistress, understand this!
I bit my lip and rushed to the door. Oh, what an idiot he is! Anya was absolutely right when she told me not to mess with him! And why do not I ever listen to adults?
- Wait, Lina… -  he caught up with me and took me by the hand. - Forgive me. I did not mean that. I really do not need now … such a relationship.
- That is, when you kissed me, it was all … just like that?
- I clarified, trying not to let my voice shake.
- No, - he shook his shaggy head. - Lina, I can not explain to you now … I … No, it’s impossible.
The man kissed my fingers and asked:
- Go to sleep, Lina. Just remember - I did everything quite seriously.
He pushed me to the door and, I had no choice but to go to the bedroom in deep perplexity. What does this man hide?

I leaned back on the couch and laughed hysterically.
- She came to me - I told the darkness in the corner.  - Oh, my God, she came to me. And I did not do anything! Terrific!
She excites me. Every movement of Lina echoed in me, and I realized that even an easy kiss can result in sex, whether the girl wants it or not.
The fact that she eventually began to live with me was wrong. With every minute I wanted it all the stronger. I downloaded myself in full; tried not to touch her and generally see less of the girl, but it did not help much.
In almost seventeen years we had sex with Anya for the first time, so I had no doubt that Lina could also mature for this. But it meant that after the first night the girl would most likely leave me, and I was not ready for such a turn of events.
I lay down on my stomach and pressed my hot cheek to the upholstery of the sofa. The darkness in the corner became thicker, blotted into a tight lump and took on the outlines of his father.
“As always, worthless and miserable” - he sounded soundlessly, his lips curling contemptuously. I remembered this grin for the rest of my life. What a pity that when my father was alive, I could not do anything to erase it from his face. How I wanted to smash his lips in the blood, feel the salty taste in the tongue, hear the crunching of breaking teeth and understand that here it is - freedom! My father died much earlier, before I had time to grow a little and fulfill this dream. However, I still gained freedom.
I’ve grown up a long time, but my father’s visions do not leave me. Am I free?
And does Lina need a half-crazy man?
Blood ran from the nose. I closed my eyes, trying not to pay attention to my father’s mutter. Probably, I still went crazy. A little more, Denis, stay a little longer on this side.
Deep breath. I opened my eyes. My father disappeared, which means that you can live on. I can handle.


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casandsip  asked:

i've recently started reading original fiction again as well as fic so i'd love a little original drabble about 2 queer girls who meet in an old library. all details up to you, also happy blog-aversary, stay fluffy and stay queer!!

whoa look it took me so long to finish this tiny thing that it’s already your birthday ayyy!!! (I’m in russia so I’m a bit in the future and here it’s your birthday already) I guess that’s the main reason why this story decided to race past the 100-word drabble limit - it wanted to be your birthday present!!! so, here have a 1k of dorky girls being all cute and ridiculous in a library and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSE!!!

(pssst everyone go follow @casandsip she is amazing and if you’re not following her already you’re missing out)




Lina smiles sheepishly and backs away from the librarian’s table. There goes your good first impression, she thinks. Why do you always ruin everything, you clumsy cow-

The floor somehow slips away from under her feet, and she is flat on her back. She freezes, hoping that the librarian didn’t see it, wondering how she always seems to find a way to make a shitty situation even worse, and then the books begin to fall.

She comes to, dizzy and disoriented, not entirely sure where she is or why it’s so dark, and then there’s a worried voice, and she feels something heavy lifted off her, and suddenly it’s not so dark any longer.

“Oh my god,” the voice says, “oh my god, are you okay? Please be okay, oh god, please, say something!”

“Shhh!” Lina says. “We’re n’a l’brary. Gotta keep quiet.”

Her tongue is heavy and refuses to move, and she hears herself stumbling through the words. It gets her a startled laugh and a relieved, shaky sob.

“I know,” the voice tells her, “I work here.”

Lina can see the owner of the voice now, although her eyes still can’t quite focus. There’s a blur where the face should be, and all she sees is a mess of curly hair, backlit by the chandelier above them, making it look like a halo.

“An angel,” Lina whispers. “Are you an angel of the library?”

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A Memo From the Tres Spades Penthouse

Dear supporters,
Admin Valo here, and if I could, I need a moment of your time. Recently, there has been some changes that have taken place within the Tres Spades. Our long time head admin Lina has resigned from her post, as well as from the blog. We are incredibly sadden to see her leave, as she was the original bidder, the creator of this blog, and the reason many of us were accepted into the roles we now currently hold.
In light of these events, we want to reassure everyone that we are doing what we can on our side to keep the blog going, and in doing so there have been the following changes:
* I have accepted the position of Head Admin from Lina,
* Admin Alaina will now be assisting Shuichi with his work load,
* Admin Ella will be taking over Ota and his asks,
* Admin Alyssa will be handling all of our lovely side characters aside from Erika who will now be working with (for) Admin Allie,
* And at this point Mamoru will be handled by the group until further notice.
We all will be putting in our best efforts to maintain this blog to keep it as happy and fun loving as we all want it to be. From all of us in the Tres Spades penthouse, we ask for your continued support and love!

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It was night, and Lina does her nightly rounds. Hood up, mask over eyes, she was Black Hood. Badass vigilante, major rule breaker. She breaks into a few stores here and there, grabbing what sue could without getting caught, that was until she heard someone from behind her. Lina whipped her head around. “Who the hell are you?” She asked with a stony face. No matter what, she always had to have her guard up.

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for oliversfelicitysmoak who was harrassing me all day to find her good fics to read bc apparently that’s all i’m good for. here are your basics hayley and her is my ao3 bc you were complaining about not getting to read my fics. also howtogetawaywithsutter bc you need to read these too.


  • I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone (or, Clarke is a Punk Rocker) by itsactuallycorrine (M, 23k), When his sister told him she had started her own band, Bellamy had assumed she meant a bubblegum pop girl group.So the punk rock coming out of his garage is a shock. Almost as much as guitarist Clarke Griffin.(Octavia, Raven & Clarke as a punk rock cover band AU because drummer!Raven is my jam and so is Bellarke (and background Monty/Miller))
  • Trident by jaegermighty (T, 7k), "Okay so, here’s the thing,“ Octavia said, "if you fuck my brother, I’ll fuck you up, capiche?" 
  • some things you can’t go back to by nathen-millers (NR, 1k),  Bellamy and Clarke in a world that might be beacon hills. (part 1)
  •  And the best has yet been made by nathen-millers (T, 2k), prequel to ‘some things you can’t go back to'Bellamy and Clarke in the beacon hills world. (part 2)
  • i’ve got you by eponymous (T, 6k), ‘Thank you,’ he says, gruffly, as he hands her the pack his friends stole from her at gunpoint. ‘For my sister’s life.’And she wasn’t sure what she was expecting from Bellamy Blake, but that certainly wasn’t it.Zombie Apocalypse AU + Bellarke. What could possibly go wrong?(Or, five times Clarke Griffin worked a miracle & one time she didn’t have to)
  • Home (Keep Running Till You’re There) by blackravenswing (T, 2k)
  • Life Stories are Second Date Material by nymja (G, 2k), Bellamy Blake hates picking up his sister from her job at the local coffee shop. A blonde pre-med student makes him hate it a little less.
  • tell me a secret (that i already know) by deedadoo  (G, 2k), You do not love her.This is what you tell yourself. You do not know if it is the truth.
  • sorry for wanting so much by kwritten (G,1k), for the prompt: I can’t remember if you make me feel or if you were the one to make me numb
  • City lights lay out before by usdutchmoxie (T, 6k), 5 times they picked each other up from bad dates, and one time they didn’t have to.
  • Trouble Sleeping by AvaRosier (M, 3k), Conversely: The Mating Habits of the North American Werewolf (Princess) 
  •  Multiverse II by jaegermighty (T, 12k), AU ficlets. "Look,” Clarke says, “I’m sorry I hit you in the head.”
  • Frostbite by jaegermighty (T, 5k), "That serum didn’t make you any less of a damn fool,“ Bellamy snapped. "Though that’s not exactly a surprise.”
  • Though I Am Death, You Are Life by Lionheart_Rising (T, 3k), He is the god of the underworld, and he would have her as his queen. After all, darkness calls to darkness.
  • the feel-good hit of the summer by disco_vendetta (G, 7k), Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake are sleeping together.(aka ROCK BAND AU)
  • make another world (inside my head) by Lina (T, 2k), Bellamy always believed that he had made Clarke up inside his head. An imaginary friend that he went on adventures with as a kid (and a little longer), someone that he dreamt up, but wasn’t real.He just always wished he was wrong about the “made up” part.
  • all the ark’s a stage by the-one-that-fell (5k), Clarke and Bellamy pretend to date as they plan their siege of Mount Weather. However, when Abby thinks Bellamy is cheating on her daughter, they realize they can use the ensuing drama to their advantage.
  • snark and sap by ms bricolage (G, 3k), Raven looks back as Clarke let’s both kids run off, a small and likely entirely unconscious smile on her face. Clarke, clinical, hard edges, she-of-the-motivational-speeches-and-terrible-humour, is a gigantic pushover with physical contact.Raven grins, “This is so awesome,”Bellamy laughs, “I know.”
  • darling, we outshone the stars by royalwisteria (T, 6k), Bellamy and Clarke were together for three and a half years.
  • Sing the Rage of Peleus’ Son Achilles by viansian (M, 10k), "I have spent my entire life afraid of men thought to be gods,“ he finally says. "I’ll tell you a secret, princess: these men? The ones who claim to be deities? Their blood isn’t ichor. They bleed red like the rest of us, and sometimes they need to be reminded of that.”
  • Cookies and Papercuts by lanihope (T, 2k), Based off of the prompt from tumblr: Who wraps presents horribly and has to get help from the other? Bellamy comes over to help Clarke wrap presents and gets cookies in return. Lots of fluff.
  • bury my love by spiekiel (G, 2k), And Clarke fixes him with a doe-eyed stare that Bellamy has seen melt the hearts of Arab princes and stone-faced southern senators alike, but he’s on-duty, and on-duty he has a built up immunity to just about all of her negotiation tactics, even the adorable underhanded ones. “No,” he says, with finality.
  • live my life without [coming up for air] by spiekiel (T, 4k), The first time he meets Clarke, it’s three in the morning and all he’s wearing are his boxer shorts and a bad case of bed head.
  • IOU My Heart by thegirlgrey (T, 10k), The 5 times Clarke and Bellamy trade IOU’s and the one time they trade their hearts.orThe Grey’s Anatomy-ish AU that nobody asked for (but secretly wants).
  • of all the gin joints.. by flirtingwithtrackers (M, 6k), (except subtract the gin joint and add in a coed communal college dorm bathroom, oops)the one where bellamy walks in on clarke masturbating
  • claret by flirtingwithtrackers (M, 1k), clar·et (ˈklerət) adjective. also called claret red. a deep purplish-red color.“He’s probably about to say another snarky remark when Clarke lowers her face to his and places a lipstick-stained kiss to the corner of his mouth."or, the one where clarke buys new lipstick and then sex
  • (not so) secret by flirtingwithtrackers (M, 1k), for anon prompt: "pls do more fics like 'claret’ but with people noticing clarke’s mark on bellamy’s (or hickeys if that counts too)"or, bellamy and clarke are secretly dating and clarke’s need to mark up bellamy in the bedroom is making it a little harder to keep it a secret
  • Where We Are by winterwaters (G, 3k), “We’re going to shatter that stupid one-child rule over and over again,” Clarke whispers in his ear that night, and Bellamy somehow falls even more in love with her.
  • these lights burn brightest by ms bricolage (NR, 15k)


  • Your love will be {Safe with me} by shield_maiden (T, 1k), When he turns to you and calls you ‘babe’ with those stupid puppy eyes you really want to punch him but Raven gets there first and she knees him in the groin as hard as she can. She leans down and says something in his ear, presumably a threat if the shit eating grin she flashes you after is any indication, but you were way too distracted by her ass in those jeans and honestly didn’t hear a word she’d said.Modern AU


  • All of the Above by perfectlystill (M, 33k), It starts, much to Raven’s chagrin, under the bleachers.
  • You and Me and You, Too by boofadil (M, 16k), When Clarke opens her door at 8am on a Sunday morning, she’s only slightly surprised that Bellamy has a gorgeous woman with him. At least he brought coffee.
  • The Wilderness by AvaRosier (E, 7k), The haunted expression that shutters Clarke’s face makes Raven’s heart clench in empathy. “I would.” She whispers, sounding starkly certain in a way that reminds Raven that down here on the ground, the wilderness was unrelenting and it stole inside them all, seeping in through the cracks left by the stunted lives they had led before. Clarke had gone out into the woods with Finn, and she had come back with blood caked into her fingernails and the look of death in her eyes. Raven remembers her frantically scrubbing her hands with moonshine before she would allow herself to touch the bullet wound in Raven’s abdomen.
  • Baby Must Be Good To You by hariboo (E, 5k), Clarke has this thing when she gets into a painting. It’s kinda weird, mostly hot. Actually very hot, like insanely hot. He and Raven have lost hours of the day because of it.
  • Stained Fingers Across Your Cheek by hariboo (T, 6k), Clarke misses drawing. Clarke also really wants to draw Raven and Bellamy, but that comes later.

Love Will Come Through by monroeslittle
Clarke winds up in an arranged marriage with Bellamy

the world is full of magic things by hai_mae
Nobody could ever mistake Bellamy for a hero. And if they got confused, well- they’d only have to look at his daemon.

An Ocean Between the Waves by dropshipheroes
Bellamy comes back and nothing is the same.

I Make my own Luck by somethingofatrainwreck
aka five times someone ruined Poker Night and the one time all bets were off.

If I Should Fall Behind by Lila82
Three years after they land on earth, Clarke and Bellamy expand their family. Clarke isn’t sure they’ll get a happily ever after.

hope’s a burden (or it sets you free) by itsactuallycorrine
Bellamy knows better, but that doesn’t stop him from falling in love with his roommate’s girlfriend.

and just as the sun chases the moon (i will always chase after you) by viansian
He had once gone into hell for Octavia. He wonders at what point he had begun to love Clarke as much as his sister.

darkest of marks by important metaphors
After Jake Griffin’s prediction about the system failure turns out to be wrong, Clarke is given a second chance on the Ark. Janitor Bellamy Blake may or may not complicate everything for her.

City lights lay out before us by dutchmoxie
5 times they picked each other up from bad dates, and one time they didn’t have to.

Dalisay by maytheymeetagain
Bellamy teaches Clarke a few tagalog words.

What if we ruin it all by dropshipheroes
Bellamy and Clarke break up on a Sunday, What comes next, through the eyes of everyone else.

make another world (inside my head) by Lina (lookslikelove)
Bellamy always believed that he had made Clarke up inside his head. An imaginary friend that he went on adventures with as a kid (and a little longer), someone that he dreamt up, but wasn’t real. He just always wished he was wrong about the “made up” part.

situation normal, all fucked up by questionablemorals
It would probably be beneficial to the team and national security and her sanity if Clarke stopped talking about ARK enemy Number 16’s mouth. Especially considering he’s a telepath. (or, four times clarke griffin thought about bellamy blake’s mouth and one time she actually did something about it)

full list of fic recs here

Bewitched Sunshine

@framby asked : sooo your kid hates my kid AU + sterek?

“Avenge me, father!”

Stiles looks up from the cutting board like a deer caught in the headlights of a car. Joe doesn’t have his dramatic tendencies, usually.

But kudos on the entrance, kiddo.

Joseph runs into the kitchen, sending his backpack flying across the floor and Stiles simply cocks one eyebrow at him before his son goes to pick it up with a properly chastised expression on his face—the same pout than he has, with Lydia’s ferocity as a super extra layer—and exaggeratedly goes to put it in a corner.

Stiles nods with a smile and Joe climbs on one of the kitchen chairs, his little feet tapping a rhythm against the middle bar of it. “What needs avenging?” he prompts, returning his attention to the cauliflower he’s cutting—grown-up Mac’n’cheese for dinner, seems appropriate if his baby boy needs his help.

“I hate Hale.”

Stiles snorts. “As you should, you should aim for Heaven.”

Even with his back turned to him, Stiles can hear his son rolling his eyes at him. “Daaaaad,” he groans, and Stiles raises one hand—accidentally, the one holding the knife—to apologize.

“What’s an Hale?”

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bending-loner  asked:

"Something is wrong."

Meme || Accepting

Jurassic World Sentence Starters

↼♕⇀ Lina tilted her head a bit as she tried to listen to what was going on around them. She couldn’t see anything that was going on but that didn’t mean that it was completely safe. “What’s going on then?” The blonde asked, her wings moving a bit as a concerned look appeared on her face.