linosaur  asked:

I think I need help. People on YouTube and my boyfriend seem to think that it will be Michonne who dies... I can't. I just can't. I feel physically ill just thinking about it, and I am just desperate for reassurance that she, Rick and Carl will be okay. I couldn't sleep last night thinking about it. I don't know how a tv show can affect me this much but it just breaks my heart and makes me sick thinking that it might be😢

Oh god guys please stop worrying. Please stop listening to the trolls, I’m begging you! lol I’ve been seeing so many people worrying about Michonne’s fate since the episode aired and considering the fact that she was in the line up it is a genuine concern, but I really don’t think that we have to worry about her and I’m going to keep saying that until I’m blue in the face. I’m not Scott Gimple so I obviously can’t give you confirmation on who dies, but I’ll try my best to reassure you that Michonne is not going anywhere.

For starters, Negan is not going to kill a woman. He just isn’t. Of course there is a slim chance that he could if the writers want to go for shock value here, and we’ve seen many times during this show’s run that they are not immune to that, however, I am confident that they won’t take that route. The writers as well as the people at AMC know what it would look like to kill a woman in such a brutal manner, so I just don’t see that happening. Also, Michonne is a black woman and that can’t be ignored. We are all aware of the backlash that the show has received due to their poor treatment of black characters, and I know that the writers must be aware of that as well. This isn’t just a problem with The Walking Dead. It’s been happening everywhere and fans are all coming together to make their voices heard and let tptb know that this is not okay. 

Michonne is one of two black women on this show, and she is ― in my mind and I’m sure in the minds of many others ― the female lead. The writers would be stupid to kill her off regardless, but giving her what is arguably the most brutal death in the entire series would absolutely be sending the wrong message and the backlash that they would receive from pulling a stunt like that would be heard around the world.

I complain about the show and some of the creative choices the writers make quite often but I have to give credit where credit is due and acknowledge what a good job Scott Gimple and the writers have done crafting Michonne’s story. And with that in mind I am one hundred percent confident that Michonne is not going to be the one who dies. If they prove me wrong then all of the good will they have built up with me over the years would be gone and I would quit watching the show no question. I suspect that I’m not alone in that. 

The writers know what a beloved character Michonne is, and yes, the death has to go to someone important, but imo Michonne is too important to get it. I see her as a leader, as a woman who has been on a journey to find out what she really wants. She has found a home in Rick, Carl, and Judith, but that doesn’t mean that her story is over. Quite the opposite, actually. Now I think that she is going to take her rightful place as the leader of Alexandria and she is going to be instrumental in the war against the saviors. She’s not dying. Neither are Carl and Rick. I hope that helped :)