lin's work

Lin's not chill, he's just tired

Me: Lin is just so cool.

Mom: Yes, you’ve mentioned that before. What made you say it just now?

Me: I don’t know, I mean he won a Pulitzer Prize and all this great stuff and he just seems so untouched by the fame. Like the way he dresses is just so chill and nonchalant.

Mom: It’s the baby.

Me: Huh?

Mom: He’s probably just tired. He has a kid now right? His first one? Yeah, he’s not being chill. He’s tired.

Me: Well-

Mom: No I’m right. See, I remember because I have 5 of them and I’m tired all the time. It’s the kid.

they are standing in the garden, alexander by eliza’s side

i know this scene has been made into comics about 5000 times, but i felt like drawing flowers so i’m making it 5001

Favorite part(s) of each song in Hamilton
  • <b> Alexander Hamilton:</b> "TIIIIIIIIME OHHHHHH"<p><b>Aaron Burr, Sir:</b> Revolutionary Bros™<p><b>My Shot:</b> "I'm PAST patiently waiting I'm PASSionately SMASHin every expectATION every ACTion's an ACT of creATIon"<p><b>Story of Tonight:</b> "Raise a glass to the four of us, tomorrow there'll be more of us"<p><b>Schuyler Sisters:</b> Angelica SLAYING Burr<p><b>Farmer Refuted:</b> "My dog speaks more eloquently than thee"<p><b>You'll Be Back:</b> "I will kill your friends and family... To remind you of my love"<p><b>Right Hand Man:</b> "I HAVE SOME FRIENDS: LAURENS, MULLIGAN, MARQUIS DE LAFAYETTE OKAY WHAT ELSE"<p><b>Winter's Ball:</b> "Hey ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Hey ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Hey ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Hey ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)<p><b>Helpless:</b> " I'm just saying if you really loved me you would share him" "HA!"<p><b>Satisfied:</b> " To your UUUUUUNIOOOOOOOON and the hope that you PROVIIIIIIIIIIDE"<p><b>Story of Tonight (Reprise):</b> "oh shit..."<p><b>Wait For It:</b> EVERYTHING THIS SONG IS A MASTERPIECE<p><b>Stay Alive:</b> "I'M A GENERAL, WHEEEEE!!" + "Chikaplow!"<p><b>Ten Duel Commandments:</b> "Okay so we're doing this"<p><b>Meet Me Inside:</b> "Son" "I'm notcha son"<p><b>That Would Be Enough:</b> "Let me be a part of the narrative in the story they will write someday. Let this moment be the first chapter where you decide to stay"<p><b>Guns and Ships:</b> Lafayette TAKIN THIS HORSE BY THE REINS MAKIN REDCOATS REDDER WITH BLOODSTAINS<p><b>HHIEOY:</b> "You have no control who lives, who dies, who tells your story"<p><b>Yorktown:</b> Tbh this whole song is so lit<p><b>What Comes Next:</b> "Awesome! Wow!"<p><b>Dear Theodosia:</b> "I'm dedicating every day to you"<p><b>Non-Stop:</b> "Yo who the f is this?" + "Lesgo"<p><b>What'd I Miss:</b> "Where have you been?" "Umm France?"<p><b>Cabinet Battle #1:</b> "Thomas, that was a real nice declaration. Welcome to the present, we're running a real nation. Would you like to join us? Or stay mellow doing whatever the hell it is you do in Monticello?"<p><b>Take A Break:</b> Philip rapping while Eliza beatboxes + "ALEXAAAAANDERR" "Hi."<p><b>Say No To This:</b> "Stayyy" "Heyyy" + "Fuuuuuuu"<p><b>TRWIH:</b> "My god! In god we trust but we'll never really know what got discusses. Click-boom then it happened"<p><b>Schuyler Defeated:</b> That subtle key-change tho<p><b>Cabinet Battle #2:</b> "... France" + "You must be outta your GOD DAMN MIND"<p><b>Washington On Your Side:</b> Madison's diction +"SOUTHERN MOTHER FUCKING DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICANS"<p><b>One Last Time:</b> "George Washington's going hoooooome"<p><b>I Know Him:</b> "They will tear each other into pieces Jesus Christ this will be fun!"<p><b>Adams Administration:</b> "Sit down John YOU FAT MOTHERFUCKSTICK"<p><b>We Know:</b> "You see that was my wife who you decided to" "WAAAAAAT?"<p><b>Hurricane:</b> "I wrote my way out of hell, I wrote my way to revolution, I was louder than the crack of the bell"<p><b>Reynolds Pamphlet:</b> Angelica ROASTING Hamilton<p><b>Burn:</b> "You forfeit all rights to my heart, you forfeit your place in out bed, you sleep in your office instead, with memories of when you were mine"<p><b>Blow Us All Away:</b> "How bout when I get back we all strip down to our socks?" + "My name is Philip. I am a poet. And I'm a little nervous but I can't show it"<p><b>Stay Alive (Reprise):</b> "Is he breathing? Is he going to survive this? Who did Alexander did yoU KNOW?!"<p><b>It's Quiet Uptown:</b> "You hold your child as tight as you can and push away the unimaginable"<p><b>Election of 1800:</b> "Jefferson has beliefs. Burr has none."<p><b>Your Obedient Servant:</b> "Here's an itemized list of 30 years of disagreements" "Sweet Jesus"<p><b>BOW+BOW:</b> Eliza being a perfect cinnamon roll who deserved so much better<p><b>The World Was Wide Enough:</b> "THIS MAN WILL NOT MAKE AN ORPHAN OF MY DAUGHTER" + Alex's monologue + "He aims his pistol at the skY WAIT!"<p><b>WLWDWTYS:</b> Eliza.<p>
Just Breathe [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Summary: Reader has an anxiety attack and Lin is there to comfort her.

Word Count: 517

Warnings: anxiety tw (?)

A/N: this is a short one, something i needed to hear/read from someone, actually this is a really personal fic that felt necessary for myself. i know many of you also suffer from anxiety and writing this made me feel better, even though it was only for a few minutes; i hope it makes you feel a bit better too. Love y’all, guys.

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The air seemed non-existant. The tears started rolling down your face, and you didn’t know why… You weren’t exactly surprised though. You had anxiety since you were a teenager, but it has improved so much, specially since you started dating Lin.

You had a few nights here and there, where the attack would come out of nowhere. Combined with your messed up sleep patterns, anxiety could be a real bitch, but this was the first time it was happening with Lin sleeping right next to you.

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Night Time by Daveed Diggs

Work all day ‘till my feet get sore
Keep on working ‘till the whistle blow
Oh, when the night time come
It’s on when the night time come
Wear this mask on my face all day
Smiling like I’m loving doing what you say
Oh, but ‘till the night time come
It’s on when the night time come

So pops drives a bus for fifteen years, right
It’s at the very least the obvious cause of his tendinitis
The thinning of the hair, allergies to common fare
Contribute to the development of his cold stare
(Gangsta) Gentlemen, (listen up)
Ladies and transgressors
I appreciate the offers of all your subversive efforts
But to alleviate the scoffers and haters and other jesters
I'mma relegate myself to the more obvious F-words
Fuck this job, fuck my boss, fuck your finance
I give a fuck about these motherfuckers when I dance, so
Friday night I cut a rug like I’m weaving it
Staring at the clock waiting for five in the evening, shit
I’m leaving it immediately till Monday comes
Errybody meet me I see ya fiending to feel bass drums
We can unleash all these beasts building from biting they tongues
Take to the streets twerking on freedom and a little bit drunk
And singing…


Work all day ‘till my feet get sore

Keep on working ‘till the whistle blow

Oh, when the night time come

It’s on when the night time come

Wear this mask on my face all day

Smiling like I’m loving doing what you say

Oh, but till the night time come

It’s on when the night time come

Suit it up (yup)

Who the flyest (you?)

Me I’m biased (true)

But really ain’t nobody stepping out fresh as I is (okay)

Call me Osiris (yup)

King of the living dead (right)

I been a ghost for five days now I’m reanimated (come on)

And it’s a shame

To waste so much of myself on the game

With no clear winner or empirical reason to play

Me, I’m a player

Who doesn’t have a prayer

Shielding my eyes occasionally to escape the glare

Cause that man in the mirror look filthy

I don’t really know him but I know he tryna kill me

I am not his skin so he always tryna peel me

But having him in my heart makes my warm blood chilly, feel me?

Fuck it, I’m American working class split persona

Party like a rockstar, introverted loner

Cubicle complacent but wait 'till I get on

You gon’ see a monster walking out the front door of his home



Work all day ‘till my feet get sore (feet get sore)

Keep on working ‘till the whistle blow ('till that whistle blow)

Oh, when the night time come (when it coming)

It’s on when the night time come

Wear this mask on my face all day

Smiling like I’m loving doing what you say

Oh, but till the night time come

It’s on when the night time come

Ain’t really over it has just begun

We gonna be alright when the night time come

I don’t wanna think about where you from

I just wanna see your face when the night time come

Tired of tryna figure out what I might become

I just wanna sing my song when the night time come

Please don’t ask me 'bout all the songs I’ve sung

I’m just trying to get by till the night time come

[Outro: Frank from Men In Black]

You humans, when are you gonna learn that size doesn’t matter? Just cause something’s important doesn’t mean it’s not very very small

How small?

Tiny. Like the size of a marble or a jewel

Hamilton Teacher! AU???

• All of them work at Lin-Manuel Miranda High School

• Alexander is the principal who totally doesn’t have a crush on the biology teacher Mr. Laurens.

• John, the biology teacher, somehow makes science easy, and has like 7 turtles in a tank in his classroom.

• Washington is the amazing history teacher who’s catchphrase is “History has its eye on you, so don’t do anything majorally stupid”

• Angelica is the guidance councilor who is always telling the girls to love themselves and their bodies. She is constantly telling children who are questioning that its okay and that they are worthy.

• Lafayette is the fun French teacher who has so many names, the students just call him Mr. Laf. He is constantly eating. Bagels, croissants, pie, you name it. At lunch, he is always seen sitting next to me to Mr. Mulligan. Everyone ships it.

• Hercules is that one teacher who looks like theyre not scared of punching a student, and can still sew the best dresses. Of course, he’s the Home Ec teacher. He opened the doorway for boys in the school to admit liking Home Economics. His not-so-subtle crush on Mr. Laf is noticeable, especially since he always drops off a blueberry muffin on Thursday mornings.

• Aaron is the vice-principal who is extremely kind to all the students. Unless you disrespect him or the staff. He takes “no shit” in his school.

• Peggy is the choir teacher, with John Laurens, and they both lead “The Soldier’s Chorus”. The Soldier’s Chorus is one of the top choirs in the state.

• Eliza is the English teacher who loves all the kids as if they are her own. She always sat next to the guidance councilor and the choir teacher at lunch, and it took many days for students to realize they were sisters.

• George is the goofy theater teacher who plays a different personality every day. His favorite, though, is King Groff III.

• Maria Reynolds is the softball, cheer, and dance coach. She is extremely gorgeous (Everyone confused her with Ms. Peggy for the first few days though) but is a very respectable woman.

• John Adams is the frail pre-law teacher. His life sucks.

• Thomas is the football coach along side his (not) boyfriend/assistant James Madison

• Phillip is known as “The Principals kid” and is actually very smart. He may or may not have a crush on his best friend Theodosia Burr, the vice principal’s daughter. *Anyone want to add anything??*