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Why did Splogger Elodie spend the entirety of Hamilton taking careful notes and weeping openly into the shoulder of the stranger next to her? So that she could do a little recon mission and gift you beautiful people with Ht the next-best thing: A TEXT RECAP. It’s no live performance, but we think you’ll agree that it’s basically just as good.


A Quick Literary Analysis of that Heart-Breaking Moment Otherwise Known as ‘The Laurens Interlude’

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Line 1 and 2 from ‘The Story of Tonight (Reprise)’ have the same implications – Hamilton is urging Burr to be more active in his relationship – but they express this sentiment very differently.

Line 1 includes both the first person subject ‘I’ and the object ‘you’ and so places Burr and Hamilton in the same sentence, showing solidarity. In contrast line 2, isolates Burr, ‘you’, and places the whole impetus of the line on him, and only him. Since ‘Wait for It’ follows this song, it could be pre-empting Burr’s solo which is inundated with the phrase ‘I am’, reflecting Burr’s lone wolf status and the fact he is always alone – physically, Theodosia Sr and Jr are never on the stage.

Line 1 is a declarative, but it’s power is qualified by the use of the verb ‘wish’, which softens the statement, and transforms it into a suggestion. ‘Wish’ also concords with past tense modality which is why we see ‘you had brought’. This gives the line a kind of passive, after-thought quality, which contrasts sharply with the imperative, present tense of ‘go get her!’

Similarly, by using the conditional ‘if’, Hamilton challenges the integrity of Burr’s emotions. The whole plot revolves around these kind of challenges (‘If you stand for nothing, Burr, what’ll you fall for?’, ‘I will lay down my life if it sets us free’, ‘if you really loved me, you would share him’, ‘If they apologize, no need for further action’), with characters constantly testing each other or their circumstances. The musical is a series of battles >>> Will probs expand on this point in another post since it’s such a major thing.

The deixis of ‘this’ before ‘girl’ and ‘woman’ is very referential and specific, and actually highlights a connection between Hamilton and Theodosia. The maturation from ‘this girl’ to ‘this woman’ mirrors the way the Rev Set see Hamilton in ‘My Shot’, ­­  where their view of him transforms from ‘this kid’ to ‘this guy’ (‘who is this kid, what’s he gonna do?’ and ‘let’s get this guy in front of a crowd’). Dare I say it, Hamilton and Theodosia are counterparts in Burr’s life – both mature under his wing (I mean, ‘Theodosia writes me a letter everyday’… sound like anyone else we know?).

(@lamsandjeffmadstrash this is dedicated to you since you gave me the line ‘oh shit’ and then I analysed that scene… or a very small portion of it anyway 😘)

Alexander shuts the door.
Alexander Slamilton.

Alexander studies for a test.
Alexander Cramilton.

Alexander listens to music.
Alexander Jamilton.

Alexander lies.
Alexander Shamilton.

Alexander runs away.
Alexander Scramilton.

Alexander sends Jefferson annoying emails.
Alexander Spamilton.

Alexander dies.
Alexander Hamilton.

My roommate trying to motivate me to wake me up

Her: You know, Alexander Hamilton would get out of bed on time

Me, mumbling into my pillow: Alexander Hamilton was far more concerned with getting into beds than getting out of them