lin puns

alex: they call me AH. not because those are my initials, but because i’m just. constantly screaming.
aaron: interesting! they call me AB, not because those are my initials but because i’m absolutely bitter.

immigrants, we get the

Alexander shuts the door.
Alexander Slamilton.

Alexander studies for a test.
Alexander Cramilton.

Alexander listens to music.
Alexander Jamilton.

Alexander lies.
Alexander Shamilton.

Alexander runs away.
Alexander Scramilton.

Alexander sends Jefferson annoying emails.
Alexander Spamilton.

Alexander dies.
Alexander Hamilton.

ok but

how did Lafayette go back to France for money and come back with an army?

bc right now I’m imagining him entering Louis’s throne room and it playing out like this:

Lafayette: Sir, can I have some more money? Please?

Louis XVI: Is this so you can go help your little friends in America?


Louis: and why should I?



Lafayette: it’ll royally piss off the British?

Louis: Take my entire army


OKAY I’M BACK AND THIS TIME TO STAY (ALIVE). Actually I hope I have time to do more Hamilton stuff because well… it’s hamiltunes. Hope you like this one! It has dumb captions on it :P

(and GOSH i’m still over the top about the 4k notes on the cabinet battle one!! THANK YALL SO MUCH)