lin lin lin every day no matter what

Friend: “What’s wrong?”
Me: “Oh nothing, I’m *fine.”

*Feeling my heart collapse with grief because in six days Chris Jackson will sing One Last Time with Lin and he will literally be teaching him how to say goodbye and Pippa will tell Lin to “look at where you are, look at where you started” and it won’t just be Eliza and Hamilton it will be two people in awe of what they get to do and say every night and the whole cast will be thinking “oh I can’t wait to see you again Lin it’s only a matter of time” and the whole process of Hamilton has literally been a miracle and the entire cast and the whole world will be looking to Lin at his last performance with gratitude and thanks and just genuine love and connection there’s just so many things HApeNiNg iN my HeAd rn ahhh hahaHahaHAHAHA but yeah I’m fine!!!