lin jun jie


Back from the JJ Lin concert in Beijing. It was incredibly hard for me to sum up his 30-some tracklist concert in 10 photos, but enjoy these pics I snatched from the 25th row with my canon powershot. JJ is so charismatic and fun on stage. I was surprised at how easily he transitioned from his intense stage performances to joking around with the audience. Even during the sadder ballads, he would stop singing half way and let the fans sing the lines while he eye-smiled into the audience longingly. 

!!! his voice!!! is amazing! Especially during adlibs on stage. The small mishaps were the best part. JJ accidentally dropped his hat off stage, burst into laughter (giggles? man giggles?) in the middle of the acoustic tracks, and teased the little girl who sang 小酒窝 with him~ At some point, he went shirtless and threw his tanktop into the space between the stage and seating area. Some girl FLEW OUT OF HER SEAT TO GRAB FOR THE SHIRT, but security pushed her back lmao.

My favorite tracks include 美人鱼, 背对背拥抱, 爱笑的眼睛, LoveUU, 曹操, 豆浆油条, and Billie Jean. It was also nice to have a seatmate who knew all lyrics, although everyone in the audience sang along regardless.

!! speaking of fans, my seatmmate is a college student who stood on a 13 hr train just so she could make it to this concert in Beijing!! “I’ve been a fan for 10 years. I’m dedicating my first concert experience to JJ~” We speculated over the VIP attendance while other girls asked what we saw through my seatmmate’s binoculars lol.  Not much tbqh. “But who’s going to sit next to me? This seat has been empty for an hour,” the girl at the end of the row asked. “It’s JJ,” the other girls between us laughed. “He’s going to descend from the ceiling and sing a solo in that seat.”