lin jun

So finally I got a little time to make something for AC movie. And I drew Yusuf again da lalalalalalalala

To celebrate the movie release in China 2017.2.24

Wish I could see all these deleted characters in Blu-ray XDD

Ancestors - descendants

Aguilar de Nerha - Callum Lynch
Yusuf Tazim - Emir
Baptiste - Moussa
Duncan Walpole - Nathan
Shao Jun - Lin

A bloody shirt disposed of by Luka Magnotta in a dumpster outside of his apartment after the brutal murder of Lin Jun. Upon further investigation of the dumpster, law enforcement found the following as well:

-Bloody garbage bags

-2 legs

-2 arms

-A bloody pillowcase

-A dead puppy

-A video camera

-A laptop

-A cell phone

-A poster

-A wine bottle

-2 knives

-A screwdriver

-A grinding saw

-A hammer

-Latex gloves covered in Jun’s DNA

-A hoodie covered in Jun’s blood and Magnotta’s semen


Asian male models for Kenzo SS18 | Paris Fashion Week

(L to R) Xie Cheng Lin / Son Pham / Kohei Takabatake / Lee Woo Seok / Takuya Ebihara / Lim Jae Hyung / Park Kyung Jin / Shun Yamazaki / Kaito Defoort / Sangdon Bae / Jeong Yong Soo / Ye Xiang / Jang Cheol Jun / Park Hyeong Seop / Lee Bom Chan / Jeon June Young / Liren Shih / Wang Chen Ming / Zhang Zheng Yang / Hao Liu / Bae Jun Yub / Kim Bong Woo / Hu Ting Wei / Nikita Tolstoi / He Ao Xiang / Juno / David Yang / Daniel Oh / Joseph Kim / Choi Sung Ha / Xu Meen


Automated DMs received upon following each member’s weibo account

Lu Ke Ran:

You who followed Ke-ye must be very beautiful~

(T/N: “Ke-ye” is playfully referring to herself in third person in a masculine tbh kinda fuckboy way.)

An Jun Xi:

Thank you for setting eyes on me for this one moment, I’ll make sure you never look away from me again!

Min Jun Qian:

Thanks for the follow baby~ Mua (。・ω・。)ノ♡ I’ll keep working hard~ Love you guys~

Peng Xi Chen:

❤️ Congratulations
on becoming a member of the Castles (Chen Babies). I hope we can do our best together from now on ❤️❤️❤️

(T/N: “Castles” is the name that Xi Chen came up with for her fans; it’s a pun on her name. “Castle” in Mandarin is chéng bǎo, which sounds similar to chén bǎo, or “Chen Babies.”)

Lin Fan:

Thank you for the follow baby, I will try my best!

Trans cr; Cindi @ acrush-trans
Take out with full credit


Welcome to FFC-Acrush, the cpop group not defined by gender! The five members, Lu Ke Ran, Peng Xi Chen, Lin Fan, An Jun Xi and Min Jun Qian are all women, but do not promote as the typical boy group or girl group. As a group they instead go by the genderless term “meishaonian”, meaning “handsome youths”. They have said that throughout their lives, they have gravitated towards more masculine things. They are opening up new doors in the industry by going against the binary and we are so proud of them! Go Acrush!