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“London to LA”, giving you a different kind of romance.

So finally I got a little time to make something for AC movie. And I drew Yusuf again da lalalalalalalala

To celebrate the movie release in China 2017.2.24

Wish I could see all these deleted characters in Blu-ray XDD

Ancestors - descendants

Aguilar de Nerha - Callum Lynch
Yusuf Tazim - Emir
Baptiste - Moussa
Duncan Walpole - Nathan
Shao Jun - Lin

A bloody shirt disposed of by Luka Magnotta in a dumpster outside of his apartment after the brutal murder of Lin Jun. Upon further investigation of the dumpster, law enforcement found the following as well:

-Bloody garbage bags

-2 legs

-2 arms

-A bloody pillowcase

-A dead puppy

-A video camera

-A laptop

-A cell phone

-A poster

-A wine bottle

-2 knives

-A screwdriver

-A grinding saw

-A hammer

-Latex gloves covered in Jun’s DNA

-A hoodie covered in Jun’s blood and Magnotta’s semen


Asian male models for Kenzo SS18 | Paris Fashion Week

(L to R) Xie Cheng Lin / Son Pham / Kohei Takabatake / Lee Woo Seok / Takuya Ebihara / Lim Jae Hyung / Park Kyung Jin / Shun Yamazaki / Kaito Defoort / Sangdon Bae / Jeong Yong Soo / Ye Xiang / Jang Cheol Jun / Park Hyeong Seop / Lee Bom Chan / Jeon June Young / Liren Shih / Wang Chen Ming / Zhang Zheng Yang / Hao Liu / Bae Jun Yub / Kim Bong Woo / Hu Ting Wei / Nikita Tolstoi / He Ao Xiang / Juno / David Yang / Daniel Oh / Joseph Kim / Choi Sung Ha / Xu Meen


Automated DMs received upon following each member’s weibo account

Lu Ke Ran:

You who followed Ke-ye must be very beautiful~

(T/N: “Ke-ye” is playfully referring to herself in third person in a masculine tbh kinda fuckboy way.)

An Jun Xi:

Thank you for setting eyes on me for this one moment, I’ll make sure you never look away from me again!

Min Jun Qian:

Thanks for the follow baby~ Mua (。・ω・。)ノ♡ I’ll keep working hard~ Love you guys~

Peng Xi Chen:

❤️ Congratulations
on becoming a member of the Castles (Chen Babies). I hope we can do our best together from now on ❤️❤️❤️

(T/N: “Castles” is the name that Xi Chen came up with for her fans; it’s a pun on her name. “Castle” in Mandarin is chéng bǎo, which sounds similar to chén bǎo, or “Chen Babies.”)

Lin Fan:

Thank you for the follow baby, I will try my best!

Trans cr; Cindi @ acrush-trans
Take out with full credit


They posted the pocky game I was NOT prepared