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Hamilcast Shit-Chat {Part 1}

A/N: O my god it’s a series. Also,,,, @the-gay-anomaly helped me with this series A LOT.

Pairing: Hamilcast X Reader

AU: Texting series

Warnings: cussing, semi-sexual jokes

KEY (this lists the usernames of the hamilcast, including yourself)

Lin Manuel Miranda: OldManMiranda,,,, also,,, him and reader are shipped quite a lot (for reasons)

Reader (Y/N L/N): thuglife420 (don’t ask,,, Jo came up with it)

Daveed Diggs: OaklandTrash

Okieriete Onaodowan: OakSmash

Anthony Ramos: JasmineFan

Jasmine Cephas Jones: RamosOwner

Pippa Soo: PippaSoo

Renee Elise Goldsberry: ShipMaster

Jonathan Groff: GroffSauce

Chris Jackson: CJack

OldManMiranda created a chat.

thuglife420: okay so this is a thing

thuglife420: lin you know it’s like, three in the morning for most of us, right?

OldManMiranda: I mean, you’re still awake.

Oaklandtrash: yo

OakSmash: hello

GroffSauce: the hell is this.

OldManMiranda: it’s called a group chat Groff.

thuglife420: should it be old man Groff now?

thuglife420: is Lin finally “hip” now?

GroffSauce: i’m wounded

OldManMiranda: so was Hamilton, you’ll get over it.

thuglife420: savage Miranda.

thuglife420: okay, Lin, seriously I was actually about to go to bed, why did you make this chat?

OldManMiranda: I was bored and no one wanted to talk to me.

OaklandTrash: hmm I wonder why

OldManMiranda: how rude!

CJack: what are you all doing?

OldManMiranda: CHRIS, MY MAN

CJack: you all woke me up.

OakSmash: oops

CJack: might as well tell you about the dream i had

CJack: Lin was some weird unicorn centaur shit and he started pointing his horn at everyone and screaming “i will push my horn into you”

thuglife420: fucking christ, Chris

CJack: it’s Lin’s fault!

OldManMiranda: HOW

CJack: remember that one party where you were drunk as hell and started chanting “i will fuck you in the ass if you give me chicken nuggets”

CJack: it inspired me

thuglife420: holy hell, how drunk were you?

thuglife420: wait, why wasn’t i invited to this party?

CJack: Lin asked us to specifically not invite you or any of the other girls

OaklandTrash: he didn’t want you all to see him drunk as shit

thuglife420: lame

thuglife420: that is so lame

thuglife420: Lin do you not see my name? I would be drunk off my ass with you, I mean come on.

CJack: he didn’t want you to hear the things he said

OldManMiranda: we don’t speak of it

JasmineFan: You guys are all nerds that need sleep, Christ

OakSmash: we’re the nerds?

OakSmash: says the guy with his girlfriends’ name next to the word “fan” as his username

thuglife420: as interesting as this conversation is, I can no longer keep my eyes open.

thuglife420: night nerds.

OldManMiranda: Gnight. Bring the best of your humanity to others today. Be smart & safe & kind to all. When you get home, you can fart like the dickens.

CJack: Lin. This ain’t twitter, man.

thuglife420: fucking nerd.

OldManMiranda: that’s not nice.

CJack: Lin. That was the intention.

OldManMiranda: don’t question me Chris

CJack: I have more dreams Lin. Try me. 

OldManMiranda: Chris, I think it’s time you went to sleep. :)

CJack: Haha. Night Lin.

CJack: don’t hit me with a twitter speech

OldManMiranda:  I hear my son call for agua around 3am every morning. I also get agua. It’s our little 3am agua break. You drinking enough agua homey?

CJack: Lin, shut the fuck up.

Taxi Cabs (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader)

(A/N): I finally finished it! This is the first thing I’ve ever written so please don’t judge me that hard.

TAGS: @pandaobsessor02

Life had thrown you for a loop. You were worn out and you had had a very long day. It started with waking up late for work, it continued with an intern tripping in the hallway and pour scaldingly hot coffee all over your brand new blouse that you had bought the day before. Your boss was being an asshole, you had asked for a day off because of your son’s parents day and she had blatantly refused you and on top of that she handed you a report she wanted edited and returned the next day. So you got to work hoping to finish it by the end of the day.
Cursing your boss you stood up from your desk and returned the report to the tray. Just then you received a phone call. From your sons babysitter, Francine.
“Hello?” You responded wearily.
“Excuse me, (Y/N)? Your son Julian came down with something. He currently has a fever of 102° degrees and he’s telling me to get you home soon.”
You hurriedly scrambled to get your things together when you heard a muffled noise from your phone. You picked it up again and said.
“Oh my god, I’m sorry, are you still there? Tell Julian I’ll be home soon, I just have to get my things together”
“I told him, he said he loves you and wants you to know that he can wait a little bit.”
Telling your boss the situation, you finally left your stuffy office and hailed a cab. You got in and told the cabbie Francine’s address. He seemed nice enough even though you were making the taxi smell of old coffee and printer ink.
“Why are you in such a hurry? Am I that horrible to ride with?” The mans dark eyes watched you through the rear view mirror.
“What? No! It’s just I’ve had a shitty day and I have to get my son. He’s sick and currently at someone else’s house and I just want to get him home.”
“I’d love to help you get him home faster but that’s illegal and involves speeding!” He joked. “I’m Lin, by the way. I’d shake your hand but I’m currently trying not to get us killed!” You laughed at that and replied with.
“Well thanks for that! I appreciate my life! I’m (Y/N).”
“Well (Y/N), we have arrived at your destination.”
“Thank you again.” You said paying him and exiting the cab. In the rush, you hadn’t realized that you had left your bag with all of your paperwork in it.
Using your extra key to open Francine’s door, you called into the dark house. Francine was sitting in the kitchen, reading a book. She looked up grinning when you walked in.
“Took you long enough!” She glanced at you with surprise. “Wow, it looks like you’ve been to hell and back!” You collapsed into the chair next to her.
“It sure seemed like it. Wait, why are you grinning?” You said narrowing your eyes at her. “I though Julian was sick.”
“Well he was, but his fever broke and he’s sleeping now. Hey, want to spend the night? I don’t want you walking home right now. You have clothing here, don’t you?”
“Yeah, I guess so…” You said yawning. Soon you were snuggled on the downstairs couch with multiple blankets and two pillows. As you drifted off into sleep, you couldn’t help but to think about that cabbie who made you laugh when you thought you were at wits end. He was kinda cute right? Too bad you wouldn’t see him again. Probably not.
Slowly, your eyes fluttered open. Yawning, you took in your surroundings. Shock ran though you when you realized that you weren’t in your own home. Then your son walked into the room rubbing his eyes and relief washed over you and you felt your self relax.
“Hi, mama!” Julian said cheerfully.
“Hi, baby. How did you sleep?” You asked him.
“Okay. Can we snuggle?” He replied, sleep still evident in his voice. “Please?” You checked your watch and sighed.
“Sorry, love. We have to get you ready for school.” Despite his complaints, he went to the chest if clothing that Francine kept in her house for you and Julian and picked out the first few items, an orange shirt, a pair of jeans and purple socks. “Cmon, buddy. Let’s go get breakfast!” When the two of you walked into the kitchen, Francine was already cooking away. Eggs and toast were piping hot and ready to eat.
“Good morning!” She said pulling orange juice from the fridge. “(Y/N), I knew you slept like the dead but the snoring was a surprise.”
“Rude! Hey, have you seen my bag?” You said looking around. “I thought I had it.”
“Well, you didn’t when you got here last night. I just figured you left it at work.”
“What? Crap! I left it in that taxi last night!” Your eyes widened as you ran a hand though your messy hair. “Do you think I could pull off being sick?”
“Wouldn’t that be convenient? Isn’t Julian’s parent teacher conference today?” Francine replied.
“Yeah, it is!” Julian piped up. “You can meet my teacher! His name is Mr. Miranda. He has a yellow car!”
“Well I’m sure he’s delightful! I’ll call my boss and then attempt to get my bag back.” You laughed at your sons enthusiasm. It has been awhile since you had heard anything about his teacher. It used to be that the second you got home he would tell you all about his day. Now he’s been quieter. Maybe they were giving him too much work. You would definitely ask about that.
After calling your boss and faking being sick like a pro, you and Julian jumped in Francine’s car. The drive to his school would take about fifteen minutes, which wasn’t very long in your eyes but to Julian it felt like eternity. So you put on some music, but not kids bop because that stuff was godawful and you wanted to rip your hair out every time you heard it, instead the beautiful sound of bohemian rhapsody was playing though your speakers. Eventually, after multiple “are we there yet?” questions, you finally arrived at Julian’s school.
You pulled in to the nearest parking spot and stopped the car.
“Julian, love, let’s go meet your teachers!” You said, stepping out of the car. His smile brightened.
Walking into the building was almost impossible, because of the mass amounts of parents and children milling about. But eventually you found the correct room.
The first teacher you were visiting was a very tall kind-faced woman named Mrs. Wallfield.
She slipped on a pair of glasses and pulled out a note pad. Julian had busied himself with books from her reading corner.
“Honestly, there isn’t much to talk about. Julian is an excellent student and gets along well with his classmates.” Mrs. Wallfield paused. “However, he does have a habit of doodling during reading time which is very distracting for several of the children here. That’s about it.”
“Well, I’ll talk to him about that. If that’s all, we will continue to our other meetings.” You smiled at her.
“Of course!” You were almost out the door when she said. “Oh, also (Y/N), can you make sure he continues to read? He’s a very bright boy. I wouldn’t want all that intelligence to go unused.” You smiled to yourself as you both left the room. You were very proud of your beautiful boy, well maybe proud wasn’t the word you were looking for. Something much bigger would fit better.
After multiple teachers and endless questions, you finally headed to the classroom of Julian’s favorite teacher.
“His name is Mr. Miranda!” He said excitedly. “You’ll love him! He makes history interesting and he’s teaching me how to spell!” He continued to tug you towards the door.
The first thing Mr. Miranda said was, “Quick, Julian, who was the 16th president?”
“Abraham Lincoln!”
“Very good! Go get some candy from the bowl!” He smiled at Julian. He then turned to you. “Hello! I’m Julian’s teacher, Mr. Miranda, but you can call me Lin.”
“Lin? Huh, that sounds familiar. Wait! Do you drive a cab?” You questioned as you both took a seat at a small table, while Julian sat in the corner playing on your phone.
“Yeah, its my night job.” He said with a puzzled look on his face. “Oh, I know you! You’re the woman who left your bag in my cab! I have it back at my house. My boss told me to try and find the owner! Well, I guess I found you!” He looked at you sheepishly, scratching the back of his neck. “But it’s back at my apartment. I can bring it tomorrow and you can pick it up when you get Julian, right?”
“Well, I don’t actually pick up Julian, his babysitter does.” You say resting your chin on your hand. “My boss won’t t let me leave early.”
“Oh, I see. When we are done here, I can go pick it up and we can meet at the park, ok?” He said smiling.
You smiled back. “Ok! Shall we continue with this meeting?” The conversation continued freely from Julian’s grade to which park to meet at.
About twenty minutes later, Lin was back with your bag and some coffee.
“I’m sorry. I should have asked how you wanted your coffee. I hope there’s not to much cream!” He said handing you your coffee and turning to watch Julian swinging on the swings.
“I’m actually fond of dowsing my coffee in cream so I doubt there’s too much!” You laughed as he chuckled. You talked with Lin for about an hour, the topics flowing freely. You were both history nuts, your love for it was in the closet, so you bonded over that. Soon you looked at your watch and sighed. You had to get home so you could work on more reports unfortunately. After calling Julian, you turned to Lin to say goodbye when he said,
“I hope this isn’t too forward, but would you like to go on a date some time. Maybe next week?” His cheeks were tinged with pink. Damnit, he was cute.
“I would like that! Here, let me give you my number.” He handed you his phone and you put your number in. You and Julian waved goodbye. On the way to the car, Julian asked,
“Mama, are you going to ask him to marry you?” You laughed as you ruffled his hair.
“Maybe, buddy. Give me some time to think about it.” You would definitely like to see him again, whether marriage was not the agenda or not. God, he was cute

Deals With the Devil (Lin x Reader) Part 1

Pairings: Lin x Reader

Warnings: Swearing… Angst, sorry.

Word Count: 1,529 Words

AN: So this is the beginning of that Supernatural-based fic I was talking about. The idea made me cry, so I hope you enjoy my weird supernatural/hamilcast crossover fic.

Tags: @the-and-peggy @hamiltrashtothemax @plamspringsdancingontables @piercethemarti @fandomsinabookshelf @beautifulfound @hamil-tonn-of-trash @sasstran @hamlltvn

He raced through the halls of the hospital, frantically searching for the room number the lady at the front desk had given him when he had barged through the doors. Almost running into a nurse, and dodging a gurney, he found himself in front of your hospital room.

Taking a deep breath to collect himself, his heartbeat thundering in his ears, he pulled open the door to a flurry of activity. Almost wishing that he had stayed out in the hallway, he found himself pushed up against the wall, watching in horror as a team of doctors and nurses attempted to restart your heart.

He couldn’t do this, couldn’t lose you. The thought scared him, and his knees buckled, his back sliding against the wall until he came to rest, sitting on the floor.  

When he had gotten the call during rehearsal, he almost hadn’t answered it, too angry at the fact that someone was calling him when he had explicitly told everyone he knew not to call him during rehearsal. God if he hadn’t answered, he’d still be in rehearsal. He wouldn’t know that you were- that you were-. He choked on a sob as the doctor called the time of your death. “2:15 pm, Monday, February 22, 2016.”

“I’m so sorry for your loss,” one of the nurses came over to where he was a huddled mess against the wall and gently led him to the chair beside the bed. “You take however long you need honey, we understand,” she said sympathetically, leaving him alone in the room.

The overwhelming silence caused him to cry harder at the realization that he’d never hear your voice again. He’d never be able to sing a duet with you while attempting to clean the living room. He’d never be able to sing you awake in the mornings or ever because you’d never wake up again. You were gone, and he didn’t know if he’d be able to live without you there.

He tentatively reached for your hand, afraid it would be cold and lifeless. He didn’t think he could handle it if it were. Shocked out of his thoughts by his phone vibrating, he reached into his pocket to find that his phone had been going off for what must have been hours from the amount of missed calls, texts, and voicemails.

It was only after he saw the number of people trying to get in contact with him that he realized how worried his friends must be after he had run out of rehearsal without explanation or goodbye. They were your friends too, and they had no idea what had happened to you.

He couldn’t speak to them, couldn’t admit to them that the love of his life had died before he had been able to say goodbye. That all he could do was watch as the doctors attempted to resurrect you but failed, couldn’t tell them that the hand he used to hold every day on the way into the city was growing cold and stiff in his.

“Sir?” A nurse poked her head in then quickly left at the anguished glance that Lin sent her way.

“I can’t do this. How am I supposed to live without you?” A heartbroken sob left his mouth, and he collapsed on the hospital bed. “We had our whole life planned out.”

“Lin,” Your voice seemed to whisper drifting through the window the nurse had opened before she left and appeared to hover in a cloud over his head. He couldn’t take it anymore, your body, the hospital room, the nosy nurses who just wouldn’t leave him alone. Grabbing his jacket off of the chair, wiping the tear stains off his cheeks, he left the room.

It seemed like hours later, but it must have just been minutes that he found himself in front of a bar attempting to drink away his sorrows, but only succeeding in getting more drunk than he’d ever been in his entire life. It was only right, he supposed after the love of his life died right in front of his eyes.

If anyone should have died, it should’ve been him. He’d accomplished everything he’d ever wanted to do. Teach. Be on Broadway. Win a Tony or 3. You had your whole life ahead of you, so many things you still could have done.

He reached for another drink, but before his fingers made contact with the cold glass a hand moved it out of the way. Looking behind him, Lin found a man around the same height that he was, dressed in a suit and holding his glass away from him.

“I’m sorry darling, but I need you as sober as possible for what I’m trying to do.” The man spoke with a thick British accent that even Lin in an entirely sober state would have had trouble understanding. It certainly didn’t help that he had been crying so hard earlier that it felt like his head had been stuffed with cotton.

“What do you want? I just want to be left alone,” he mumbled reaching for the glass that was being held away from him.

“The names Crowley, and I have a proposition that I know you would not in good conscience, refuse.” The older man advised, taking a sip from the glass he had stolen from Lin. “Your drink isn’t very good, by the way.”

The look that Lin gave him could have frozen molten lava, and yet it did nothing to the man standing in front of him.

“I was very upset to hear about the death of your fiancee,” The man- Crowley, he’d said his name was said as if the information was boring to him. Like the information was a useful tidbit he had gleaned somewhere that he thought might come in handy.

Lin almost did a double-take. “Who the hell are you and how the fuck do you know what happened?”

“All in good time,” Crowley answered his, hand on Lin’s back guiding him out of the bar and deeper into the heart of New York City.

“Where are we going?” Lin asked attempting to move away from the arm on his back.

“Somewhere we can have a more… private conversation.” Crowley led him through a door into what looked to be a warehouse. “I have a proposition for you that has to do with the death of your darling y/n if you’d give me the pleasure of listening to me.”

“Who do you think you are? Why do you care? I have nothing to lose anymore, and the only thing I wish I could gain is impossible.”

“What if I could tell you that what you could gain whatever you wanted and the only cost would be the small small price of your soul.”

“My soul, you’ve got to be kidding me, but you said anything I wanted does that include-”

“You better believe it, if what you truly want Y/N, I can make her alive and well like she wasn’t hit by a taxi cab crossing 5th avenue.”

Lin, understandably, looked skeptical, but also if this was true, he’d be the happiest man in the world. He would be because you would be there. God, he would have died for you, still, would die for you. “Why are you saying this to me? There are people that die every day who have people that would die for them. Why me? Why her?”

“Your soul is unique Mr. Miranda, and it’s been awhile since I’ve had the honor of making a deal with someone so talented, I believe the last one was the man everyone now reveres as Shakespeare.”

“Is that all? My soul? Nothing else?”

“Nothing else. Your soul’s all I need, and you get a year with them. A year to get your affairs in order.”

“A year? Them?”

“Until I come to claim what’s mine, but let’s not ruin the surprise darling. You didn’t know? Your darling Y/N was pregnant, but of course, to compensate for the fact that I would be technically bringing back two people, I had to adjust the time. Do we have a deal?”

“I think we do.” If you were pregnant and this worked, he wouldn’t have lost his whole reason for living. Reasons, he reminded himself.

Suddenly Lin’s mouth was on the portly British man’s, and he pulled away sputtering. “What the hell was that?” He hissed,  wiping his mouth with the sleeve of his favorite gray sweater.

“My apologies, but the deal must be sealed with a kiss,” he smirked, “I believe what you wanted has happened. A team of doctors and nurses are by her bedside attempting to come up with a reason for her sudden revival.”

Suddenly the man disappeared, and Lin was alone in the warehouse, the sun coming from one of the large grime-covered windows illuminating where he had been standing.


He Loves Me

Words: 2961

Summary: Your friend won’t stop trying to set you up, and really, what’s a girl to do?

also known as the inevitable fake dating au


Love is quick. It’s swimming upstream, three feet underwater, it’s the weightlessness of gravity and the pull in your chest. It’s old lungs, and new faces, it’s “I never told you I needed you until you forgot how much you used to need me too.”

Love is slow, smooth like honey, sticky warm feeling of fingers against your own. It’s loose limbs and butterfly kisses, a balancing act. It’s you, dangling on a precipice, two feet from reality and unwilling to leap.

Love is the kind of thing that happens at two a.m., barefoot in the kitchen, slow dancing to nothing but the sound of his breath, quiet in the darkness, bodies a flicker of something beautiful, the last two lovely things on earth.

Love is easy, love is hard. Love is broken, love is beautiful.

Love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love, cannot be killed or swept aside.

Love is love. There is no other name for it.

‘He loves me, he loves me not.’

Love is him.

And so it begins.


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Now That You Mention It

Prompt:  Write-a-Thon day one- AU day

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Female!Reader

AU: Highschool AU

Word count: 2,763

Warning: None

Summary: Reader tries out for the school’s next theater production, In The Heights, and unexpectedly gets the role of Vanessa. You’ll never guess who plays Usnavi.

A/N: Yep, here it is, Day one, done. Almost three hours later than I was hoping. But at least I got it out. I hope you guys enjoy!

It all began a month before tryouts for the school’s next musical production would begin. It was during lunch time. You were sitting in the courtyard while everyone ate inside. It was cold, which was a downside, but no one else was out there, meaning it was a quiet area for you to study.

At least it had been, until Lin-Manuel, a good friend of yours, and also your crush, had decided to join you. The only problem had been that you didn’t notice him coming outside, which means you didn’t stop singing under your breath until it was much too late. The cafeteria doors had opened and Lin had started making his way towards you. He was halfway to you before you noticed he was even there.

“Hey, (Y/N)!” Lin greeted as he sat down beside you. “Was that you?” He asked, brow quirked in curiosity. You let out a nervous laugh, determined to deny the accusation at all costs.

“Was what me?” You shot back, crossing your arms. Lin’s expression changed from one of confusion and curiosity to one of amusement

“The singing. That was you wasn’t it?” You frowned, shaking your head. It was obvious you were lying, no one else was even around, but you were still determined to stand your ground. 

“Singing??? No, of course not.”

Lin let out a laugh. You both knew you were lying here, but Lin decided to humor you anyway.“Then who was it? There’s no one else out here.”

You froze, trying to think of any of your peers that you could’ve blamed the singing on. No one came to mind. "I dunno, It was just some… dude.”

“Some dude?”

“Yeah, soo, if you’ll excuse me,” You tried to quickly gather your things and go, wanting to escape the situation, but Lin quickly grabbed your arms before you could get too far.

“Why are you trying to hide it? You sounded really good.“ 

"It wasn’t me I swea- wait, what?” Did Lin, the star of your high school’s theater club, just compliment your singing? You must be dreaming.

Lin gave you a lopsided grin and let go of you, sticking his hands into the pockets of his baggy jeans. “Your voice is really good. Why aren’t you in theater?" 

You were flattered by the compliment, but you had to try and hold back a laugh. You? On stage? 

"I’m not an actor, Lin. Not really a singer, either. And I’m terrible in front of others. Basically, I’m just unfit to perform to anyone but my bathroom mirror.”

Lin simply smiled and shrugged. “Well, auditions for In The Heights are in a few weeks. I won’t force you, but I’d really like to see you there.” Before walking off, Lin sent you a charming grin, one that made your knees go weak. You hated the effect he had on you.

You seriously considered joining theater that night.

You’d never been too interested in performing before. You thought it always looked fun. Lin, Chris, and the other members always looked like they were having such a good time on that stage.

You though? You on a stage would be a disaster waiting to happen. You were clumsy and you definitely didn’t have as much experience as the others. Your voice wasn’t as trained as the rest of the theater club, neither was your dancing. You’d just make a fool of yourself.

You considered your decision and made up your mind. You weren’t going to try out. 

Or, so you thought.

Lin continued to ask you if you thought about joining theater and every time you said yes he’d get this wide grin that would only go away when you told him you decided not to.

It seemed like Lin made it his job to get you to try out for the school’s next production. He constantly told you about trips and events the theater did, more than he usually told you about stuff like that. Chris, both yours and Lin’s close friend, even started talking more about theater around you. You were convinced Lin had persuaded him to do it.

You eventually decided to do it. It was partially because you knew he wouldn’t leave you alone otherwise but it also sounded like a nice experience. If you got in and liked it, you could continue doing this sort of thing. If you didn’t get in, you could just move on to something else.

You told Lin a week before auditions that you decided to try out. He never looked happier.
That’s how you found yourself waiting patiently with the rest of the very talented and experienced students auditioning. You felt completely out of place, to say the least. But the thumbs up you received from Lin and Chris as your name was called was at least a little bit encouraging. 

Everything went well enough. You sang a song from the show and you even sounded pretty good. The theater teacher didn’t seem too impressed, however, so you didn’t expect anything to come from it. 

You were rather shocked, to say the least, when Chris started dragging you through the halls the next Monday with no explanation other than. “You need to see this.” Where you ended up was in front of the auditorium, behind a large crowd of kids.

“Why am I here, Jackson? School starts in twenty and I still need to study for the test in third-”

“Shhhh! Just come on,” Chris grabbed your wrist, muttering “excuse me” as he pushed through the crowd. Eventually, you found yourself face to face with a casting list and smiled. Putting two and two together, you searched the list, figuring Chris was excited for the part he got. You assumed you were right when you found your best friend’s name, beside it was the name ‘Benny’

“Hey, way to go! You got the part you wanted!” You said, beaming up at him. He rolled his eyes

“No, you dummy, look!” He exclaimed, pointing sharply at the top of the list. Your eyes directed toward his fingers, confused at what he was trying to show you. 

Your eyes landed on the second character at the top of the list, Vanessa. As your eyes trailed to the other side of the paper, you felt your skin grow pale.

“You’re kidding. I got the part of Vanessa!?”


“What the hell? But Karen killed it at auditions.”

Chris laughed at you, shrugging. “Well I guess you did better than her.  She’s your understudy.”

“Karen’s my understudy!? Karen’s too good to be my understudy!" 

Chris chuckled again, throwing his arm over your shoulders. "And look who got the lead,” Chris said pointing to the name above yours.

You looked to the character above yours, Usnavi, and felt your blood freeze. 

“Lin? Lin Is the lead?”

“And your love interest." 

"Chris!!” You screeched, pushing him away,  "I can’t do this!“

"Sure you can.”

“Has Lin seen the list yet?”

“Nah, I don’t think he’s here yet.”

You groaned running a hand over your face. “Well… I need to get to the library, Chris. See you in third, and congrats again on your part.”

Chris grinned as you pushed yourself out of the crowd, leaning against the wall. “Thanks, (Y/N)! You too!”

Chris once again laughed as you let out a loud groan. Maybe you shouldn’t have done this after all.
Two weeks into rehearsal and you had to agree, it was a ton of fun. The whole auditorium was full of good people who were great to be around. And you made a whole new group of friends. Your closest friend on stage was Karen, who you were actually terrified for the fist week would hate your guts. She was actually incredibly kind and supportive, and told you on numerous occasions how much you deserved the role instead of her.

“You’re just so talented,” She told you one day after rehearsals, “I can’t believe you never joined theater before." 

"Well, I’m not really a performer,” You said with a shrug, zipping up your bag, “This was just kind of a last minute decision thanks to Lin.”

The sly smile that raised the corners of her lips told you nothing good. “That’s right, Lin convinced you to join, didn’t he?”

“Yeah. He even got Chris in on it.”

“He must really like you If he wanted you to join so badly." 

You shrugged. "I don’t know. Me and Lin are pretty good friends I guess.”

“Just friends?”

You sighed, rolling your eyes as you slung your backpack over your shoulder. “Not you too. Chris has been teasing me endlessly since the cast list was released.”

“Well, he totally likes you.”

“Yeah, because me and him are just good friends.”

Karen scoffed. It was her turn to roll her eyes. “Oh come on, (Y/N). Don’t pretend Lin is your friend we all know that he looovess youu,” Karen teased, nabbing a line from the show. The blush on your cheeks was bright and hard to hide.

“Karen! Be quiet, isn’t he still here?" 

"Hey, (Y/N), Karen”

You let out a gasp at the sudden voice from behind you and turned to see Lin, packed and ready to go. “You guys heading out?”

“U-um, yeah!” You rushed out, hoping he didn’t hear your conversation. “Karen was gonna give me a ride to her place.”

Lin looked suddenly disappointed but hid it quickly. “Oh, alright. You guys have fun then." 

"Why do you ask, Lin?” Karen questioned, mischievously, resting her hands on her hips. 

“Oh, no reason in particular!” Lin said, fumbling over his words. “I was just going to ask (Y/N) if she wants to come over- work on some lines or whatever.”

“Aw, I’m sorry, Lin. Maybe after rehearsals Thursda-”

“She’d love to Lin!” Karen said, pushing you towards the theater star. “I just remembered i can’t hang out anyway, have to do some stuff for my mom. See you two later!”

“What the hell, Karen?” You muttered under your breath, taking a step back from Lin.

Before you knew it, Karen was gone. You and Lin were alone. “Uh.. That was weird.” Lin said in an attempt to break the tension.

“Yeah, no kidding.”

“You don’t actually have to come over if you don’t want to, you know. It was just a suggestion.”

“No, I’d love to!” You said hurriedly, blushing when you realized how eager you sounded. “Besides, Karen was my ride. And she just ditched me, soo….”

Lin perked up at your words, suddenly excited. “Great! Let’s go!" 
Thirty minutes later, Lin was pulling into his driveway. You were slurping down a milkshake that Lin had gotten you on the way, despite your attempts to pay for it yourself. He had insisted. 

"Neither of my parents are going to be home yet, and I think Luz is studying at a friends house, so we can be as loud as we want.”

You giggled as he wiggled his eyebrows at you and followed him to the doorstep. “Shut up, Miranda.”

“Make me, (L/N)” He mocked as he put the house key through the lock and opened the door. You stayed silent.

“Do you want anything?” He asked as he slipped into the kitchen. You waited awkwardly by the front door, unsure if you should follow him in.

“Yeah, I want you to let me pay you back for this damn milkshake." 

"Not happening, (Y/N). Let me be a gentleman,” his voice argued back before he emerged from the kitchen with a coke. “Now come on, my room is this way.”

The short walk down the hall to his room stirred your nerves and brought butterflies to your stomach.  Not only had your evening plans changed entirely within seconds, they had changed from going to your friend’s house, to practicing lines with your crush.

Lin opened the door to his room, dropping his things beside his bed plopping down on top of it. You dropped your bag beside his door and closed it behind you

“So… Where to start?”

You Practiced a bit of It Won’t Be Long Now, Then he practiced his monologue in Alabanza, which actually had you in tears. You helped him run Hundreds of Stories, acting as Abuela. As the night crawled on and you were about to leave, Lin asked you to run one last song. The one song you were hoping he wouldn’t ask to practice. 

“I know it’s getting late but can we do one last song?”

“You raised an eyebrow, but nodded "Yeah, sure. Which one?" 

Well, we haven’t done Champagne a lot during rehearsals. Do you mind?" 

"Ch-Champagne?” The kissing scene.


“Y-yeah! Sure thing. I mean- that’s a good idea.” You quickly turned away from him so you would shut up and flip through your script to get to the song.

“Cool, cool…”

Script in hand, flipped to the right page, you moved to the opposite side of the room, by his desk. “So, just start at the beginning of the song?” You asked, skimming over the little bit of dialogue before the song starts. 


You nodded and stared down at the papers in your hand, realizing your hands were shaking. You read your first few lines before dropping your arms at your sides.  You took a deep breath, cleared your throat and began to sing.

“So I got you a present. I went downtown to get it. Doing anything tonight?”


“Done for the day?”

“No way…”

“Cause we got a date-”

“Okay!” You giggled at how Lin perked up, as if he was really excited at the idea of a date with you.

“Before you board that plane… I owe you a bottle of cold champagne….”

The longer you sang, the less nervous you began to feel. You had stopped shaking, stepping completely into Vanessa’s shoes. The longer the song went on, the less tense you felt, It didn’t feel like you were (Y/N) and Lin. Now you were Vanessa and Usnavi.

“I’m going down to West Forth Street. You can take the A-”

“What are you trying to say?” By now, Lin had stood up from his bed, abandoning his script on the sheets.

“You’re leaving the country and we’re never gonna see you again!” You turned your back to him, feeling actual tears brim in your eyes, actually feeling Vanessa’s pain.

“What are you trying to say?" 

"You get everyone addicted to your coffee then off you go!" 

"Vanessa, I don’t know why you’re mad at me…” You heard his voice directly behind you now. It startled you enough to turn around and face him again. You were face to face, staring into his dark brown eyes.

“I wish I were mad…” You sang, your voice trailing off. You both knew what came next, though it was always skipped during rehearsals. The kiss.  

Your lips were on his before you could stop yourself. Your arms threw themselves around his neck, his wrapped tightly around your waist. And in the midst of the moment, Vanessa faded away and you were (Y/N) again. You were yourself again, and you were kissing your crush. 

You felt like you were about to faint.

When you pulled away from him, your voice cracked as you forced out your last line.

“I’m just too… late…." 

A grin formed on Lin’s lips as he looked down at you, his hands falling from your waist.

"Good job. You did really good.” He said, smiling nervously. 

 "The singing part or the kissing part?“ 

"Well I meant the singing part, but now that you mention it, the kissing wasn’t so bad either." 

 Your buzzing phone snapped you out of the trance you’d been pulled under. You reached into your back pocket to check who it was. It was you mom, coming to pick you up from Karen’s. You forgot to tell her you went somewhere else.

"Ah, that’s my mom. I should probably call her and tell her I’m not at Karen’s.”

“Alright, no problem. I’ll walk you out?”

You stuffed your script into your back and threw it over your shoulder, allowing Lin to lead you to the front door, hand resting on the small of your back. He opened the front door for you and smiled, gesturing to the outside world. You smiled at him and started to step out, stopping yourself before you left.

“Hey, Lin? This was a lot of fun. Can we do this again sometime?”

Lin raised an eyebrow, leaning against the front door.

“The singing part or the kissing part?” He imitated you from just moments before.

“Well I meant the singing, but now that you mention it…”


Vin Zhang 张彬彬 as Lin Yi Mu | Pretty Li Hui Zhen 漂亮的李慧珍  →  ep.8

“Of course! I’m Charlie’s angel!”

Too Late (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader)

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Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Choreographer!Reader

Requested?: ‘hiii! I have a request for a linxreader: Could the reader be the choreographer for Hamilton? So she comes in later in the game when everything has pretty much been written. Lin and she have a connection and get along very well during the staging process. Then on opening night at the Public, the reader brings her boyfriend and Lin acts v weird (cause he’s in love with her). You could decide where to go from there. love your writing! thanks!!!’

Prompt: ^^^^

Words: 2700+

Warnings: Jealous Lin, Sad Lin, angst, :(


Lin didn’t want to admit it. He was in denial and didn’t want to confess it. Nothing would make him talk. Nothing would break him. Nothing would-

“I’ll buy you dinner if you do it.” You state as an ultimatum as you twirled the gel pen between your fingers.

Lin’s determination and shell of resistance cracked and shattered the moment you finished speaking the ultimatum. Lin mumbled a profanity before standing up from the couch. He took a deep breath before doing a cartwheel, or what he believed was a cartwheel. You couldn’t stop laughing at him. How anyone could keep a straight face as they watched a grown man in his thirties attempt a cartwheel and watching him land it by crashing into the couch is beyond you. You felt your stomach hurt and your eyes grow watery. Lin stood and glared weakly at you, mumbling for you to shut up.

“Don’t be like that, Linny.” You said, nudging Lin in the chest as you zipped up your hoodie and retrieved your wallet from the coffee table. “At least you earned yourself some free dinner.” 

Lin rolled his eyes as he stood and grabbed his car keys and wallet. You both walked out of the apartment complex and into the garage. You both entered Lin’s car and pulled out, driving from the building and down the street. The destination was an old stomping ground of yours and Lin’s. A moderately sized family diner only a few blocks away from Lin’s apartment. This was where you and Lin would brainstorm and work on ideas for Hamilton together. A good amount of your friendship was spent at this restaurant. You would work on homework and last minute projects here, take part of Friday night karaoke and work for tips when you were short on funds. This place was, in fact, ran by your family. Mainly your parents, seven other siblings, and six of your cousins. The food served were all (L/N) family recipes and the decor were all hand-me-downs, giving the diner a homey atmosphere.

You and Lin pulled into the parking lot and entered the diner, inhaling the warm scent of country fried steaks and apple pies. Your sister Beth was working the podium so once she saw you and Lin she grinned and immediately grabbed menus and lead you to your favorite spot; a booth directly diagonal from the kitchen door so you could have a clear view of who and what was coming out of the kitchen. Since you were the chosen heiress of the diner, you tried to visit it was as often as your schedule would allow you to. This means a lot of late night dinner with Lin and falling asleep with a cold cup of coffee and being woken up when your parents went home (the diner runs 24 hours). Although your name was soon to be on that deed, you were discussing with your father about how the heir should be some who worked and wanted the restaurant. But, that’s a story for another time.

Your mother walked out of the kitchen and she noticed you and Lin, smiling although she was tired. “(Y/N)! Lin!” She strolled over to you two and gave you side-hugs. “It’s good to see you two! What can I get you?”

You and Lin scanned through the menu you both know by heart. Before Lin could speak you placed your menu down on the table and looked up to your mom. “We’ll have our usuals and two coffees.” 

Your mom scribbled down your order on her pad of paper and winked at you. “I’ll bring out sugar and cream for you, hun.” And with that, she walked back into the kitchen. You took this time to look around the restaurant and noticed how empty it is. You and Lin were the only ones eating, besides a couple of hungover and stoned teenagers sitting at the bar. Normal Saturday night for the (L/N) Family Diner.

Besides having a favorite diner that worked at a meeting place for meals and study dates, you and Lin go way back. You two graduated from the same high school, you graduating two years after Lin, and you guys stopped talking until four years ago after you graduated college. You came across Lin while touring Aaron Burr’s house and you two picked up your friendship where they left off. He told you about this project he was doing called the Hamilton Mixtape. You were a huge American History nerd so you were excited to hear about it. Some time later, Lin started working on a hip-hop musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton, who happened to be your favorite founding father. You had a Bachelor’s degree in Dance so when you heard ‘musical’ you thought of the dancing and ensemble members of Broadway. When Lin decided to make you the Choreographer for Hamilton, you saw stars. You were positive that Hamilton was going to be a Broadway hit so you immediately accepted his offer. So, for a course of the next few years, Lin would run you through the songs he wrote while you demonstrated the dances you put together for each song. You also helped Lin pick out actors and actresses for the cast and you took it upon yourself to choose the ensemble members. It might have been Lin’s musical but he always said it was a team effort.

You and Lin proceeded to talk about ideas and new changes for Hamilton songs and dance numbers. Your food and coffee were served some time later and the conversations did not cease. After the food was eaten, coffee was drunk, and the conversation lasted for about two hours, the bill found itself onto your table and you paid for it, leaving a good tip for your mom before you and Lin got up to leave, hugging your mom and your sister before leaving the restaurant. You and Lin went back to his apartment and you two ended up having a deep one-in-the-morning conversation about life since that’s how your brain functioned when you were an insomniac and still running on those few cups of coffee. At about three am, you decided to leave since the next day was the premiere of Hamilton. You hugged Lin and wished him a good night before leaving. You lived in the same building, but your apartment was three floors above Lin’s.


Night of the Premiere ~

The theater was packed. The show sold out not that long ago and it was heart-racingly exciting to see all these people and Broadway veterans filling the Richard Rogers Theater. Thank god you weren’t in the main cast or else you’d be having a panic attack and insist on leaving. You were not just the Choreographer but you also was an ensemble member that performed in both acts and even had a singing part in The Election of 1800. You also lend a hand in helping cast and ensemble members get in costume and makeup since you took a class for theatrical costume and makeup in college. When you weren’t helping or going over last minute practice with the ensemble, you were loitering in Lin’s dressing room, helping him calm his nerves.

“What if I miss my cues?” Lin asked, mainly to himself as he fiddled with the sleeves of his shirt. “What if I make a complete fool of myself?”

“Lin, calm down,” You said for the hundredth time that night. “You’ll be fine.”

“But what if the spotlights go out?” Lin continued to be nervous. “What if everybody doesn’t like the show? What if-”

“Lin, oh my god, calm down!” 

Lin looked at you with wide eyes. You stood up from the couch and was grasping Lin’s shoulders, looking him dead in the eye. “You, Lin-Manuel Miranda, are a brilliant man. You wrote this musical in seven years and you had to deal with me forcing you to practice dancing during those seven years. You mastered the dances, you’ve mastered the songs, and you can do anything you put your mind to.”

“Yeah, but-”

“No buts, Lin! Now you go out there and do your best! If you get nervous or anxious, look for me. If I’m not on stage, I’ll be in the wings.”

Lin smiled and hugged you. “Thank you, (Y/N).” He said, kissing you on the cheek, making you blush. “I’m not wasting my shot!” 

You laughed as he finished his hair and finished getting ready. You mess with your hair before the five-minute warning comes over the P.A system. You and Lin hug again and you go your separate ways and take positions in the opening song. 

The musical goes on without any problems. When you weren’t performing on stage, you were watching from the wings. Lin would glance at you ever so often but you’d flash him a smile and a thumbs up. During the intermission, you snuck off and Lin didn’t see you until the first song of Act Two. Act Two brought you to tears and you were silently crying when Alexander died. The audience were brought to tears and enjoyed the show very well, calling for an encore during the curtain call. You disappeared from the stage and Lin went searching for you. He had something very important to tell you.

Four months ago, Lin came to the realization that he loved you. It was at a rocky point of his life when he realized this. He had just finalized his divorce with Vanessa after four years of marriage and they decided to share custody of their baby son, Sebastian. Besides working on Hamilton, Lin was a mess and wasn’t getting enough sleep. You’d force him to sleep and make sure he’d eat. You cared so much about him, just like you did in high school. You were loving, witty, funny, beautiful, and very talented and smart. Lin couldn’t help but fall in love. He didn’t think he could after his divorce but he did.

Lin scanned through the group of actors and ensemble members for you but to no avail, you weren’t found. Lin asked all the actors he saw and they all turned up with nothing. Then, Phillipa said she saw you in the lobby. Lin thanked her before racing to the lobby, still in costume. As he made his way to the lobby, he went over what he was going to say to you. He mentally cursed and finally made it to his destination. Lin scanned the crowd and saw you but his heart stopped once he saw him.

You were standing up against an empty part of the lobby wall. You were still in your ensemble costume and the blue and red coat you wore during Yorktown. Your hair was still in its braided updo and your makeup looked to be touched up recently. Your arms were crossed against your chest and your head was tilted every so slightly to the side. The guy you were talking to was about Daveed’s height, with curly blonde hair and he was dressed in a white dress shirt, a navy blue blazer, black slacks, and brown loafers. His neck and cheeks were covered in freckle patches. His hands were making motions as he spoke, making you laugh once and a while. 

You see Lin in the corner of your eye and you smile. “Lin!” You called him over, motioning with your hand. Your ‘friend’ turned around and he had an anxious smile on his face. Lin felt a pit form in his stomach as he walked over to you. His hands became clammy and he expected the worst from this guy he never saw before being all friendly with you.

“There you are, (Y/N),” Lin said, forcing a fake smile on his face. “I’ve been looking for you.”

You smiled sheepishly and rubbed the back of your neck. “Sorry.” You nudged the blonde guy in his side as you stood up straight. “This cutie has been distracting me.” The blonde guy blushed and stepped closer to your side, placing a hand on your hip and you leaning into his touch, leaning your head on his shoulder. Lin’s speculations were confirmed. And it broke his heart.

You had a boyfriend.

Lin tried his best not to look hurt and heartbroken. He wanted to look oblivious and happy. His forced smile looked convincing but he was breaking on the inside. When did you start dating this guy? Why didn’t you tell Lin about him? Does Lin know this guy? He did look kinda familiar. Maybe a guy from your high school? Lin didn’t care. He instantly hated this guy. This guy took you away from him. Lin could make you happy. He could satisfy you. If he was able to, he’d make you a happy person.

“(Y/N), who’s your friend?” Lin asked as he balled his hands into fists. 

You smiled and blushed. “This is Grayson Peters.” You explained, Grayson extending his hand for Lin to shake. “We went to high school with him. He was in the marching band with me.”

Lin firmly gripped Grayson’s hand and shook it briefly before letting go. Grayson’s hand was clammy and cold and Lin wiped his hand on his pants before stuffing it in his pocket. Grayson looked like one of those guys you’d see on Glee or The Office but also has that anxious glee like one of Lin’s fangirls. His eyes were brown like Lin’s and his face is clean, no shadow of facial hair. Maybe you liked men with brown eyes? Clean shaven guys? Musical guys? Lin fit two of those three traits so he had a good chance with you. Besides, Lin knows you better. He could make you so happy.

“How long have you two been seeing each other?” Lin asked, a lump in his throat forming.

“Four months.” You explain. “We’ve been seeing each other online since he worked overseas. But now he’s living in the city!” Grayson planted a kiss on your head and you blushed, making Lin’s heart break even more.

‘So that’s why she’s been online so often.’ Lin thought as he felt his eyes water and the lump in his throat growing. He wanted to pull you away from Grayson and tell him to get lost. He wanted to kiss you and hold you and make you feel special. It took him four months for him to realize how much he needs you and you went off and got yourself a boyfriend. Lin was so disappointed with himself that he took so long. He loves you. He wants you. He needs you. But he was too late.

Lin turned around and walked away, not being stopped or noticed by you or Grayson. He walked all the way to his dressing room, ignoring everyone who tried to talk to him. He locked the door behind him and took a seat in front of the mirror. He stared at his reflection and then looked at the picture he taped to the corner. It was a selfie polaroid you took of you and Lin on your thirty-third birthday, which was six months ago. You both had on those stupid plastic birthday hats and you both held full wine glasses as you toasted to ‘one more year closer to death’, as you put it. You both were smiling, which what made Lin’s heart ache more. He wanted that smile. He needed that smile. But it now belonged to someone else.

And he cried.

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