lin bei fong


The Legend of Korra “Cast”

Korra - Jennifer Lawrence

Mako - Sam Clafin

Bolin - Jim Sturgess

Lin Bei Fong - Tilda Swinton

Asami - Anne Hathaway

Tenzin - Bryan Cranston

Amon - Benedict Cumberbatch

Unalaq - Javier Bardem

Zaheer - Dave Bautista

Kuvira - Daisy Ridley

What do you think ?

Bending in Legend of Korra

I really wanted to fit Tahno in there too but, alas, Tumblr photo limit. I had to choose Mind for Amon just because he mindbended the crap out of me during Korra. Why does lightning have to be so long… D: Iroh deserves the whole page to himself because he’s that gorgeous. 

Whoa I never expected this to get so many notes! In celebration of amount of reblogs/likes, I changed the water one to include Tahno (because I feel really stupid for not including him in the first place) and fixed minor gray pixels on the borders. (*ノωノ) Thank you all for the support! (ノ´∀`*)ノ Also, the old photoset will still look the same on your dashboard (slow tumblr is slow) but on your actual blog page it should include all the new gifs :) 


Mama Said Knock You Out

This is quite possibly the cleanest fanart I have done yet, aha. It’s a little compressed here so click for a clearer view!

Also some exciting news, this will be one of the pieces shown at the “I’m the Art Show, Deal with It!" artshow in March 2013 alongside many extremely talented artists! 

EDIT: since this is going ‘round tumblr again I should put it here; tickets for the gallery are now available over here!


Colin Heck (cbheck on Tumblr), the director on Legend of Korra, shared these AWESOME character portraits he made for his fans.  They’re pretty cool right? THE ANSWER IS YES.

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