Burr: Talk less
Hamilton: Talk less? ❌🙄👏 All I do is talk 👊🏼💯🔥 I work non-stop 😆🙌 My nation first 🇺🇸💯❗️All in the name of God ❤️🙏🏻🙏🏾

  • Me: *takes a deep breath* I lo-
  • Anyone who's been around me for at least 5 seconds: You love Lin-Manuel Miranda, we know. You Love Lin-Manuel Miranda so much, we know. You just love Lin-Manuel Miranda, he's the light of your eyes, we know. You love Lin-Manuel Miranda as a proud mother, you are proud of him he is a genius and almost a MacPEGOT, you are so proud of your Cinnamon roll, you are so proud and you love him so much. We fucking know. YOU LOVE LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA. WE KNOW.
The signs as Hamilton songs

Aries: Guns and Ships 

Taurus: Aaron Burr, Sir 

Gemini: The Room Where It Happens 

Cancer: It’s Quiet Uptown 

Leo: What’d I Miss 

Virgo: Helpless

Libra: Say No To This 

Scorpio: Satisfied 

Sagittarius: Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down) 

Capricorn: Farmer Refuted 

Aquarius: Wait For It 

Pisces: That Would Be Enough