Each character rhymes differently. The way that they are rapping contributes to their story. George Washington raps in a very on-beat, metronomic way because he is focused and driven and always moving forward. Lafayette has this great arc where he starts out rhyming words that don’t really rhyme and he can’t really figure it out. As he becomes comfortable — and a general — he can do this really complicated, technical, fast stuff. It’s like him mastering this language. Jefferson’s raps are so bouncy and all over the place, and part of it’s because I’m playing him — but Lin was writing with this interesting kind of West Coast feel:

[Raps from “Washington on Your Side.”] “If Washington isn’t gon’ listen to disciplined dissidents, this is the difference: This kid is out.”

It’s very bouncy, not necessarily story-focused. Jefferson doesn’t really have to worry about that because he’s an aristocrat, and he can do whatever he wants. He gets to play a little more. To pack all of that into this story, it’s like, oh man, of course it took you six years to write it. There’s very careful, methodical work going on here.

—  Daveed Diggs on @linmanuel​ being a fucking genius


Can you just imagine all the nerdy and mechanic stuff these two would talk and get excited about if they met, it would be out of proportions. It would be the new friendship of the century oh but don’t tell Reyn c;

Happier things to imagine

* Aang teaching little Bumi t play the flute. 

*Little Bumi’s early attempts at flute playing. Momo not being pleased with this. 

* Katara and Kya water bending. 

*Kya mastering the water whip. 

*Aang teaching little Bumi to knit. Momo in various sweaters. 

* Little Tenzin walking with too many books too carry. 

*Little Tenizin pulling on Aang’s robes and talking too quickly about all the cool stuff he’s learned. 

* Baby Bumi snuggled up with Momo

* Little Tenzin not realizing he’s saying everything his mother says. 

* Little Kya being taught about auras by Ty Lee. 

* Little Bumi and Little Izumi peering at each other from behind their parents’ legs. 

* Little Tenzin and Little Lin being all aloof kids together and sitting in school corners together. 

* Awkward teen Bumi complaining about babysitting. 

* Awkward teen Bumi complaining about baby sitting while hauling around chubby toddler Tenzin. 

* Young adult Bumi returned home for a few weeks leave and being made to baby sit little Suyin. For traditional reasons. 

* “Uncle Sokka”