limp wrist

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I do hope you understand that people do not believe that harry is 'gay' because of the way he dresses? We only know that he is not 100% straight and that got nothing to do with clothes.

So, someone straightness is quantified in percentages? That is interesting and not uneducated at all! Also, I’ve heard plenty of Larries using Harry’s golden boots and his dancing and Louis’ limp wrist as “proof” that he is gay, so maybe you should look at your own sub-fandom before you send messages like this…

Limp Wrist

Thanks for all the interest and for waiting patiently after I posted the preview of this a little while back. Here’s the whole thing.

This comic contains bullying and transmisogyny and is not a romp in the park. But I hope you like it.

((Written by Scout Wolfcave, adapted and drawn by Penina))

Thanks for reading this. You can get a print copy of the black and white version online or at SPACE, CAKE, or SPX