limousin cattle

followfire  asked:

I am reminding you to tell the story about the time your mother was almost killed by a cow ?

When I was growing up my dad ran 1500 head of registered Limousine beef cattle and worked as a computer programmer full time. We lived on the edge of a small Cherokee Rez and since we’d moved into that community we were never quite apart of it. Read: Half native (wrong tribe) half Jewish and not related to anyone. So we did the work ourselves, usually just my dad and I. Sometimes my mom would help, but not often. She was terrified of cattle.

So, this was one of those times she’d come with us. We were loading a heifer into the trailer to take to the sale (she was mean and had charged my dad and I at least twice in two weeks we were getting rid of her before she hurt one of us). We’d set up an alley of temporary cattle fencing. It interlocks and had about a foot of space under it (in hindsight totally not safe) but it’s what we had. My mom is a very tall woman and so she was leaning on the top rail of the fencing with one foot on the bottom rung. My dad was ready with the trailer gate and my job was to chase the heifer down the alley and into the trailer, he’d slam the gate and lock her in and down the road we’d go. We’d done it hundreds of times.

I chased the heifer down the alley. She spooked and put her head under the cattle panel that my mom was leaning on and lifted up and charged toward a clearing. The portion of fencing and my mother stayed on the heifer‘s neck as she bolted and she ended up ramming my mom into a three inch pipe corner post before finally getting loose.

My dad and I just froze for a few seconds. The whole thing must have taken ten second tops, but it seemed like hours and there was my mom just crumpled under this temporary fencing. I remember pulling the fencing off of my mom and my dad slinging her over his shoulder, (he’s about 5‘4“ on a good day) and carrying her to the truck. I unhooked the trailer and hopped in the bed of the truck. The nearest hospital was ten miles away and he drove so fast I’m not sure how I stayed in the open truck bed.

The accident broke her arm in two places, shattered her shoulder and broke her ankle. I took a month off of school and took care of her while my dad worked, kept our health food store open and took care of the cattle. She’s fine now, twenty years later, but that was the last time she helped my dad and I with the cattle.

And the heifer that almost killed my mom. My dad and I took her to the butcher the next day and gave the meat away to the neighbors.