I don’t know how she did it. Fire
She was shaking all over. It took
her hours to put her make-up on.
But she did it. Even the false eye-lashes.
She ordered gin with triple
limes. Then a limosine. Everyone
knew she was the real heroine of
Blonde on Blonde.
oh it isn’t fair
oh it isn’t fair
how her ermine hair
turned men around
she was white on white
so blonde on blonde
and her long long legs
how I used to beg
to dance with her
but I never had
a chance with her
oh it isn’t fair
how her ermine hair
used to swing so nice
used to cut the air
how all the men
used to dance with her
I never got a chance with her
though I really asked her
down deep
where you do
really dream
in the mind
reading love
I’d get
her move
and we’d
turn around
and she’d
turn around
and turn the head
of everyone in town
her shaking shaking
glittering bones
second blonde child
after brian jones
oh it isn’t fair

how I dreamed of her
and she slept
and she slept
and I’ll never dance
with her no never
she broke down
like a baby
like a baby girl
like a lady
with ermine hair
oh it isn’t fair
and I’d like to see
her rise again
her white white bones
with baby brian jones
baby brian jones
like blushing
baby dolls”    

© Patti Smith

Y'all remember the anagram below?
One solution is


He said the graphic novel was sent to him with a note.

But we clearly saw him sitting in a limosine reading his novel.

He said that the 2nd unfinished graphic novel was “done much later”.

We know Rosewood Time is approx. Fall 2017 and Pastor Ted said “15 years ago” when he ran a camp for troubled boys, so 2002.
At this time Charles was 13 to 14 years old. Born 1998.
How do you feel telling someone, learning something “much later”?
Remember Charles transitioned in Charlotte at the age of 16 = Two years
And then they were working on this 2nd book only over e-mail?

Another solution is


Do I have to say more,… maybe about coconut falling from trees?

Léonard Limosin (French, about 1505 - 1575/1577) Allegory of Catherine de’ Medici as Juno, 1573, Polychrome enamel with painted gold highlights on copper and silver 16.8 x 22.9 cm (6 5/8 x 9 in.) The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

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Headcanons on Akashi attempted to woo a black exchange student who's put off by the extent of his wealth (she comes from more grounded means)

Akashi couldn’t figure out what he did wrong. He had bought and sent you dozens and dozens of roses, had driven to school in his finest limosine, and had even given you a personal shoutout at his last basketball game. Out of the few women he did anything for, everytime he did something lavish and expensive for you, you looked at him in annoyance. But Akashi was no more mad than he was confused. He couldn’t figure out what woman didn’t want a ride home or freshly cut flowers every now and again. You were from America but there couldn’t have been too much of a difference in the women, right? There couldn’t be a racial either… right?

Waiting at the school entrance, he called you over to ask why you had avoided his advances for so long.

“All that fancy shit, I don’t need it.” You sighed out as you waved your hand in dismissal at his question.

“I don’t like all that stuff, Ahkashi.” Akashi nodded and smiled a bit at how you said his name. Adding the extra syllable made him like the wrong pronunciation even more.

“I mean, it’s cool an’ stuff but all that.. those fancy cars and whatnot, it’s just not something I’m used to, y'know?” You tried to have a soft tone with him and he appreciated it but there was a barrier. You didn’t understand his intentions and he didn’t understand what you wanted. Two different worlds trying to come to together and meet in the middle.

“I was trying to court you.” He said in the best english he could.

“Court?…” The look on your face was an array of emotions - confusion, relaization, and again irritation.

“Okay. See? That’s what i’m talkin’ about. Court me? It’s not the 1800’s, dude.” You said shaking your head with a small laugh. Besides Akashi showing a small expression of bashfullness, he understood that even though your delivery was harsh, you were right. Maybe trying to “woo” and “court” was sort of outdated and the complete opposite of cool, which is what he wanted to appear like.

“Listen. I’m not tryina bust your balls or anything…” You placed your hand on his arm and squeezed.

“I’m just more… lowkey is all. All that high class stuff makes me feel out of place.” Akashi frowned but tried to understand. Maybe it was too much. He was pushing his own lifestyle on someone and didn’t take the time to see if they would be impressed or hurt by it. But maybe he didn’t need to impress a girl… he just needed to be himself.

“Just ask me on a date. Or invite me to practice. How about we play one-on-one basketball, sometime.” Ending your sentence with a small shrug, you looked at him with a meek smile and Akashi nodded in agreement.

“Alright. A simple date, then. No fancy car or expensive restaurant… Maybe just a burger and fries?” Akashi looked on hopeful and optismistic. This was going to be a first of firsts for him but he was willing to try.

Smirking you nodded and took out your phone.

“Yeah, that’s cool. I’m down. Gimme your number and i’ll text you.” Akashi pressed the numbers in your phone and felt such relief that it wasn’t a racial issue because honestly, he couldn’t let you leave Rakuzan feeling like you didn’t belong. And he also thought your afro was absolutely gorgeous.

Handing back your phone, Akashi sighed and gave a small smile for once. He may not know what busting someones balls meant or what lowkey was but he was willing to learn about your world… without the crowd of expensive things getting in the way.

“Cool. See you… on the flip side.” He said slowly, as if testing the words on his tongue. Giving a small head nod, he turned to walk away.

“Oh… my god.” You said in light laughter.

You had a lot of work to do.

Diabolik Lovers ~Haunted Dark Bridal~ Subaru Sakamaki Maniac 3 Translation

(TL// My first translation I’ve ever made! This was fun but also pretty time consuming.. Please don’t put this translation anywhere outside of tumblr- link back to this post only. I don’t mind this being translated into other languages as long as you link back to my blog and ask for permission beforehand.\\)

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Daddy Knows Best: Liam Payne Dirty One Shot

My masterlist

Smut warning: Daddy Dom/Little Girl relationship. If this isn’t your kink, this smut is not for you!

His hand pressed against my thigh, and I could feel the desire and the avarice permeate my skin.

“Who was he?” he asked, his tone low. From anyone else, it would be merely a forced but friendly conversation starter. From Liam, it was the final lifeline of the million dollar question.

“Just a boy,” I replied, keeping my voice casual but evasive. I tilted my head downward so that I had to look up at him from beneath my eyelids. “He’s nothing to me, Liam.”

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Act Like Nothings Wrong

A T.O.P/Choi Seunghyun fanfiction

Summary: When your friend drags you backstage at a bigbang concert, introducing you to Choi Seunghyun, a man that causes you to lose all sense and reason, what else is there to do, but act like nothing’s wrong…

Chapter Summary: When you go to a live gig with Bigbang and they try to convince your friend to sing after you let slip that she’s pretty good, meaning you have to deal with the consequences.

Chapter Type: Fluff and some comedy (tiniest, miniscule amount of angst).

Disclaimer: Excited Jiyong and Emotional Daesung may make an appearance ;)

Chapter 1  Chapter 8 

Chapter 7

After you’ve finished the game, Jiyong suggests going to a local gig that he knows some of the trainees are performing at nearby.

‘Great!’ you say before TOP even gets the chance to ask you and you see him shoot you a huge smile from the corner of your eye. Lucie nods and smiles too, and Jiyong goes off to order the car around.

'So you guys like live music then?’ Taeyang asks, looking inquiringly at you and Lucie.

'I mean, I just love the atmosphere of gigs and watching live music, but Lucie has performed for a lot of her life.’ You say, winking at her and you see she is glaring at you.

'Nothing BIG mind, just whenever someone has asked me, i’ve said i’d sing for them at an event.’ she says sheepishly, trying to avoid all eye contact. You see Daesung’s mouth drop behind her.

'WHAT?’ he asks, trying to look at her face but she keeps looking away, despite his arms forcefully pulling her waist into him.

'Aish, why did you have to tell them that?’ Lucie says angrily, still battling with Daesung.

'Will you sing something for us?’ asks Seungri excitedly, leaning forward in his seat with eyes as big as saucers, Taeyang laughs.

'OH MY GOD no!’ she almost shouts, whilst Daesung stops trying to grab at her, a puppy dog expression on his face, which you cant help but laugh at.

'Why not?’ he whines, pouting with his head on her shoulder.

'are you kidding me? I am so NOT singing in front of Bigbang!’.

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