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How would the mafia!matsus get their crushes attention? c;

An o n I love you! Mafia!matsus are my life


  • He’ll show off his wealth every opportunity he gets
  • He’d take you for spins in his newest cars or take you to clubs where only VIPs can get in
  • As a last resort he’d personally invite you to his manor in the nicest limo he can afford to show you everything he could possibly give you
  • If none of that appeals to you he’d throw a huge temper tantrum demanding to know what would get you to like him


  • He’ll come into your your work and give you the biggest most ridiculous tips or give gifts to the other workers to pass onto you if he goes in on a day you’re not working
  • He will shower you in all kinds of presents until he finds the ones you truly like
  • He’ll write you love letters constantly, despite being a mafioso he still has a love for literature especially with the huge library he has in their manor
  • You remember that scene in the Great Gatsby where Jay gets all those flowers in his house for Daisy…welp that’s exactly what he’s gonna do to your apartment


  • Since he works with finances he offers to pull any strings he needs to help you get rid of any debt you may have either with a bank or rival family
  • He’s very practical with his gift giving only supplying with the highest quality items you need at the moment
  • He’d only spend on frivolous presents if it was a holiday, your birthday, or if something wonderful happened putting him a good mood
  • He deposits extra money in your bank account so you can treat yo self


  • He acts more like a guardian angel watching over you rather than shoving gifts in you face.  He’s scared if he gives you too many presents you’ll fall in love with material things instead of him
  • As part of the muscle he knows how scary and intimidating he can come off and wouldn’t want to scare you away by approaching you first
  • He always keeps an eye on you, making sure the streets are safe especially at night
  • He would drop by your work every once in awhile either to buy something or return something he might have seen you drop


  • He tries very hard to keep his life as a mobster very separate from you, like Ichi he’s part of the muscle and that gets one of the worst reputations
  • He wouldn’t cover you head to toe in gifts but if he’s out shopping with you he’ll treat you to something that really catches your eye and offers to pay the bill if he takes you out to eat
  • If he’s feeling really generous and is in an amazing mood he’d take you to a sporting event letting you watch from the luxury suites
  • He prefers simple things like walks over extravagant getaways, he knows a few nice parks to take you to and always has few mafiosos watch over the two of you to make sure no one can intervene or cause you harm


  • He dresses in only the most dapper and name brand suits and takes you out to the most lavish restaurants he knows
  • He’s great at connections and offers to let you meet any celebrity or icon of your dreams
  • He takes you out window shopping and spoils you rotten every time
  • Has a GPS tracker on your phone so he knows where you are at all times and can swoop in and rescue from any danger thus making you indebted to him

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Hi susie, I'm deeply in love with your blog! I have a request, could you write a story about Harry entering the Mile high club? xx

You were in some kinda mood from the moment you woke up that morning.  It was all Harry could do to finally get himself and yourself dressed to even get to the airport.  You’d first taken to waking him up with an intense blow job, followed by mind-blowing shower sex and a quick finger fuck on the bathroom counter.  He loved it when you were in moods like this, but not while he was trying to make a plane to New York.  

He slid into the backseat of the limo next to you after helping the driver load your bags and you were on your way finally.  When you leaned over to slide your hand over the prominent bulge in his very tight jeans, he caught your hand, pulled it up off of his dick and pressed a soft kiss to your palm.  When your eyes met his, he shook his head,


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Myu walked around the campus, looking around as she was the new transfer student at Beacon Academy, her steampunk clothing got the attention of many students as she awed at the sight. On the outside, she was calm, collected, but on the inside, she was jumping for joy that she actually got accepted. The fact that she traveled in a limo to here, didn’t help but catch stares. All of her luggage was brought to the dorm, and she was to report to the office for her schedule but she didn’t think walking around would hurt. 


Someone’s paying a visit: Toyota Century in a backstreet at dusk, Kanda, Tokyo por Alfie Goodrich
Por Flickr:
I was walking to Kanda from Akihabara. Dingy backstreets at dusk. The V12 engine of a Toyota Century limousine purrs. The driver powers down the window to tip the ash off the end of his cigarette whilst he waits for his boss. I snap two shots and leave…… …as quietly as I arrived. Nikon D300 Nikkor 85mm f/1.4 AF D @ f/1.4

The bachelor!larry AU but with a hate to love relationship,
Harry is the bachelor and on their first meeting Harry is mesmerized by Louis when he get out of the limo, but the first thing louis says “what’s wrong with your hair” and that’s the start of their hate relationship, every conversation between them is insulting each other, Harry making fun of Louis’ height and how he never wears anything but big-enough-to -fall joggers and Louis making fun of the way Harry talk so slow and his weird flowery shirt
During private interviews all they talk about is each other, bitching and whining about sth the other said that day, and howthey get on each other’s nerve
Louis doesn’t get one-on-one dates or go on a group dates
At the end of first week, everyone knows that Louis will be one of the people who’s going to leave, yet his name is the first one to be called to accept a rose, everyone is surprised

And it stays like that till the 5th where they are standing outside bickering, and Louis is going on and on about how ridiculous Harry’s head band is and Harry can’t take anymore so he pushes Louis hard against the wall and kiss him just to shut him up

And it’s like the clicked a button cause from that moment they can’t take their hands off each other, and of course in the end Louis wins