One of the first graders from work came in with seven older girls, all in fancy ass dresses (six white dresses, one pretty gorgeous pink princess dress; my first grader is in a fluffy pink-peach princessy dress too) so I’m assuming it might be a quinceanera or something similar.

And the girl is so excitedly waving to me over and over, and she’s telling everyone they’re riding in a limo, and I told her she looks very pretty and she got the biggest smile.

And sometimes I just love being able to see my kids outside of work.

(And she just walked up to give me a hug, lol, and the girls were like “DOES SHE KNOW HER??” so I said “I work at the school she goes to” lol embarrassing.)

NSFW Starter

Sexy times a coming so a read more will be used when things get spicy! 🌶

Ren took his lovely girlfriend out for a night on the town. Dinner and dancing along with some necessary teasing. He decided against driving and opted for a limo. In the backseat he insisted on marking her more and more.

He helped her into his condo. While he was getting into the mood so was his beloved. He smirked when he saw her in the delicious lingerie. His body complied as he put his hair in a ponytail. It makes it easier to work. He wolf whistled as he pulled out his orange fuzzy handcuffs.

“If I didn’t know any better I would think you wanted to come to bed with me, Rina-chan~”


What happens when a custom DeLorean builder and a master stainless steel fabricator acquire not one, but three wrecked DeLoreans? They work together to modify and combine the broken three to create one of the most awesome stretch limousines we’ve ever seen.

Head over to the UK DeLorean Owners Club forum for lots of process photos.

We just have one question: What happens when the DeLorean Limo reaches 88 mph?

[via Nerd Approved]