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I feel as though I need to inform you that your follower count dropped because you made a "triggered" joke, which is extremely offensive, and makes it so people with legitimate triggers are literally never taken seriously. I actually used to follow you on two of my accounts- blocked you on both of them. It isn't funny, not at all.

Okay. Bye then.


The Baudelaire’s refusal to be grateful for their unfortunate events seemed like such a good message for kids - so I made a thing.

I’m so sensitive about Kara Danvers, as soon as I see someone saying something bad about her I’m like


Haikyuu!! | Team Karasuno


Happy 100th day to SF9! I’m so proud of these beautiful and talented boys. They’ve come a long way since dance or band. You definitely see the difference from when they first debuted and now. I hope they continue to be healthy and successful! Let’s expand our family!! ❤❤❤

Okay I think I just need to come out into the open about this whole YurixViktor ship. If you do not ship it, I understand. I get it but, please understand that I see it differently. 

If the mun’s age is of consent then I see no reason why it’s wrong to rp it.

Plus, the age of consent is different everywhere. Russia use to have it at 14 and then to 16 but keeps flipping it constantly and it’s the same in the USA. Different states have different numbers. So, ask yourself. What’s really the age of consent? I say for muses it shouldn’t matter too much. My personal limit for muses is 15. For muns it’s 18. I might even look over it if your birthday is close but, I do not accept a liar and if I find out you’re lying I’ll confront you and try to have a civil conversation because that’s how I handle things. If you won’t be civil I’ll block you.

Now, if you still can’t stand the ship but like my muse I will now start tagging that ship as tw: age. Blacklist it. 

Anyone is more than welcome to reblog this if you agree! 


AR in Family Limitation

“I have a crystal ball, Charlie. You know that.”


Some lyrics from Overnight (2013)

i’m going to be doing some more marvel matches instead of biology essays!

  • mbf this bored biologist
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  • check out this poem, maybe?
  • send me an ask telling me about yourself (sexuality, gender, likes/dislikes, interests, personality type, quirks; the more the better)
  • you’ll get a match, an origin story (how you met), and a mission (lil headcannon)!

No more, please!

DISCLAIMER: i don’t let any man, magazine, or anything else influence the way i feel about my body…..BUT:

i’ve always had a problem with guys/girls/media who say “oh no, i don’t like skinny girls. i like a woman with curves.”

well what about us women (and i’d venture to say that this is most women) who aren’t sticks, but they aren't voluptuous, curvy types either?

it’s like we fall into a space where we’re not celebrated (let alone recognized) at all.

we don’t have boobs or hips, but we’re also not a size 2.

and i’m sick of our culture not recognizing anything in between those 2 extremes…