limits on government power

Now that Trump is president can all the people sobbing and fearing for their lives finally admit that protections from the government and limits on it’s power to enforce its will is a good thing? Can you finally start reading the constitution and remember why all those pesky inalienable rights you spent the last few years protesting against are important?


“There exists a limit to the force even the most powerful may apply without destroying themselves. Judging this limit is the true artistry of government. Misuse of power is the fatal sin. The law cannot be a tool of vengeance, never a hostage, nor a fortification against the martyrs it has created. You cannot threaten any individual and escape the consequences.”
― Frank Herbert, Dune Messiah


You were his world. He would often look at you when he knew that you wouldn’t see him. His mind palace was often completely destroyed and memories of you would just flood in. The way your hair falls just in the right way, that the scent of the shampoo you use calms him down tremendously, that you change it almost once a month and that’s alright with Sherlock too. That your smile- God, your smile. It lit every dark shadow that plagued Sherlock, and brightened his look on life. 

You were his everything, and he had to spend hours at night pushing you out his mind so he could think. Just get one thought straight and be able to breathe

And the worst part of this all was that you didn’t even understand the hold that you had on him. That you couldn’t even begin to grasp the limits and bounderies that Sherlock would completely overlook for you. The governments and power groups that he would burn to the ground if you so much as breathed the request. 

Or maybe you did, maybe you did grasp how deep, how raw Sherlock’s love for you was. Though just the thought of that was just another thing that Sherlock was in denial about.

Because if you did understand, and you knew what Sherlock would do to just be able to call you his for a second and you still wouldn’t even give him a genuine smile? That would make him crumble faster than anyone he’s ever taken down. 

That would completely and utterly break Sherlock Holmes. 

I’ll be fine with Trumps use of executive orders so long as they continue to limit and reduce the power of the government. How great would it be if his last executive order as president is to strip the president of the ability to use executive orders. 

To say that a power elite directs the affairs of state is not to suggest the existence of some dark conspiracy. It is simply to acknowledge the way Washington actually works. Especially on matters related to national security, policy making has become oligarchic rather than democratic. The policy-making process is not open but closed, with the voices of the privileged insiders carrying unimaginably greater weight than those of the unwashed masses.
—  Andrew J. Bacevich, The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism, 2008. (p. 82)
Neither the Constitution nor the Bill of Rights give us any rights at all. The idea was that the people have rights inherently, they aren’t granted by a piece of paper or a government. What the Constitution does is grant powers to the government, and then places limits on those powers. The Bill of Rights is not and never has been list of the rights we have. In fact, that was one of the arguments against it at the time it was ratified, namely that future generations would view it as such. What it was designed to do was provide added protection to the rights which the founders thought would be the most likely to be eroded by a tyrannical government. So please stop with the idea that if it isn’t mentioned in the BOR it isn’t a right.
—  GT86

Dr. Rand Paul on Civil Liberties  

The Founding Fathers warned of a Federal Government bent on usurping the power, rights and privacy of its states and citizens. The list of federal overreach is alarming: a proposed National ID Card, establishing secret courts and utilizing warrantless searches, and betraying the medical privacy of ordinary citizens. We must defend our 4th Amendment rights. The Federal Government has overstepped its limited powers.

I thoroughly believe that America can prosper, preserve personal liberty, and repel national security threats without intruding into the personal lives of its citizens.