limitlessambition  asked:

Hi, just wondering what the add on was that tells you how many attempts is takes to get a mount? Thanks

it’s called rarity, and it’s amazing!  i made a more descriptive post about it many moons ago here, and it’s improved since then - it can now track attempts for mounts/pets/etc. across all your characters, so if you’re running ICC on 7 characters it’ll pick up all 7 attempts account-wide, rather than just tracking 1 attempt on each specific character you run it on.

you can also add custom items that aren’t in its database; anything from rare recipes you want to farm to archaeology artifacts you’re trying to get to items you want to fish up or whatever.  it’s great!  it’s probably my favorite addon!  i can’t recommend it enough!  exclamation points!!!!!  YAY RARITY.  *waves tiny pompoms*