limitless landscapes

Imagine if, in the future, the very concept of large sprawling wildernesses, and big iconic wild animals living where they naturally came from, is eventually not much more than a fantasy. Something as intangible, non-experienceable, longed for, and fantasized about as Middle Earth or Narnia or the Pokemon world is for us today.

I often think about how amazing these fictional worlds seem, with their seemingly ENDLESS natural landscapes and LIMITLESS amount of diverse creatures and the illusion of INFINITY……. And then I remember– That’s what Planet Earth once was. And we’ve already made the world feel so much smaller to us… and it’ll only get smaller and smaller and more suffocating to the human experience, unless we do something about it.

We can’t let Wild Planet Earth be something our great grandkids will only ever see on film and in pictures, no longer allowed the experience of even KNOWING that it’s something that exists at the very same moment they’re existing.

I am allowed to comprehend that there are massive blue whales breaching in the ocean, and tigers hunting in the jungles of India, and elephants journeying across savannah plains, all while I’m sitting here on my bed typing a post on my phone. Within the same hour, the same minute, the same few seconds.

And I want that to be a reality for people, for a very long time.

We take so much for granted, it’s unbelievable. We live on a goddamn wonderland planet and we often don’t even think about it.