Top 5 psychological movies I recommend:

Number 1: Shutter Island

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This movie literally blows your mind away. With its plot, amazing actors and especially plot twists make this movie one of the best cinematic successes of all time. Of course Leonardo DiCaprio plays an essential role in it!

Number 2: The Basketball Diaries

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This movie shows how drugs influence our lives and destroys them. This movie was made in 1995, when, DiCaprio was only 16 years old! He showed his exceptional talent in acting from a very early age. However his true fame only began when he starred in the ‘Titanic’ movie.

Number 3: Requiem For A Dream

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I do not recommend this movie for the fainthearted! This is another movie showing how drugs influence our lives but in a different perspective. Jared Leto is the main protagonist of this movie. This movie can really mark you. Stay away from drugs. This movie shows you why.

Number 4: Inception

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This movie is about the world of dreaming. The movie is about implementing an idea in a person’s mind through dreams. Here is an interesting quote from the movie: “We never really know a dream starts, we just wake up in the middle of them.” Cannot say any more than that because I would spoil it for you.

Number 5: Limitless

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Yet another movie about drugs! Only that this drug is fictional. This movie resolves around a drug that supposedly enables us to use our brain at its full capacity. It is really interesting.

I might recommend other movies on other topics or on the same topic if I see something new. Who knows?

Tell me what you think.