limited winter edition


                   Captain America; The Winter Soldier (insp.)

Gesine van der Laan by Wendelien Daan - Alberta Ferretti Limited Edition Fall 2015

I was Death from the Sandman comics for Day 30 of 31 DIY’s Til Halloween. Not sure if I can call this a costume because this is basically how I look every day, but whatever, we’re doing it. The whole point of DIY costumes is to be simple and easy!

I’m wearing my Orchard Corset CS-426 authentic longline underbust corset in size 22" black satin. I’m wearing black skinny jeans from my closet and a basic black tank top. You can find staples like this anywhere. The studded belt has been in my closet since high school. The gloves are from an Army-Navy surplus store in Montreal. I made the ankh necklace from some black cord and leftover craft foam from the dollar store, silver acrylic paint and silver glitter.

The eye of horus is easy to do with black liquid eyeliner. Lipstick is MAC Absolute Power (Limited Edition Winter 2012) and NYX Blackberry lip pencil.

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sopranofthecentury-deactivated2  asked:

Can you do tutorials on how to do Christine's makeup? Thanks! :)

Hey! Since Uni and social life are very stressful right now, the tutorial does have to wait (I will do a video tutorial in my semester break, which will be in July / August), but I will do a written tutorial for now ;)
I will write a step by step tutorial and put the items I used in brackets behind it.

1. Face: I started off with priming my face (Catrice pore refining anti-shine base) and applied my foundation (Catrice All Matt plus) with a beauty blender. Afterwards I applied my concealer (Catrice liquid camouflage) under my eyes in a V-shape and over any spots that I might have. Once the concealer is done, I set my make up with a tinted powder (Catrice Multi talent powder + make up).

2. Contour / Highlight / Blush: I apply my contour along my jawline, cheekbones and nose (NYX mosaic blush 04 peachy), I only do a light contour, since Christine doesn’t have any stand out features. My blush is mostly applied on the apples of my cheeks (Essence 02 bye-bye winter! (limited edition - wake me up spring)). On top of my cheekbone and down the bridge of my nose I put a light highlight (Rival de loop baked highlighter 01 moon dust).

3. Eyes / Eyebrows: I fill in my eyebrows with two different shades of brown eyebrow powder, one is a darker brown, used mostly for the end and the arch of my eyebrow, and the other one is a light brown which i use to fill in the front part of it (shiseido eyebrow and eyeliner compact in light brown). Afterwards I use a tinted eyebrow gel to keep my eyebrows in place (Catrice Eyebrow Filler). For eyeshadow, I firstly prime my eyelid (Rival de Loop eyeshadow base) and apply a light beige non-shimmery colour underneath my eyebrow (I use the light beige one from the Catrice Chocolate Nudes palette). Afterwards I apply a light pink eyeshadow on the entire eyelid (essence the velvets coralme maybe) and a darker brownish colour in my crease (the darkest one in the Catrice Chocolate Nudes palette).
If you’re going for a smokey eye, apply light grey eyeshadow for the light pink one and black eyeshadow for the dark brownish one. The key here is to have a good and fluffy blending blush to blend it nicely together.
Afterwards I line my eyes (essence waterproof eyeliner pen) and put some light beige on my waterline (essence long lasting eye pencil 10 almost famous).

4. Lashes / Lips: I use fake lashes for Christine, since mine are not stage-ready (Catrice Lash Couture Smokey Eyes Volume Lashes), and top them with mascara (Astor N°2 Volume and Curve Mascara). For my lips I use an raspberry coulored lipliner (trend it up 080) and a raspberry / dark pinkish lipstick (Clinique 51 matte plum).
Afterwards just finish it off with some fixing spray (mine is from essence) and you’re good to go!!
If you have any questions that can not wait until July, feel free to ask :)

(Disclaimer: I know not all brands are cruelty-free. I will not re-purchase their make up, but I will use it up. Also I am by no means a make up artist)

I got all my references for this make up look from @operafantomet