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I bought these on impulse some point in the past year and never used them?? So:


One large floatable retrieving toy
One medium dental ball thing

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2. Have a dog
3. One entry for reblog and one for like (maximum two entries)

4. ETA: side blogs should prob identify as such

Entries close on December 1st, 7pm-ish Australian time. Give or take a few hours.

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anonymous asked:

Harry's win had nothing to do with feminism, it had to do with FAN VOTES. He has 31M followers to LM's 11M and LM core fanbase is just in the U.K. Harry had the US behind him (that's where he was trending) and they have a way bigger market, and then him tweeting 30 minutes before it ended was actually a smart move on his part. We've seen the proof that the votes were fair. We know that the website lagged. Don't discredit that just because he's a man. Now Ed's Grammy win is a different story.

That’s your take on it. To me, it has everything to do with institutional discrimination. The BRIT Awards invented this award for One Direction, it didn’t exist prior to 2014. They saw an opportunity to capitalise off the fervor of the 1D fanbase, and 1D benefited by adding to their trawl of BRITs trophies, 7 in total. 

Little Mix, a group which has worked just as hard if not harder than One Direction, has 1 single BRIT Award to their name. Is One Direction 7 times more worthy of acclaim than Little Mix? Of course not. But the leaders of the British music industry have not invented BRIT Awards to benefit Little Mix. 

Which leaves us with this massive discrepancy between awards for Britain’s biggest boy band vs Britain’s biggest girl group. On global fan votes, it’s almost impossible for anyone to compete against the 1D fan juggernaut. As you point out, Harry Styles has almost three times more Twitter followers than Little Mix. But there is no reason the BRITs couldn’t change the voting system to level the playing field and give female artists a fairer chance of winning. They could, for example, do something similar to what the Irish music industry does with the RTE Choice Music Prize and limit voting to those living within the UK. But apparently no one within the British music industry is going in to fight for Little Mix and say: this is outrageous that Britain’s most successful active group has barely received any recognition for their achievements from the BRITs and we should do something about it.

So we end up with a situation where Little Mix are working every angle they can to try to win this award. The 1D fanbase has fragmented, and this is the first year Little Mix are in with a genuine chance of winning the social vote. They want to win badly, and add to their one award. And despite having a third of the Twitter followers as the 1D guys, they lead the voting for almost the entire period leading up to the night of the awards.  They show up at the awards. They continue to work every angle during the broadcast. And then by merely tweeting a hashtag and nothing more, Harry Styles mobilises his global fanbase at the last minute to snatch the win out from under them. 

Whether that’s a fair win or not, the optics of it look bad for him. That a man who ostensibly did not care enough about the award to bother showing up to the ceremony halfheartedly claims the prize from the girl group who ran circles around him in terms of their achievements in the UK in 2017, and they go home from the award ceremony empty handed looks bad to a lot of people. The BRITs website showing that Little Mix were in first place when voting closed served to compound the bad optics.

It’s a feminist issue because it fuels the exasperation a lot of people feel about men being rewarded for doing the bare minimum over women who have worked much harder for no recognition. And it’s a feminist issue because the structure of the voting system privileges boy band alumni with massive, primarily female, fan followings. Why Harry Styles & One Direction command a global fanbase three times larger than Little Mix is a feminist issue too, but one that is far too great for me to try to breakdown succinctly, so I’ll leave it at this for now.


Hey guys - I have a ton of new stamped jewelry ideas, but I need an influx of supplies to get crafty!

Thus, I am offering a sale on HAND STAMPED BRACELETS from NOW until the end of the day Friday (7/7/17): 10 custom stamped bracelets for only $50!

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Do the 10 bracelets have to be the same?

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What’s that about a giveaway, though?

    • Win your own set of 10 bracelets for FREE~
    • There’s just a few rules for that part…

Wait, there’s also rules?

    • Yeah, sorry.
    • REPLY to this post to enter - likes and shares are NOT entries!
    • You must be 18 or older to enter.
    • You’ll have to be following me at the time of the drawing in order to win.
    • This is open from the time of posting until 11:59 PST on Friday, and I’ll pick a winner Saturday!
    • Tumblr is in no way affiliated with this offer.
    • In order to offer the prize, I must sell at least one of these sets. Although sharing doesn’t enter you to win, it’s highly encouraged!
    • Depending on how many people take advantage of this sale, I may offer more prizes/giveaways! Presents: The 30 idea world of Warcraft drawing challenge!

So, heres the list in all its glory, As I said before I dont tend to do well with 30 day anythings, I either dont do them at all or pitter out a few items in. So with that in mind I present this as 30 ideas. 30 concepts for you to draw as you interpret them.

This is totally non committal, so do these in any order or way you like them. I would like only people who complete the other 29 to do the final one but I certainly wont judge you for doing it out of step.  This isn’t a contest so there’s no time limit or any prize other than bragging rights. :)

1. Your current GO-TO character. Whether your main of many years or just your current favorite alt, draw who you first think about logging into when you sit down to play. This is referenced many times in the list and if it changes go ahead an draw whatever go-to is your current favorite.

2. your favorite city or faction guard. 

3. the npc you’ve bought the most food from.

4. your favorite race and gender combo

5. your Go-to eating their favorite meal

6. an alt you havent logged into in a long while and what you think they’re doing to pass the time.

7. your favorite non-legendary/non-epic weapon model.

8. your Go-to engaging in thier preferred profession

9. your favorite area in the game (zone, building type, city, inn)

10. a race/gender/class combination youve never drawn.

11. your favorite class (if your go to is this class draw your class trainer!) :)

12. your favorite racial leader.

13. your favorite ambient couple (or the npcs you wish were a couple)

14. your Go-to fishing or doing archeology.

15. your Go-To being heroic! (hoisting a faction banner, surrounded in battle , generally being awesome!)

16. the most memorable moment from a quest you enjoyed.

17. your favorite in game villain (living or dead)

18. log in and draw the first npc you see.

19. your Go-To with an Npc you’d like them to romance

20. your favorite non playable race as if they were a player character

21. your go-to in your favorite of that classes gear sets (or an awesome transmog)

22. your favorite all time gear set from any class.

23. your ‘guilty pleasure’ gear set. a set you love no matter how awful or gaudy it is.

24. the last member of the opposite faction (or go find one!) you saw in the wild

25. the person you saw last that desperately needed a trip to the transmogrifier. usually some poor soul leveling through outland. :) try to draw them like its an awesome cohesive gear set.

26. the very first character you remember yourself rolling.

27. your Go to with thier favorite companion pet.

28. your favorite (or least favorite) ambient race. (trogg, murloc, grummel)

29. your Go to relaxing after a long day of adventuring and being a hero.

30. Your Go to if they were made your faction leader!

there it is! good luck everyone! remember that this is supposed to be fun so dont take it too seriously and have a blast with it!


GP Las Vegas 2018 land promos, by Donato Giancola

These are so gorgeous! You get one for registering in select side events (and two for the double events) and they’ll be available in limited quantities at the prize wall. 

To clarify, they still start giving these away at GP Vegas, but will be available at more GP’s to celebrate Magic’s birthday. 


Cryptogram Puzzle Post | Spring Prize

Players who complete the Spring season and submit their answers to the e-mail will receive one of these tarot cards as a prize. Limited to 50 copies, each is hand linoprinted in teal ink onto 3x6″ 320gsm round-cornered boards. Only available as a prize to successful players. 

M’s 150 follower art raffle!

{ Hey hey! We reached 150 followers and ya’ll know what that means~ A art raffle! So this is how this gonna work. There will be 3 winners for the raffle. }

{ 1st place will get: }

{ 1st place winner will get a digital painting.}
{ 2nd place will get: }

{ 2nd place will get a full color sticker }
{ 3rd place will get: }

{ 3rd place will get a flat color sticker. }

You gotta be following me in order to enter.
Like = 2 entrees
Reblog = 1, but you can reblog this as much as you desire and they’ll count for your entrees.~
New followers won’t be able to join in.
Don’t unfollow after the raffle cuz that’s just plain rude.

There is a two character limit to the raffle prize, so if you have a ship you wanna seen drawn that’s cool.
Any characters you want done MUST have a reference or a description. Without it i will not do it.
Art will be SFW, gore is okay but if you want gore please be specific what kind you want.

Seventeen Performance Unit Reaction To Meeting Their Ideal Type + Ideal Type Description

*GIFs Not Mine*

Reaction Masterlist

Anonymous said:

Could you possibly do the ideal type description/reaction to meeting them for the Performance Unit? Thank you 💜 I really enjoyed the Hip-Hop Unit one! 

Jun: *His ideal type would definitely be someone who encourages him but I picture someone more softspoken, kind of like him in the sense that she would rarely be the center of attention but still has a presence. He would be easy to convince to serenade her. I also think he’s the type to spoil his girlfriend.*

*Meet His Ideal Type*

*I picture him meeting her in a takeaway restaurant where they end up getting the same dishes. Intrigued by the girl who had the same tastes as him, he’d stop her before she left and they’d strike up a conversation. He’d be a bit shy at first until he found they had a lot more in common than taste in food and the rest is history…*

Originally posted by withjunhui

Hoshi: *Hoshi needs someone who can both keep up with him energy-wise and can bring him down when he gets too wild or needs rest. He’d definitely be with someone who was a kind of performer or dancer they could bond over that just so they would be able to “practice” dances together (which basically would be another excuse to dissolve into laughter. Maybe he’d fall for a type of street performer*

*When he meets his ideal type*

*I legitmately picture him falling for a street performer while walking on the street. He’d stop and admire her skills and then, when she was done, ask her almost a hundred questions about dancing. She’d quip if he was going to interrogate her, she should get some bubble tea out of it. After that, they’d start turning to each other for performance questions all the time and then a relationship would blossom.*

Originally posted by wonshi-17

The8: *Minghao is going for someone who would not take his shit. I think he tries to weasel out of stuff (by being incredibly adorable) so he’d have the upmost respect and admiration for someone who doesn’t let him pull shit. Still, I think he would want a girl who would spoil him, most likely a bit more than he’d spoil her. At the end of the day, he would want someone he can rely on and who would rely on him.*

*Meeting his ideal type*

*I picture him meeting his ideal type in an arcade. He would be playing a game and kind of bend the rules a bit and she would be watching him and immediately call him out on it. He would own up to it, and apologize and wouldn’t cheat again and offers to play her to show her his word. By the end of the afternoon, they would already be falling for each other*

Originally posted by mountean

Dino: *Dino would need someone with a more immature side to compliment his still childish nature. She’d have an easy smile and equally easy laugh. It would be someone who would just be happy being around him and someone he would be happy to be around. A girl that would be able to understand him without a lot of words…*

*Meeting his ideal type*

*I picture them meeting in a convenience store when they both reach for the same snack with a limited edition prize inside, the last one. After bickering for a bit where each one is insisting the other have it, they decide to forgo that snack and get popsicles while continuing to discuss their other limited edition prizes. They exchange numbers and keep texting about various prizes and their collections before brancing off into other topics. When their conversations got deeper and with some encouragement from the other members, Dino would finally decide to ask her out*

Originally posted by tekukii

“ life is not a game
Where only who tests their
Limits are the prize.
Let us not be naive victims
Such competitiveness.
If the goal is too high, reduce it.
If you disagree with the rules, resign.
Invent your own game.
Do whatever it takes to be happy.
But don’t forget that happiness
It’s a simple feeling,
You can find it
And let her go
For not realizing its simplicity.”

Raffle Winners!!

Before I start, I just want to say, my heart was in my mouth when I ran the generator to pick the results. Part of me was thinking “I hope everyone wins!!”. That said, there were limited prizes so…

Grand Prize Winner … @shadowluke-youtube
I was so surprised the first person to reblog just happened to be the winner!!

Runner Up Prize Winners … @senil-888

Bonus Prize … @evelinaonline
I wasn’t planning to do any further prizes but… @evelinaonline promoted this raffle so hard. I was touched. And since I had a spare set of stickers in my drawer, I decided she deserved them as a thank you.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered! If you have won a prize, please contact me in private message within ONE WEEK with a name and address for me to send your prize to. If you are a minor, remember to ask your parent/guardian’s permission first.