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Thank you for all the input!! :D This poll and these asks really helped me decide on what I want to do with Rocco and Emilio.

The poll isn’t over yet, but squids is winning by a HUGE majority. I’m more than sure it’ll win the poll lolol. So, the comic will keep going as it is! 

As for the human versions and their original story line, chapter one is in progress!! I’ll definitely put up a link when the chapter is up on Taptastic! I’m just elated that there are so many people interested in their original story and them as characters .w.  Thank you guys so much for the support!

Parenting tip: If your kids lose a toy, money, or something of value that belonged to them, don’t focus solely on THEIR loss, but rather the greater impact of their loss.

Too often we respond to these scenarios by focusing solely on the loss itself and how to recover it or how our child was responsible, etc., but this is a very limited lens that doesn’t teach our children the concept of rizq or qada'a wa qadr.

A better approach is to focus on how their loss may be someone else’s gain, or how perhaps by losing something of lesser value now, God is protecting them from losing something of greater value later, etc.

For example, if your child lost a toy at the park, suggest to them that perhaps God wanted their toy for another person who needed it more; maybe a child whose family is poor and who doesn’t have very many toys picked it up, or maybe a homeless person found it and sold it so that they could eat for that day. There are many possibilities, but ultimately, God willed that they lose it for a reason.

This perspective helps them cope with these losses better by seeing the bigger picture and realizing that ultimately God willed the loss. In other words, it wasn’t in vain. It will also help them to detach from material things and not give them so much power when they see that not everything “belongs” to them, but rather belongs to God and He distributes things as He wills.

May God guide our children, increase their love for Him, and help them always accept to His will. Ameen.

—  Hosai Mojadiddi

INDEPENDENT LENS: A glimpse into the lives of long-term LGBTQ couples

In tandem with the premiere of Limited Partnership (premiering on Independent Lens Monday, June 15), as well as with the imminent Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage, Independent Lens presents a collection of photos and essays by photographer B. Proud from her book First Comes Love.

Chris & ABilly: 36 years

Chris and ABilly agree that their shared experience of having been married to women has helped strengthen their relationship.

“We both very much loved our wives,” Chris adds, “and we continue to love them as people, and I think that was one of the things that attracted us to one another, that we had had that experience, and that we wanted to maintain a relationship, not a married relationship but a good relationship with our exes. And we both wanted children.”

Del & Harriet: 45 years

Del and Harriet met on a hockey field in 1969. They were both physical education teachers and coaches, but it was a different era and being openly gay in the school systems was definitely not the norm.

“It was 1969. Nobody was out,” Del remembers. “You went to clubs in New York to dance but you were always afraid of being raided. You kept everything secret and circulated discretely.”

John & Stuart: 27 years

John, an attorney, and Stuart, a policy analyst with UC San Francisco’s Center for AIDS Prevention Studies, are politically driven comrades. They met at a small political house party, during the race for Congress between Harry Britt, Harvey Milk’s successor on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, and a then relatively unknown newcomer, Nancy Pelosi.

Tony & Richard: 40 years

The story of Filipino American Richard Adams and Australian Tony Sullivan’s incredible journey together is told in Limited Partnership. They met in Los Angeles in 1971 at a bar called The Closet, and quickly fell in love. In April 1975, thanks to a courageous county clerk in Boulder, CO, became one of the first same-sex couples in the world to be legally married.

Limited Partnership, the final film of this Independent Lens season, will air on PBS this Monday June 15th.

See the complete Portraits of Partnership series

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43. Hey, you're safe now, it's over. orrrr 72. I'm going to absolutely wreck you.

43: “Hey, you’re safe now, it’s over.” - Coldflash (read on ao3)

Barry woke up groggy and chilled, and it took him a moment to recognize his surroundings. The Cortex looked vaguely sinister in the dark, lit dimly by an unfamiliar blue glow. He shivered, and had just begun to cast around for a memory of why he was at STAR Labs at night (and why it was so cold) when his eyes landed on the source of the strange blue light.

It was the core of the cold gun, glowing steadily where it rested across the knees of a figure sleeping in the chair a few feet away. Len had one gloved hand still wrapped around the cold gun’s grip, but his head was tipped back against the wall and his eyes were closed. He looked younger like this, the sharp lines of his face thrown into relief from the faint blue light, and his lashes dark against his cheekbones. 

Barry spent a moment watching the slow, even movement of his chest as he breathed, and tried to remember why Captain Cold was sitting guard at his bedside.

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Week 38: Landscape - Macro @rkcustom1

Shy and I have been into film big time lately.  Actually I’ve been for a while now but Shy is starting to warm up to this new (old) stuff too.  There are various Photoshop/Lightroom filters for digital images that attempt to emulate the look of film.  I’ve done enough of this now though to conclude it’s very difficult to digitally simulate the look of certain films.  Ilford Pan F Plus 50 is one of those films.  My goodness is this stuff smooth.  The 50 is the ISO speed of the film.  That’s one whole light stop slower than the lowest ISO capability of most good DSLRs which usually bottom out at 100.  We spent the day at the Huntington Library near Pasadena yesterday.  This place is a photographers wet dream.  It’s basically a huge botanical garden and museum combination.  So much to see.  Shooting a really slow speed film is a challenge.  I actually set the camera’s ASA (ISO) setting to 40 to help lift the shadows so it was shot even slower than box speed.  The challenge is you are constantly bouncing against the limits of your lens.  It needs so much light for a proper exposure you are constantly struggling with aperture and shutter speed to get sharp images without a tripod.  Tripods aren’t allowed at this place.  The challenge paid off for us though yesterday.  We shot 3 rolls of film between us.  2 rolls of Pan F 50 and I did one roll of Fujichrome Velvia 50 which is a color reversal slide film.  We’ll post more of these in the future on our personal blogs.  We’ve been developing our own film too which is actually very fun once you get the hang of the process.  Don’t expect to get it right the first time.  We certainly didn’t.  We’re doing pretty good now though and our results have been pretty consistent.  The image above was one of many developed in our kitchen with various chemicals you can easily purchase online.  We used our Epson V550 Photo scanner to scan the developed negatives.  The only digital edit to the image above is the addition of the watermark. 

Image captured with a Canon AE1-Program using a Toyo Optics 28mm f/2.8 wide angle/macro lens and an orange contrast filter.  This is a very cool little lens with an extremely small minimum focal distance.  So much so that I had to be careful not to push my forehead into some of those spines above!

- RK

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do you have tvd fic recs?

I’m kind of the worst with reading fanfic lately, but I feel 100% confident reccing anything by @sarcasticfina (she has both Bamon and Steroline stuff and she’s prolific as hell and a seriously gorgeous writer - everything I’ve read of hers, I love. Check her stuff out here). Also, on the more Bamon side of things, @jamessirivs​ (ao3) has a couple of wonderful AUs (I think Seeing Stars is staying incomplete, though) and @lightninginmyeyes ( has such a creative, engaging AU that even has its own tumblr for all your B&B needs! I also friggin’ loved the story Second Verse, Same as the First, which is another Bamon AU (do you see a trend?) and probably the first TVD fanfic I ever really devoured. On the Steroline side of things, I’ve heard incredible things about Waking Up In Vegas (lmao another AU fuck canon), so if you haven’t checked that one out, you probably should. Anyway, I’m sure there are a ton of incredible fics out there that I’m missing (feel free to rec ones in the replies, guys!), but from my limited lens, those are my recs!


On and off over the past 7 months I have been working on building a 4x5 monorail camera using 3d printed parts and hardware from Lowes/Home Depot. Last night I finished building the first working version. Today, I present to you the first (as far as I know - if not show me) 3d printed large format camera. This is a prototype, and I will continue to make improvements as I go forward. Be on the lookout for updates. I will post them here.


  • With a lens it weighs ~2.75 pounds (~2.2 pounds without)
  • Front standard movements are only limited by the bellows/lens(swing/tilt).
  • Rear standard currently has no movements.
  • It can extend from ~75mm to ~320mm (the limitation on the long end is the rail, which could be made longer)

I will post updates and pictures I take with it as I go forward!



It takes Kira a long time to learn how to take pictures without allowing her fiery fox’s aura showing up. Once she does, she takes approximately a million to make up for lost time. Then, she tries to teach Malia how to limit her lens flare in order to add more photos of her lovely girlfriend. 

“Look a little to the right. No, Malia, my right.” 

“Kira, this is dumb.” 

“It’s for Instagram!”

“What the hell is an Instagram?” 

The lessons usually dissolve into a make-out sessions, but after a few months, they have a breakthrough. 

Malia doesn’t quite understand the point of Instagram (or Facebook or Snapchat). But she makes sure to post every now and then to appease Kira. At first, they’re all shots of forest critters with captions of how much Malia wants to eat them. But soon, Malia realizes it’s much more fun to see her girlfriend’s face on her phone screen and starts to mix it up. She even gives Kira her phone so Kira can follow back the other pack members. Whatever that means. 

For Malia, the most important part of all of this useless Instagram crap is getting to see Kira’s megawatt smile. And the accompanying kiss, of course. 


WATCH: excerpt from upcoming Independent Lens documentary, Limited Partnership.

Filipino American Richard Adams and Australian Tony Sullivan talk about how they first met and fell in love in the early 1970s in Los Angeles, and how immigration laws at the time gave them no rights as a gay couple. They were men without a country.

In 1975, Richard and Tony became one of the world’s first same-sex couples to legally marry. The pioneering couple’s fight for justice raged on for 40 years, paving the way for the eventual defeat of the Defense of Marriage Act.

Limited Partnership premieres on June 15th - check out your local PBS listings here.

Learn more about the film

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Long story short: I have a Canon Rebel t3i which I adore. I had some extra holiday money so I went to my local camera shop. These guys are pretty good and haven't let me down on advice just yet on which lenses I should be getting. The guy sold me a lens that doesn't do what I thought it would. I came home with an EF-S 10-18 mm 1:4.5-5.6 IS STM and I don't know what to do with it. It's too late to return it. Help?

Hey there! Bex here!

A 10-18mm lens is a super wide angle (even for a cropped frame sensor like yours) that’s great for some things, like landscapes and architecture, and not so great for other things, like portraits (unless you’re looking for a whimsical portrait of a child or animal). You’re going to see a lot of distortion with it, but you can use that to your advantage!

Here are some examples of awesome wide angle photographs:

Photo by EJP Photography

Photo by Taivasalla

Photo by Tambako

Photo by extranoise

My best advice would be to go forth and explore. Push the limits of your new lens and really create some images that challenge people’s perceptions of the world. It’s a great lens. Have fun with it!!

Good luck!


smc DA 40mm f/2.8 limitedを購入しました。
21mm f/3.2に続いて2本目のリミテッドレンズです。