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the GazettE reveals album jacket art and song tracks of their BALLAD BEST ALBUM『TRACES VOL.2』.

Release date : March 08th, 2017
[First Press Limited Edition] 12 tracks / Digipak specification
SRCL-9336 ¥ 3,611 + tax
[Track list]
01. 枯詩
02. Cassis
03. D.L.N
05. reila
08. 紅蓮
09. 白き優鬱
11. 絲 (ベストアルバム「大日本異端芸者的脳味噌逆回転絶叫音源集」収録)
12. 体温 (2nd album「NIL」recording)

[Regular Edition] 10 tracks
SRCL-9337 ¥ 3,056 + tax
[Track list]
01. 枯詩
02. Cassis
03. D.L.N
05. reila
08. 紅蓮
09. 白き優鬱

After the Rain Announcement: Double Single Release for “Atom: The Beginning” & “Clockwork Planet”

Mafumafu: “[Super Important Announcement ①]
We have had the opportunity to sing as After the Rain for the opening theme to NHK General Television`s “Atom: The Beginning” and the ending theme to TBS / BS-TBS’s “Clockwork Planet” in the Spring 2017 TV anime season!!! We’ve been working on them for the longest time!! Uoooh!!!!”

Mafumafu: “[Super Important Announcement ②]
And those two singles will both be released at the same time!
“Kaidoku Funou (Indecipherable)” (Atom: The Beginning OP Theme)
“Anti-Clockwise” (Clockwork Planet ED Theme)

For each single, we’ve had it created in our usual fashion of putting a large volume of 4 tracks in 1 single!!”

Mafumafu: [Super Important Announcement ③]
While the two singles will be released at the same time, for those who purchase the first-press limited edition for both singles, it will come with store-specific bonuses! (Animate, Amazon, TSUTAYA, Tower Records)
Reservations and details will be here⇒

Our first hit for the new year, please give us your regards!!!”

Mafumafu: “Thank you for coming to our livecast!
With that being said, this was our talk for the start of the year 2017 was about “Simultaneous Double Single Release”! For both “Kaidoku Funou (Indecipherable)” and “Anti-Clockwise”, I pumped in all of the musical knowledge I had in their making, and they’ve become songs that I can send out with pride. Please give me your regards. I’m soooooooo excited for the anime aaaaahhh!!!”

Mafumafu: “Everyone thaaaaaaaaaaanksssssss I’ll do my beeeeeeeeeeeest The homepage server is down & I can’t seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaahhh”


congratulations to shinee for taking multiple positions on the amazon japan realtime asian pop album chart! as can be seen above:

1) winter wonderland - first press limited edition (card sticker)
2) winter wonderland - first press limited edition (no sticker)
3) winter wonderland - normal edition (card sticker)
5) 1and1 (korean edition)

along with the above, other albums that ranked (and are currently stick ranking on the chart) include:

51) 1of1 (korean / normal edition)
55) everybody
56) winter wonderland - normal edition
61) married to the music
66) saynora hitori - first press limited edition (taemin)
68) shinee world in iii in seoul - concert dvd
78) boys meet u - first press limited edition
91) 1and1 - first press limited edition
96) 2017 season’s greetings (korean edition)
97) d×d×d - first press limited edition (ver. a)


🖊✨ just hand-signed this first limited edition art print of my #inktober ’s doodles ! Available soon on my shop •link in bio•

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as confirmed earlier today: shinee will be releasing their fifth full length japanese album, five on february 22nd to correlate with their upcoming (fifth) japanese tour, shinee world 2017 ~five. the album will contain twelve tracks in total, including the tracks that were included on their last two single albums: kimi no sei de (“kimi no sei de”, “nothing to lose”) and winter wonderland (“winter wonderland”, “”melody“). this means that there will be eight new tracks on the album, the most new tracks that has ever been included on a full length japanese album. below is details on the different versions of the album that will be available.

first press limited edition a [bluray + cd]
price: ¥5,678 (roughly $46.58 usd)
[cd (total twelve songs)] + [bluray] + [48p pb]

this edition will come with a tall size digipack with a sleeve case, first press limited edition original visuals (which will be the same for both ver. a and b) and five different trading cards (persuambly one for each member) which will be included randomly per purchase. the bluray will contain the music video for the title track, along with a shooting sketch for it. all album songs will be recorded in a high resolution (48rhz / 24bit) audio.

first press limited edition b [cd + dvd]
price: ¥5,076 (roughly $43.96 usd)
[cd (total twelve songs)] + [dvd] + [48p pb]

this edition will come with everything mentioned for the first edition, with the exception of two things: there will be a dvd rather than a bluray (to point out the obvious) and the songs will not be recorded in the mentioned high resolution format, but the regular album resolution.

regular edition [cd]
[cd (total twelve songs)] + [28p pb]
price: ¥3,240 (roughly 28,06 usd)

this edition will come with regular edition original visions. it will not come with either a bluray or dvd, nor will it come with trading cards.

fan club limited edition [cd + dvd]
[cd (total twelve songs)] + [dvd] + [28p pb]
price: ¥4,644 (roughly $40.23 usd)

this edition (which is only avaliable to those who are a member of shinee world japan) will come with fan club limited edition original visions, and a seven inch record size paper jacket. the dvd, along with the music video and shooting sketch content, will also contain an original video from the october / november 2016 arena fanmeets that shinee held in japan.

special gifts that will come along with the albums include: for the first press limited editions and regular edition - lottery application forms with a serial number to apply for a premium ticket (with ticket holder and picture / photo ticket) for shinee’s recently added ending tour dates at yoyogi national stadium from april 28th - 30th. there will be 555 tickets limited to each show with the planned application period for them being february 21st - 26th. this will be a first press limited gift. for the fan club limited edition there will be an invitation to participate in a backstage tour at shinee’s upcoming tour. each tour will be limited to one concert, and will not include the concert ticket. members will not be participating in the show.


Final Fantasy XV Original Soundtrack Blu-Ray Version (First Production Limited Edition) + Amazon JP Exclusive Music CD + CD Version

Blu-Ray Version (First Production Limited Edition) contains:
-  FFXV Original Soundtrack on a Blu-Ray disc
-  Special Music Collection (250+ songs from past FF games) on a Blu-Ray disc
-  Piano Arrangement on a CD

Amazon JP Exclusive Music CD contains:
- Unlisted trailer musical composition collection on a CD

CD Version contains:
-  FFXV Original Soundtrack on four CDs


Honeyworks’ third major album, titled  好きになるその瞬間を。(Suki ni Naru Sono Shunkan o.), is set for release on July 15, 2015!

The regular edition (second image) contains a CD and costs 2800 yen (+ tax). While the tracklist remains unknown, the CD will contain 4 new collaboration songs (1 is a collab with sana and CHiCO, another 1 is a song by sana written by Gom), a sana x Gero collaboration of a mix version of Kinyoubi no Ohayou, 2 voice drama songs, and many more!

Meanwhile, apart from the CD, the limited edition (first image) includes a DVD featuring a fully voiced comic of Ima Suki ni Naru - Short Story, and a 120-page comic of Ima Suki ni Naru - Prologue illustrated by Yamako! It costs 3800 yen (+ tax).

Here is the expanded seiyuu list for the characters:

Hina Setoguchi - Momo Asakura
Kotaro Enomoto - Natsuki Hanae
Koyuki Ayase - Tsubasa Yonaga
Natsuki Enomoto - Haruka Tomatsu
Yuu Setoguchi - Hiroshi Kamiya
Miou Aida - Aki Toyosaki
Haruki Serizawa - Kenichi Suzumura
Akari Hayasaka - Kana Asumi
Souta Mochizuki - Yuuki Kaji
Sena Narumi - Sora Amamiya
Arisa Takamizawa - Nao Higashiyama
Ken Shibazaki - Yoshimasa Hosoya
Yukihiro Yamamoto - Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Midori Hamanaka - Gero
sana - sana

Also, the fourth novel of the Confession Rehearsal Series, Ima Suki ni Naru, is set for release on July 1!


“I’m losing her, I’m losing her! I’m losing her! No…I lost her, I lost her, I lost…”