limited editions prints

We’ve partnered with Gallery Nucleus on an exclusive Indivisible print by none other than Indivisible’s Creative Lead, Alex Ahad!

This 13"x19" print will be available at WonderCon this weekend in Booth #2101!

And if you show up between 12:00 and 1:30 PM on Sunday 4/2, you can get it signed by Alex!


“Samhain”, a gouache & watercolor painting for Zenith & Nadir at Antler Gallery in Portland. Stop by tonight for the preview opening, or Thursday night for the opening, and check out all the beautiful pieces by my co-exhibitors Lindsey Carr and Audrey Pongracz 🖤 I will have limited edition prints of this and one other piece, as well as my new zines!

hey spanish / july 2016 / Karolina Koryl

Exclusive TLoT Print + Grishaverse Meet-and-Greets 🌙

Queen @sarakipin​ created a special holiday print (see below with watermark) featuring each of the stories from The Language of Thorns and I’ll be signing them at two Grishaverse meet-and-greets in December! 

All of the details on the events are up on my site. 

If you can’t make it to San Diego or Los Angeles to see me, you can still order signed and personalized books through either store and get the gorgeous limited edition print (signed by me and Sara!) with your TLoT order. Just make sure to place your orders before I appear at Chevalier’s in LA on 12/3 or Mysterious Galaxy in SD on 12/10. (And please direct your questions to the stores! I know very little. About anything. At any time.) 

If you DO make it to the meet-and-greets, I’ll be signing books, taking photos, aaaand I’ll have TLoT enamel pins and Six of Crows playing cards to give away. So come and see me. We’ll eat gingerbread and cast some spells 💜🌙

This is also a good time to tell you guys that I’ll be taking a twitter and tumblr hiatus over the next few months. My twitter will still post news but I won’t be running it or replying to mentions, and my tumblr ask box will be closed. I love getting to chat with you here, but I need to do the deep dive on these new books. I’ll be on IG a bit and I’ll be updating my newsletter when I can. 

See you in 2018, beautiful fiends. I wish you lots of good stories and the best of luck in your work.