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The Milan Gucci Art Wall by Angelica Hicks is revealed on Largo La Foppa, in the city’s lively pedestrian district of Corso Garibaldi. Hand-painted on the wall: one of the 11 designs by the British illustrator that feature on the limited edition T-shirt collection launching on May 25 exclusively on in Europe and the US. 

Ok but please consider sincerely three having date nights once a week and alternating who picks the date like first week is Evan, next is Connor, then Jared, and then all three of them agree on something special at the end of every month (because lowkey they probably got together near the end of a month and thats kind of how they celebrate their love)

it gets long and gay oops

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 LA Art Book Fair | Printed Matter | Day One

We swung by day one of the LA Art Book Fair at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA to check out some of the various booths by artists and galleries from all over the country. From zines, periodicals, t-shirts, monographs, stickers, to limited edition signed books, this free 3-day event features works from some of our favorite folks, such as Um Yeah Arts, Nat Russell, Rich Jacobs, And Pens, Juxtapoz, Heather Benjamin, Hamburger Eyes, Dead Beat Club, Giant Robot, SHQ, and so many more.  There is even a must-check out FotoMart, a stand alone booth to buy and / or develop rolls of film, on your way in!  

Photographs by Michael C. Hsiung


Wanna give a BIG shout out to our costumes department on #jurassicworld2 for bringing #WHATSMYSNACK nation to life with these awesome t shirts. They are limited edition once in a lifetime shirts that you cannot order online sorry. And if you make your own t shirt like this I will take you to court. Straight up sue you. Probably take everything you own or ever loved. Because I trademarked #WHATSMYSNACK and you owe me $50,000 for even reading this instagram post. Rules are rules. #sorrynotsorry bro. Read the fine print.

Stevie’s aesthetic summed up in a cute tee! Lots of these in stock right now, ready to ship.

After several enquiries, I’ve decided to work on printing up a limited edition black t-shirt version (with white text) of this one too. Pre orders are available to ensure you don’t miss out! Pop me an email via the website if you’re keen.

I don’t need nor do I have the money for it, but man I suddenly have the desperate OCD buy it need for the Nike+ Apple Watch 42mm, black. I get this sometimes, it either goes away when I buy it or it goes away when it sells out and is limited edition.

This is why I have 400+ t-shirts, 100+ pairs of shoes, and more jeans then I know what to do with, most that no longer fit.

Hi, I’m beefy and I’m a shopaholic.

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 I know them!

How long have I listened to them? 11/12 years??

Favourite song: THIS IS THE HARDEST QUESTION. i love tell me it’s okay, turn it off and proof but right now it’s all about told you so and hard times.

Least Favourite song: be alone

Favourite Album: brand new eyes and self titled are shared favourite. i feel like after laughter is gonna become my fave though.

First song I’ve heard from them: pressure.

Have you seen them in concert? yes! i’ve been to 3 concerts and also saw them twice on parahoy 2. i’ve got tickets to their edinburgh show next month too so if you see me say hi!

Any merch I posess: uhhhh… all the albums (the self titled is signed) , a couple t-shirts, all the album vinyls including the limited edition 10th anniversary pressing of awkif… idk man… just a lotta stuff that i can’t really be bothered typing it out hahah. 

Favourite Single/Music Video: rn it’s told you so obvs.

Favourite Member, current: Hayley.

Favourite Former member(if available) does Zac count… he was a former member but now he’s a member again so… 

Rejected Princesses posters (finally) on sale!

The day’s finally come. 

Now available for sale as posters: virtually all of the Rejected Princess artwork. Get them right here:

This is the culmination of months of proofing, negotiations, and incredibly frustrating tech support wrangling. Thank you for your patience. A couple fine details:

  • These will only be on sale until the end of the year. Consider it a limited edition run. (this has to do with book release stuff)
  • T-shirts are coming once I get a bit more time. The designs don’t translate very well to t-shirts directly.
  • Same with calendars and cards. Hope to have them by Thanksgiving.
  • Anything else you want? Merch I haven’t mentioned? RPs missing that you want to see up there? Embarrassing typos or phrasing you don’t like? Email with the subject line “Merch” and let me know!
  • Please share!

Thanks again for all your patience. I wanted to make this good, not just get it out there as quickly as possible. It’s been a ton of work and I hope you’ll enjoy it.