limited edition signed and numbered

I’m kinda only into this holiday for the chocolate so I don’t have anything cute for you today, here’s another dead thing instead! This is a gold foil print from my show at Gallery Nucleus, beautifully printed here in Minneapolis by Studio on Fire. It’s very very shiny and also has a slight emboss that’s lovely in person. Signed & numbered limited edition of 175, available at


My mom (who sews them) who was initially lukewarm, is now *very* into selling Dynacats . We’ve made about 25 now as gifts for friends and their new babies, but never sold them before.

Dynacat designs will be limited edition, individually numbered, and come with stickers and maybe a signed art card. (Haven’t decided what the extras are yet) 

Underpants Kitties– there’s one in the back of the group picture– would come with a knitting pattern for a hat (pussyhat, naturally) and a sewing pattern simple shirt/dress (’cause they aint got no clothes on!)

On etsy, the cheapest home-sewn plush seems to be about $12 up to thousands for the needle-felted panserbjörn. The question is how much to charge for a handmade soft kitty what I drew?

If you’re interested, reblog with how much you think they should be priced or thoughts on what should come with each toy.

Livret photographique ’Cuvée Corse’  

En édition limitée, signés & numérotés disponible durant l’exposition “Perchée & Corsée”  - Ode aux saisons d'automne & d'hiver - mardi 21 NOV au dimanche 03 DEC 17 (20 photographies, 24p, ed. Août 2017)
30 rue de Picardie, 75003 PARIS

Photobook ’Cuvée Corse’ - A limited edition, signed & numbered, available during the Exhibition to be held in #Paris - #EspaceOppidum #lemarais - from Nov. 21st - December 03rd 2017 - 20 photographies, 24p, ed. august 2017 -

Autumn & winter, the most poetic moment of the year !

#Corsica #parisphoto #fineart #Corse #espaceoppidum #photobook

The giclee print “Masked Travellers” is part of the official Journey art collection. These fine art prints have been selected, made and proofed in conjunction with Journey’s art director Matt Nava and are exclusively for sale in these limited-editions. These Certified Art Giclees™ are numbered and signed by creative director Jenova Chen and Matt Nava and come with dated and signed Certificate of Authenticity.


A favorite from deep in Adams’ catalogue, Pine Valley 

The first is a cover from the regular edition while the last image is from the special edition, a limited run of 50 books signed & numbered by Adams including a print embossed into the front cover. 

“The Valley is located next to Oregon’s high desert. Most of the pines for which it was named have been cut, but it is still an oasis. In the morning and evening there are quail – ‘sweet-whistling quail’ as Anne Porter called them – that walk near the house in lines of family.” - Robert Adams