limited edition hello kitty

just some new stationery I recently recieved :)

from left to right: 

- Pilot Frixion Colors Markers in Pastel: I’ve been using these for annotating when i’m reading long texts, or for creating notecards for study

- Kikki K Paper Lover’s Book: filled with all kinds of things like stickers, cards, gift tags, pretty paper, etc. With this, it seems like I’ll never need to go out and buy cards anymore

- Pilot Frixion Neon Highlighters: It’s handy having erasable highlighters for those uncertain highlights you make in a text

- Moji Liner from Deco Plus in Yellow Crayon: If you haven’t heard of these you’re missing out, these are basically highlighters in the form of tape white out and they are amazing oh my

- Tombow Mono Eraser: despite its simplistic appearance, it is such a reliable and clean eraser

- Nacho Chip Memo Notes: Great for writing down quick important notes

- Pilot Frixion Ball Limited Edition Hello Kitty in Red and Black: neat and clean erasable pen, as always :))

When they come home and see their gf wearing their clothes ...

Awwww that sounds cute ; A;!! And thank you so much kind anon (*/ω\*) I will do my best

Here comes~!


‘’Oh my god, can she get any cuter than that?’’

*Realizes she drooled on his shirt*

‘’You’re dead to me.’’


*Rushes to her and secretly takes photos, being careful not to use the flash so she won’t wake up.*

‘’So. CUTE!’’


*Gets comfortable next to her.*

‘’You know, you’re lucky that you’re asleep, because I need that T-Shirt in a few hours and I’m too tired to get it back right now.’’


‘’My Jagi is so cute~’’


*Tries to wake her up but fails miserably and keeps on giggling and laughing.*

‘’Jagiii~ Jagiya~! I really need that Shirt now! I have to perform with it! Pleaseee please wake up~ Jagiiiyaaaaaa. It’s no use she sleeps like a rock. ‘’


*Stares at her, shocked that she would wear HIS clothes.*

‘’What is she doing? Why is she wearing my clothes. Is she crazy?’’


‘’Whose shirt is that? It looks like a shirt for boys? ..’’

‘’Oh wait, it’s my shirt! It suits her.’’


*Walks past her but then realizes what she’s wearing.*



*Looks at her and sees what she’s wearing.*

‘’Oh my god, she took my limited edition Hello Kitty t-shirt. How dare her.’’ *Brainstorms a plan to get the t-shirt without waking you up lol*


*Can’t contain his happy feelings.*

‘’Oh my god she’s so cute.’’


‘’ Why is she wearing MY gucci shirt, I told her so many times not to touch my stuff.’’


*Peaks around the corner, because he wanted to surprise you.*

‘’Omo, she’s sleeping!’’

*Sees her wearing his shirt.*

‘’Pfft, what an idiot.’’ *Super happy, but tries to play it off.*

Aight that’s it. I hope you like it!  (*/ω\*)

anonymous asked:

Wade, once he was behaving like normal again after he had been kicked out of the house, had realized he had thrown away all of his hello kitty stuff and went into a depressive state. Alot of his hello kitty items were limited editions and couldn't be found anymore

When that period of Wade being out was, Ayame actually looked at the stuff he threw out on accident, keeping everything she thought he’d regret throwing away later. She kept it in an empty room and forgot about it.