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Happy 8th anniversary!!

⊿ (Triangle) is Perfume’s third album. It was released in two versions: a limited CD+DVD edition and a regular CD only edition. It was the #20 best-selling album of 2009.

Triangle was released seven weeks after Yasutaka Nakata’s effort with Meg, Beautiful. Despite selling lower than their first original album, Game, Triangle was certified platinum by RIAJ for selling over 250,000 copies.

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so i have this b99 au ideia where jake and amy are movie stars and they are set to make a movie together, so they have different personalities just like on the show but they spend A L O T of time talking with each other and shooting scenes and them they fall in love and now everything hurts and im dying pls help

O M G I LOVE THIS CONCEPT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pls enjoy these additional headcanons from me and @stardustsantiago​:

  • Jake is at craft services almost 24/7. (If he isn’t there or shooting a scene, he’s chilling in Amy’s trailer – sometimes even when she isn’t there.) 
  • Jake always tries to make Amy break character while they’re shooting close ups of her face. (He succeeds exactly three times, and one of the takes makes it to the blooper reel. He may or may not have saved this clip on his phone as well.) 
  • Jake LOVES improvising, but Amy is really bad at it. This causes serious tension on set sometimes. They have an agreement where she teaches him to handle aggressive pap questions and he teaches her how to improv.
  • One of Amy’s earliest roles was this really embarrassing part in a dumb kids movie. (Jake hunts down the limited edition DVD for it and has it playing on repeat in his trailer.) 
  • Amy and Jake argue over best movies and TV shows ALL. THE. TIME. Amy ranks them by acting and writing, Jake by EXPLOSIONS and FIGHT SCENES.
  • Amy has a rough day on set where nothing is flowing right and even her scenes with Jake come out stilted. She breaks down in her trailer after the director yells cut and tells her to take an early lunch break. 
    • Jake comes in and calms her down by telling her about all his off days. (”And then, I kid you not, I pantsed Bruce Willis in front of half the cast and crew.”) 
  • Everything’s super platonic between them (except for like the secret ~*feelings*~ they’ve both been hiding since week 3 of shooting their first project together), but then they have to do a kissing scene for the second installment in their movie series, and things start to get kind of awkward. 
    • They have a Talk about it and decide to be #professional. (That being said, they’re both def dying during and after the actual kissing scene. And their director has them do MULTIPLE TAKES. RIP their souls.)  
  • They manage to keep their relationship secret for all of two days, but someone catches them making out in the AV closet. 
  • After they start dating, they p much can never be cast in things together because Jake’s heart eyes ruin the tone of anything that isn’t a rom com.

Spring up! Speed up!

Happy 5th Anniversary!!

“Spring of Life” is the 20th single (15th major label single) released by Perfume. It was released in two versions: a limited CD+DVD edition that comes with a DVD, and a regular CD only edition. The limited edition comes housed in a slipcase. First pressings of both versions came with a B2 promotional poster. This is their first single under Universal Music Japan. The title track was used as the commercial song for “KIRIN”. The B-side, “Communication” was used as the commercial song for KANRO Pure Gummy.

RFA+Saeran & V x MC - Please Don’t Hurt Me (Pt. 2)

hehe sorry for like taking forever with this part 2 (I made it significantly longer then part 1 lmao oops). Anyways I hope you enjoy this Anon~


She was always stressed out - whether it be over one project or another, there was just no time for her to take breaks. Whenever she had even the slightest sliver of spare time it would be like heaven had descended upon her, and she’d take out her limited edition DVD of the “Promiscuous Jalapeno Topping.”

It was her favourite show of all time, and to her, it was probably worth more than any other treasure in the world. You made sure not to touch her things because you didn’t know what was confidential or classified, furthermore, if you messed anything up, it would just add to her work load. That was something you never wanted to do.

But it was Sunday, and she was still in bed, so you decided to pop in the show so she could wake up to Zen’s sweet singing voice; but when you did, it didn’t play. The machine then began to make violent whirring sounds, spinning the disc inside so fast, you thought you could smell smoke from the overheating and friction against the delicate surface of the DVD. Out of fear, you pressed the eject button several times, praying that nothing bad had happened to it. With one final press, the slot opened, and sent the disc flying out with so much speed it grazed your cheek, cutting the outermost layer of skin, exposing blood to the air.

Before you knew it, the disc had hit the wall with a loud clank. It wasn’t broken, not in two at least, but it was terribly distorted, the originally flat surface now wonky and twisted. Your eyes widened at the horror of its new shape.

What were you going to do now? It’s ruined and completely unfixable! Jaehee was surely going to cry out in despair, she might even lose her mind - it was her treasure after all. There was no way you could do anything to make it work again. This was a total disaster.

“MC?” a sleepy voice came from behind.

You turned around, desperately trying to hide the broken disc. With a sheepish smile, you tried your best to cover up your face paling with fear and your trembling hands behind your back.

Jaehee took a step forward. She’d noticed your growing anxiety and your alarming eyes. You withdrew from her touch, flinching at the thought of her gentle hand slapping you hard across the face. The scenario brought tears to your eyes, it’s like you could already feel the stinging sensation reddening your cheek.

“What happened here?” she pointed at the cut caused by the DVD. “What are you hiding behind your back?” You clenched your fists, wary of the bent plastic now slicing into your palms. She tugged at your wrists and you collapsed onto the floor as she pulled the foreign object away from your hands.

This was it, she was going to kick you out for sure. There was no way she’d forgive you for this.

“You… you broke it? W-why would you do that, MC?” Her voice shook with disbelief and confusion.

“I didn’t mean to,” you sobbed, “the machine tried to eat up the disc, and when it finally released it, it flew out and hit the wall. I know it’s my fault. I’m sorry, Jaehee, I broke something so precious to you. I don’t deserve to stay with you anymore, I’ll just… leave.” With that, you stood up, ready to walk out of the apartment.

“Where do you think you’re going? I’m not going to kick out my girlfriend over a stupid DVD. This may be precious, but my real treasure, is you.”


Always joking around, he was obviously an outgoing type of guy. Nothing seemed truly important to him - other than a floppy disk he hid inside the secret chamber of a children’s book. Sometimes you wondered what was inside - was it some type of adult content? Even if it was, it peaked your interest. You just had to know what else he was hiding, he was already secretive enough.

While he was off filling gas into his baby cars, you took the floppy disk curiously and inserted it into his computer. As the file opened, it displayed a sort of slideshow. Pictures of Seven began to pop up - he looked so adorable as a child and his eyes… wait, it wasn’t Seven in the pictures. It looked like him, but there was something different about the child in the pictures. Something… unsettling. Before you could figure out who it was, the screen blacked out. Panic overtook you and you ripped out the disk. Was it a virus?

Before you had a chance to worry about the overridden computer, you noticed that the floppy disk had a fallen apart. Shit. You broke it for sure. You didn’t really know how floppy disks worked, but it surely didn’t look like it could be stuck together again.

Your curiosity killed the cat, and now you were in trouble for breaking something you shouldn’t have touched in the first place. You desperately tried to piece it back together, hands shaking out of nervousness, but it was no use. Just as you were having a mental break down, the front door opened with it’s announcement of unlocking, further adding to your unstable state. Seven stepped into the room and found you huddling against his computer. At this point, the computer displayed an error message.You could only hide your face in your knees, in attempt to curl up into a ball and disappear from the reality that you had brought upon yourself.

Seven was definitely going to be angry. Those pictures… they must’ve meant a lot to him. Just who they were and what it meant, you didn’t know, but you were sure as hell that he cherished the person who shared the same features as himself. Would he hit you? Yell at you? … Break up with you? You never saw him angry, and that was what scared you the most. He could blow up on you completely. Of course, you deserved any pain he had coming for you - but you were scared nonetheless.

“MC, what’re you doing? Do you know what happened to my computer?”

You couldn’t answer him, all you could do was nod your head in shame, slowly showing him the broken object in your palms. He grabbed the pieces quickly upon realization of what it was you were holding.

“I’m sorry Seven…” you couldn’t look him in the eyes, “I didn’t mean to break it. I was just so curious… I wanted to know more about you. I was wrong, and I know that you won’t forgive me for breaking it.”

“You know, I was mad a first, but… you didn’t break it. It just fell apart, I can easily put this back together. I guess it’s also partly my fault for being so secretive about myself. I’m sorry I made you feel that way.” He pulled your shrunken body into his arms.


This boy treasures everything he has. Nothing is garbage to him, as long as he owns it, it’s precious. And that makes everything a little complicated. Whenever you clean the house, you have to be wary of the things on the floor. None of it is garbage according to him - and if he finds that he’s missing something… God knows what would happen? In a way, it made you nervous about throwing stuff out. Would he want to keep this? Would he want to keep that too? It was impossible to keep everything he ever came across, but he seemed so attached to it that it was just cruel to get rid of anything.

As usual, you were contemplating whether or not he still needed a vase he’d found on the side of a street and decided to call his own. Flowers weren’t a thing in this household - you were allergic and he never seemed fond of them anyway. The vase sat in the lounge empty and wasted space most of the time - so you were going to ask him when he came home for sure.

You turned your back away from the vase for a second. It was just one second, you swore to God… but that didn’t justify the sound of shattering glass in the next. Your mind began to race as you saw what now remained of the original. It was shattered in a million pieces, glass shards scattered all over the floor, sparking in the brightly lit room. You bit your lip as your stomach turned with uneasiness. A wave of sickness hit your gut as you realized what he was capable of doing to you. He was much stronger than those who’d abused you previously. He was capable of much more than a few bruises on the face and a hard kick to the stomach. There was no way of telling just how much he was going to hurt you for breaking the vase.

While you tried to shake the thoughts of this sweet boy ever doing any of those things, it was just impossible not to let it cloud your thoughts. Without even noticing, you had begun to weep. Kneeling, your teardrops began to hit the shards of glass as you picked them up piece by piece. The sound of footsteps entering the threshold caused you to quiver in fear, and before you knew it, you had started to blurt out apologizes, as if they were going to lessen his anger the more you said it.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry. I really didn’t mean to break it. I swear it wasn’t my fault, it just somehow lost it’s balance and fell onto the floor. I was too late to catch it before the fall and it’s- it’s…”

“It’s okay.” his voice was oddly emotionless, “Doesn’t matter, we didn’t use it anyway.” his curt answer surprised you. So… he didn’t care? You looked at him in a weird light, was this the Saeran you really knew?

Without another word, he came over, wiped the tears off your face and pulled you in for a light peck on the lips. “As long as you’re not hurt, nothing else matters. Now let’s wear some gloves so we don’t get cut.” 


Jihyun may be blind, but he can still very much see. He watches the world through a pair of lens capable of capturing any moment with beauty and grace. His cameras were his eyes, and he cherished them as so. You didn’t know how he did it; how he was able to create art even when he couldn’t see - maybe it was something felt rather than seen, but it peaked your interest dearly. And you were curious to know if you were also capable of such an artistic medium. Never once did you think you could come close to his level of expertise, but you wanted to try nonetheless.

It was foggy when you woke up, seeing the curtains blow away from the sliding glass doors, you walked onto the patio and found Jihyun musing at the grey sky with his favourite camera on hand.

“Morning, Jihyun.” he turned at your voice and pulled you into his arms, protecting you from the chilly breeze.

“Morning.” he replied sweetly, nuzzling his head into your shoulder.

“Can I ask you something?”


“Can I take a picture of you?”

“Right now?” you pulled away from him and took the camera gently from his hand.

“Stand near the railing… and stop laughing at me! This picture could be even better than the ones you’ve taken!” you teased him for smiling like an idiot, trying to hide his growing laughter. With a quick snap, the camera captured the most beautiful Jihyun you had ever seen. With his hair still slightly tousled from sleep and his white pajama shirt against the ashen city background, he looked like pure art himself. But the most beautiful thing in the picture wasn’t the backdrop or his strangely perfect hair - It was his smile. The way it was so natural, so… real, gave you shivers down your spine.

“MC, are you still taking the picture? Do you have shaky hands like Jumin?” he chuckled at his remark, teasing you was fun, but he opened his arms, waiting for you to slide back into his embrace. Just when you thought this moment was the epitome of perfection, it was ruined by your clumsy habits.

Before you could regain your balance after stepping on a slippery patch, you fell face first onto the hard concrete floor. It was a disaster, not only did you sprain your ankle, but his camera - his beloved camera - was smashed into a million pieces. You couldn’t even process the words of worry coming out of his mouth, all you saw were the broken pieces of what once was deemed a camera, lying helplessly on the floor.

If only you hadn’t been so nosy. Why did you act like that anyway? Why did you even try to do something so stupid? Jihyun’s cameras were his eyes; his entire life depended on them and yet, you, who claimed that you loved him, broke the only thing that kept him alive. How much more horrible could you be? What kind of evil person were you? You mother was right. You were born a demon. You should’ve just-

Your thoughts were suddenly cut off by someone shaking you back into reality. Only then did you realize that your cheeks were stained with tears and that you’d cut yourself on the shards of the broken lens.

“I’m- I’m sorry Jihyun,” you couldn’t even look at him, “I didn’t mean to- my mom was right… I’m really a demon in disguise, I even broke your camera. I did the most awful thing-”

“MC! Stop and listen to me! It’s okay, so please, stop thinking about those things. I know you’re blaming yourself again. You do this every time you break something.”

“B- But this time, it’s your camera and-”

“It’s not true, okay? You’re not evil, you’re not a demon and you don’t deserve whatever your parent’s have said to you in the past. Ignore those words and listen to mine. You’re the most important person I have in my life. Please stop hurting yourself with those thoughts. The camera may act as my eyes, but without you, I’d have no one to lead the way - and what’s the point in seeing if I don’t know where I’m going? ”


~Cherry L.

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高野苺『orange』&コミック情報公式 on Twitter
“高野苺『orange』最新第6巻‐未来‐ 5月31日(水)発売! 『orange』完結後に描かた2つの物語、劇場アニメ原作の未来編と、菜穂と須和の恋物語・須和弘人編を収録。 コブクロ「未来」DVD同梱の限定版も同時発売!”

Ichigo Takano’s Orange newest volume, vol. 6 - Mirai, will be released on May, 31st (Wed)!

It compiles the two stories drawn after Orange’s conclusion, Orange - Mirai, based on the original anime movie, and Naho and Suwa’s love story.

A limited edition of Kobukuro’s ‘Mirai’ DVD will be released at the same time!

Well, they were on sales!

My sorry excuse to go on a CD shopping spree XD

1. PassCode ~ Bite the Bullet single Limited Edition with DVD (Miss Unlimited Tour Final at Shinkiba Studio Coast Dec-2016 featuring Kid'z from MY FIRST STORY)

2. nano / ナノ ~ DREAMCATCHER single (featuring Sho Tsuchiya from MY FIRST STORY)

3. ONE OK ROCK ~ Ambitions (ok ….. don’t laugh LOL)

I’ll talk a little about each of them on separate posts.


It finally arrived this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so HAPPY!!!! :’D Dubbed version on 4th November in France !!!! can’t wait ^_^

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hello! Do you know what the name may be of the vid's of SHINee in japan when they hard to do the charades? Like when minho poiinted to Onew for chicken; as well as them having to be a suitcase or something lol. I wish I knew the name so I could search it; i don't even know if it's subbed.

Hello! It’s a game they played during the SHINee WORLD J OFFICIAL FANCLUB EVENT 2016~5th Anniversary Party~, featured on the FC Limited Edition of the FIVE DVD and which you can download raw here!