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hey guys,, i am trying to sell quite a few of my kpop albums! i really need this money to purchase a laptop for college,, please message me if you are interested or if you have any questions! i will only be shipping to the US (scratchouts will be things already purchased)

  • Astro Summer Vibes (folded poster+3 photocards+ postcard+ freebies)
  • CLC First Love (photocard + freebies)
  • EXO Miracles in December Korean version (snowglobe +freebies)
  • Infinite Destiny (photocard + polaroid freebies)
  • Infinite Reality (photocard + postcard + freebies)
  • Orange Caramel Copycat (postcard + freebies)
  • Shinee Misconceptions of Us (photocard + freebies)
  • Shinee Boys Meet U Limited CD+DVD edition (postcards + freebies)
  • Shinee I’m Your Boy Limited CD+DVD edition (photocard + freebies)
  • Taemin Ace (photocard + freebies)
  • Toppdogg Dogg’s Out (freebies)
  • Toppdogg Arario Special Album (photocard +freebies)
  • Toppdogg Annie (photocard + freebies)
  • Vixx Error (photocard + postcard + insert + freebies)

Hey! Say! JUMP “OVER THE TOP” Single Details

First-run limited edition 1 (CD+DVD)

Opening theme song for the Yomiuri TV/Nippon Television networks anime, “タイムボカン24 (Time Bokan 24)”

Music and Lyrics: twelvelayers
Arranger: SSKHz

2. Vanilla Ice

Composition:Janne Hyöty / KOUDAI IWATSUBO
Arrangement:Janne Hyöty

3. Vanilla Ice (original karaoke track)

“OVER THE TOP” music video + making-of

● First-run limited edition 2 (CD+DVD)

2. Funky Time

Music and Lyrics:Takehiko Takeuchi
Arrangement:Sumiharu Chiba / SSKHz

3. Funky Time (original karaoke track)

“Funky Time” music video+making of

● Regular edition (CD)

2. PARTY!!

Lyrics:Shigeo / MICO♯
Composition:Fredrik”Figge”Bostrom / MiNE / Atsushi Shimada

3. Our days

Music and Lyrics:twelvelayers
Arrangement:Tomoki Ishizuka

4. OVER THE TOP (original karaoke track)
5. PARTY!! (original karaoke track)
6. Our days (original karaoke track)


It finally arrived this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so HAPPY!!!! :’D Dubbed version on 4th November in France !!!! can’t wait ^_^


Sketches that came with the anime DVD limited edition.

Ohtaka’s comments:

Pic (1): ‘Scheherazade concept art. In order for her to look like someone from Ancient Rome or Greece, I wanted to crown her with a laurel wreath, but doing so will give the impression she was the emperor. After rethinking it, I ended up giving her a wreath of grapes and vines.’

Pic (2): ‘Volume 15 cover sketch. The colors and the background are important, but I think the character’s facial expression is the most important. After ten sketches and adjustments, I managed to draw the expression that I wanted to see her with.’

Note: according to one of the author’s backstages, Muu was going to appear behind Scheherazade on volume 15 cover. However, while coloring the background, having Muu there didn’t work and she had to erase him.

Female Sinbad, Jafar and Masrur from the Magi DVD limited edition.

Ohtaka’s comment:

“Sinbad and the other three. It’s from the time when I haven’t yet settled on their character. The ratio between males and females was so bad that I didn’t end up using any of them. They were going to be a group of four. For some reason, they all look like they have bad personalities.”


Kougyoku concept art that came with the DVD limited edition.

Ohtaka’s comments:

Pic (1)

“Kougyoku and Koubun original drafts. In here, Kougyoku is making such an evil expression, that’s because at first in the Balbadd arc, she was going to be kind of a mid-boss character who teams up with Cassim and stands in Alibaba and the other’s way.”

Pic (2)

“A concept art for Kougyoku from the time when I finally settled on her character. Back then, I haven’t come up with her name yet. I always leave naming the characters to last, often just before submitting the manuscript.”

Pic (3)

“I think this is the very first draft I did of Kougyoku. I thought for her to be a more plain-looking character with a split personality. She was going to have a weapon similar to Cassim.”


Sketches that came with the DVD limited edition.

Ohtaka’s comments:

pic (1): a very old concept art that I did before Magi’s serialization. It’s female Aladdin and Alibaba from the time when the latter was going to have a gloomy personality. Regarding Alibaba’s hair horn, it has been a part of his design ever since then. At first, Alibaba was going to be twisted and ill-tempered, and so I created him while imagining the pointed part on the top of his head as the devil’s horn. Though, right now, it’s nothing more than pointy hair.

Pic (2): a later sketch that came after drawing more than 10 other sketches. It’s from the time when Sinbad was going to be female. I was contemplating whether to add another main character with Aladdin, Alibaba and Morgiana.