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Okay so I was cleaning my room and decided to found out how much MonHun merch I’ve collected so far.

as confirmed earlier today: shinee will be releasing their fifth full length japanese album, five on february 22nd to correlate with their upcoming (fifth) japanese tour, shinee world 2017 ~five. the album will contain twelve tracks in total, including the tracks that were included on their last two single albums: kimi no sei de (“kimi no sei de”, “nothing to lose”) and winter wonderland (“winter wonderland”, “”melody“). this means that there will be eight new tracks on the album, the most new tracks that has ever been included on a full length japanese album. below is details on the different versions of the album that will be available.

first press limited edition a [bluray + cd]
price: ¥5,678 (roughly $46.58 usd)
[cd (total twelve songs)] + [bluray] + [48p pb]

this edition will come with a tall size digipack with a sleeve case, first press limited edition original visuals (which will be the same for both ver. a and b) and five different trading cards (persuambly one for each member) which will be included randomly per purchase. the bluray will contain the music video for the title track, along with a shooting sketch for it. all album songs will be recorded in a high resolution (48rhz / 24bit) audio.

first press limited edition b [cd + dvd]
price: ¥5,076 (roughly $43.96 usd)
[cd (total twelve songs)] + [dvd] + [48p pb]

this edition will come with everything mentioned for the first edition, with the exception of two things: there will be a dvd rather than a bluray (to point out the obvious) and the songs will not be recorded in the mentioned high resolution format, but the regular album resolution.

regular edition [cd]
[cd (total twelve songs)] + [28p pb]
price: ¥3,240 (roughly 28,06 usd)

this edition will come with regular edition original visions. it will not come with either a bluray or dvd, nor will it come with trading cards.

fan club limited edition [cd + dvd]
[cd (total twelve songs)] + [dvd] + [28p pb]
price: ¥4,644 (roughly $40.23 usd)

this edition (which is only avaliable to those who are a member of shinee world japan) will come with fan club limited edition original visions, and a seven inch record size paper jacket. the dvd, along with the music video and shooting sketch content, will also contain an original video from the october / november 2016 arena fanmeets that shinee held in japan.

special gifts that will come along with the albums include: for the first press limited editions and regular edition - lottery application forms with a serial number to apply for a premium ticket (with ticket holder and picture / photo ticket) for shinee’s recently added ending tour dates at yoyogi national stadium from april 28th - 30th. there will be 555 tickets limited to each show with the planned application period for them being february 21st - 26th. this will be a first press limited gift. for the fan club limited edition there will be an invitation to participate in a backstage tour at shinee’s upcoming tour. each tour will be limited to one concert, and will not include the concert ticket. members will not be participating in the show.


hey guys,, i am trying to sell quite a few of my kpop albums! i really need this money to purchase a laptop for college,, please message me if you are interested or if you have any questions! i will only be shipping to the US (scratchouts will be things already purchased)

  • Astro Summer Vibes (folded poster+3 photocards+ postcard+ freebies)
  • CLC First Love (photocard + freebies)
  • EXO Miracles in December Korean version (snowglobe +freebies)
  • Infinite Destiny (photocard + polaroid freebies)
  • Infinite Reality (photocard + postcard + freebies)
  • Orange Caramel Copycat (postcard + freebies)
  • Shinee Misconceptions of Us (photocard + freebies)
  • Shinee Boys Meet U Limited CD+DVD edition (postcards + freebies)
  • Shinee I’m Your Boy Limited CD+DVD edition (photocard + freebies)
  • Taemin Ace (photocard + freebies)
  • Toppdogg Dogg’s Out (freebies)
  • Toppdogg Arario Special Album (photocard +freebies)
  • Toppdogg Annie (photocard + freebies)
  • Vixx Error (photocard + postcard + insert + freebies)
AI CATCH (Inst ver.)
AI CATCH (Inst ver.)

Fragment of AI CATCH’s instrumental version from HELLBLAU±2 (limited edition cd from Tower Records)

(Other known instrumental versions in said cd: DeSlash, Paramidia+ and Only Finally There Is Free END+)

why propose with a ring when you can propose with concert tickets and a limited edition cd boxset

平和島静雄 折原臨也

This is the prologue for the Kenka CD 2 for the first durarara series.  Idk if I’m going to upload every single track or just the first 3. It will depend on the people who will respond and message me for it.

For those who are asking, I have the Kenka Cd2 (that one of our friend in japan said it was a limited edition one when you buy the Blu ray complete set), Durarara!! Relay PsVita Game limited edition Drama cd of Shizuo’s Birthday and the Drrr Izaya and Shizuo Ghost Story. I really wanted to have the Mini Drama cd from Izaya Kuji and the Chocolate(? not sure but they have this one) drama cd soon. :)

Kenka Cd 1 is this one from youtube: