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Hello, it is I, your local Harry Potter fan.

Please take a moment to imagine Sirius Black’s reaction to James Potter’s canon parent, Mr Fleamont Potter.

Please take a moment to imagine Sirius Black discovering James’ shameful secret, and buying enough bottles of Sleekeazy to cover his bed with.

Please imagine Sirius Black entering the Great Hall with a flip of the hair and a loud, booming “WOW my hair sure looks FANTASTIC today thanks to SLEEKEAZY BY MR FLEAMONT POTTER”.

Please imagine Sleekeazy becoming trendy thanks to Sirius Black.

Please imagine James recieving bottles of Sleekeazy from Sirius every Christmas, Easter, Halloween, New Year, and Valentine’s day.

Please imagine Sirius taking every opportunity to advertise it in class, managing to go on a rant about it in Transfiguration because “technically isnt such a MARVELLOUS transformation from DULL AND UNRULY to SHINY AND FABULOUS considered transfiguration???”, and McGonnagal’s lips twitching.

Please imagine Sirius accosting Dumbledore and starting a long chat about “how fantastic that product is, do you use it on your beard, sir”, and Dumbledore playing along.

Please imagine Sirius roping everyone into it, even Lily, who does originally does it to annoy James and later, well, to annoy James, and cheerfully starts conversing with Sirius about how Sleekeazy is her “ABSOLUTE favourite hair product, she uses it ALL the time.”

Please imagine Sirius inventing a whole new array of insults to throw at Snape concerning his haircare, and leaving stacks of adverts for Sleekeazy on his desk.

Please imagine Sirius Black actually meeting Mr Potter, and absolutely gushing over how honoured he is to meet such a creative genius, how he uses his products all the time, how he collects all the limited edition bottles, while Mr Potter is amused and flattered and Mrs Potter dies laughing.

All this takes place whilst James is almost tearing his hair out and weeping in desperation.

And then on the day of his wedding he sees Lily coming up the aisle and she’s absolutely radiant and beautiful and he’s in tears, and then she stops next to him and he just.

Pauses. Looks.

Turns to Sirius, who is grinning.

Turns back to Lily.

“You used Sleekeazy, didn’t you.”

Lily almost folds over laughing, and Sirius has to hold on to her to avoid keeling over, and the entire assembly is just in tears while James stands poker-faced in betrayal.

He wants a divorce, he says.

You’re not even married yet, Sirius says.

But James, Lily says, I thought you’d like it.

Fuck off, both of you. Remus! Help! James says.

It does look rather fetching, Remus says.

James gives up.

(And then years later Harry sends Sirius pictures of the Yule Ball and Sirius sits in the cave gnawing on chicken bones and looks at Hermione and almost cries when he spots her hair.)

RFA: Walks In To Zen’s Shower

[Warning: May contain spoilers, read at own risk]

I elaborated all the point-form scribbles from random scribbles that I typed in my notepad awhile back. Here’s RFA members + V + Saeran’s reaction with MC as Zen’s S/O. It’s my first attempt, hope you guys like it! - Mod Yoo.

The RFA is having a post-celebration for yet another successful fundraiser party from the night before. This time it’s Jumin’s turn to be the host. As expected of the corporate heir, he had already hired some of the country’s top culinary professionals as the occasion’s personal chefs, to collaborate with his private chef to serve up a special luncheon. Halfway through the luncheon, Saeyoung “accidentally” spilled not 1 but 2 cans of Dr. Pepper (he brought a carton over, very surprising) that he furiously shook in an attempt to prank Yoosung, who somehow manage to pull off a quick dodge since boy plays sports, and the drinks unloads ALL onto Zen’s back, he didn’t anticipate it cos he’s busy feeding MC. Saeyoung let out a quick yelp and took off running after Yoosung while Saeran ponders about having such a dorky twin. Groaning with frustration, Zen is left with no choice but a bath to get rid of the sticky, sugary mess he’s in. “Feel free to utilize one of my guest bathroom, it’s all yours.” Jumin said sniggering but continued: “I’ll have Driver Kim get a new set of clothes, it shall be ready by the time you’re done cleaning up.” Barely able to keep himself from yelling at Saeyoung and Jumin, Zen mutters quiet thanks and excuses himself from MC to go in for a shower. *Personally, I feel like Zen would be the type of guy that takes long bath, to ensure every inch of his perfect skin is taken care of; plus, he’d totally make full use of those luxurious products simply laid out in Jumin’s guest bathroom.*

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I have a way of filming things and staging them and designing sets. There were times when I thought I should change my approach, but in fact, this is what I like to do. It’s sort of like my handwriting as a movie director. And somewhere along the way, I think I’ve made the decision: I’m going to write in my own handwriting.

Wes Anderson


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Claire felt on top of her game at work.  She was rested and ready to tackle the E.R.  She had made it a personal goal to take time for meals and breaks so she wouldn’t get so run down again, even in the face of the impending night shifts. She texted Jamie when she could and called him on breaks to hear his voice.

Jamie went back to work and was pleasantly surprised to find that Willie had taken care of what he could and had left Jamie with only the most urgent of decisions.  Production of the wines were on time and the limited edition whisky was bottled, crated and ready to be delivered.  He texted Claire when he could, and took her calls regardless of where he was.  When he refused to follow Jenny’s cell phone tyranny, there was a bit of a struggle, but in the end Jamie told her he’d do what he wanted, and for her to keep her neb out of his business.

But over time, when day shifts turned to night shifts, and Jamie and Claire were on opposite schedules, the calls were hastily made and at times, unanswered.  The texts went hours in between.  Their plans to meet were cancelled and Jamie’s obligations to promote the new inventory during the Christmas holidays made it difficult to reschedule.

Claire became more tired, and Dr. Randall reared his ugly head again, challenging and pushing her.

Jamie became more frustrated, and was a nightmare at work.

It wasn’t until the middle of December that they were able to see each other. Excited didn’t begin to describe how he felt.  His body was humming with anticipation.  Claire, here, in his flat.  He could easily close his eyes and conjure her scent, how she felt writhing underneath him, but it wasn’t as good as having the real thing within his grasp.  To make it special Jamie decided to cook.  He planned the meal carefully and only put it in the oven when Claire texted to say she was on her way.  

An hour and two glasses of wine later, there was no sign of her.   She wasn’t answering calls thirty minutes later.  And forty-five minutes after that, he finally heard her sprint up the stairs.  He dumped the ruined meal into the sink and opened the fridge for a beer.  He heard her on the landing.  As he flipped the cap off his beer he heard her key scrape against his lock.  As the handle turned he drank deeply.

Claire dropped her bag just inside the door, an apology on her lips.  But it caught in her throat when she saw the meat steaming in the sink, and smelled the tinge of a burnt meal. Then she saw him.  He was vibrating with anger. His usual sky blue eyes were narrowed and dark.  The wide, generous mouth was set in a tight line.   She cleared her throat, and lifted her chin. “I’m sorry, Jamie. An emergency came in as I was leaving and I was told to stay.”

Jamie nodded, and took a pull from the bottle dangling loosely from his fingers. “I see.  And no chance to let me know, then?”

She unwrapped the scarf from around her neck.  “No. There wasn’t.”

Jamie shook his head, and looked up at the ceiling.  “No. O’ course not.”  He set his bottle carefully on the kitchen counter and gripped the edge with his big hands.  “Ye know, Claire, I canna tell if yer just selfish, or if you truly dinna realize what it is to be worrit about someone.”  

She flinched at his use of her name.  He hadn’t called her Claire in weeks.  “Ye take it into yer mind to do as ye damn well please, with no thought for anyone else.”

“It’s my job, Jamie.”

“No, Claire.” he said, softly. “It’s no yer job.  I ken ye grew up alone.  I ken ye rely on yerself and no one else.  But what I dinna ken is maybe ye dinna miss me, as I’ve missed you. That maybe ye dinna feel for me, what I feel for you.”  

Her mouth dropped open.  Not miss him?  Not have feelings for him? “This is not my fault.  Dr. Randall wouldn’t let me leave!” she said.  Now she was angry. He knew what it was like for her. He knew.  

“I’m about to head to the hospital and tear that bastard apart wi’ my bare hands.”  

Claire thought she’d pay good money to see him do just that.  But she had to make him understand.  “I was leaving with Mary Hawkins.  He literally grabbed my arm and told me I wasn’t going anywhere.  I said I was off the clock and tried to pull away.  He got really angry.  Mary offered to stay and he told her to go.  Told her she was incompetent, and hadn’t she put enough lives in danger tonight.  Mary was so upset by what he said, she started crying.  I told her to go.  Mrs. Fitz told him I was over my limit, but he yelled at her, too.  After we dealt with the trauma, Mrs. Fitz and I worked on filing a formal complaint.”

Jamie’s head snapped up at that. “Ye stayed to do paperwork?”

Claire lifted her chin. “There’s a time limit for lodging a complaint.  It had to be done before I left.”

“But nay chance to pull out yer wee cell phone and call me, no?”   Jamie crossed his arms over his chest.  “This job is no’ good for ye, Claire.  Maybe it’s time ye found another.”

Claire felt trapped. Baited.  And in that moment, overwhelmingly sad.  

She had absolutely missed Jamie. And because she missed him, she’d been thinking a lot about her future.  What she wanted in life.  She’d come to a decision and wanted to share it with him, but now she knew she couldn’t.  She should have known it was too good to be true.  That he was too good to be true. In the end, they were all the same, thinking they knew what was best. After all, she was just a woman. She was glad she hadn’t removed her coat.  It would make it easier.  She took a deep breath and swallowed over the lump in her throat.

“I’m sorry, Jamie.  I realize now this isn’t going to work.  I thought it could.  But I cannot put any more stress on myself.  I shouldn’t have thought to make promises I couldn’t keep.” She tried to keep her voice from shaking.  “I’m planning on going to medical school.  I’m planning on becoming a doctor.  A surgeon, in fact.  I’m planning on enrolling at Uni for the spring semester.”

Jamie stared at Claire.  His heart was pounding.  What was she saying?  A Dhia, was she saying they weren’t going to work?  She was looking at him, but she wasn’t seeing him. She was looking right through him.

“If you cannot handle my hours now, you’ll never be able to handle my hours as a medical student.  In fact, Mrs. Fitz and I were talking about how to fit some part-time shifts in there as well.  Anyway.”  She picked up her scarf and bag and reached behind her for the door knob.  “I can’t be with someone who doesn’t support me. Who doesn’t understand that medicine is who I am.”

She pulled open the door and slipped through it.  “Goodbye, Jamie.”  

She hated the way her voice broke on his name.  Slamming the door she ran up the stairs to her flat, diving into her pocket for her keys and unlocked the door with shaking hands.  She heard his door open as she bolted hers. Running into her bathroom she closed the door and turned on the shower. She let the hot spray run over her throbbing head and mingle with her tears.

She never heard him pounding on the door and calling her name for a solid hour.

paxton wearing lingerie but the lace ripping 

paxton buying clothes for himself, going to the store bathroom to let someone else front to buy THEIR clothes, and repeating this for all his alters that like different clothes

(to add on to the previous one) paxton organizing his clothes in his closet with names of alters on them so they don’t get confused

paxton sitting on the lab table(of course being careful as can be) at his job as a biochemist but nobody can do anything about it because he’s their fucking boss

paxton not worrying about his weight because he’s totally accepting of his weight

paxton with rubber bands on his arms because he likes the pressure

paxton collecting limited edition bottles of mountain dew and having a section on his wall specifically for pristine mountain dew labels



Let me just post this character sheet I was working on and didn’t share, it’s already way outdated ;D She’s inspired by a limited edition bottle of Bombay Sapphire. She originally had transparent legs but we’ll see, I’m thinking more like a partial crystal shimmer on black velvet. She has a Gin&Tonic super-form which is a mosquito-winged pegasus. Otherwise her attire tends to be peacock inspired. I guess I don’t normally draw her as MLP, me and my skinny horses.