limited acting skills

When it’s announced everyone thinks it’s a joke, like some cheap spy spoof that somehow got the James Bond license. Wee-Man’s wearing a costume shop blonde wig and walking sexily out of the ocean in the trailer and it all looks so stupid. But then it comes out and they’re all playing it straight. This is a serious, big budget James Bond film that’s stretching Steve-O’s limited acting skills to breaking point. Bam Margera is doing the best he can while reportedly insisting on wearing board shorts with his tuxedo. Julianne Moore wins best actress and the film hovers at 52% fresh while critics can’t decide if it’s the best or worst thing they’ve ever seen. David Fincher to direct.

Expanding Upon a Thought

I recently came upon a reblogged post that I feel I needed to expand on. In fact, it got me thinking about characters in general and why I enjoy writing so much…more than drawing and attempts at voice acting, even. Out of all the creative things I can do and even some creative things I have yet to try to do, writing holds an extremely special place in my heart.

I’ve always been a creative soul and I’ve had an acute love with words for as long as I can remember. But what I love about words more than anything is the imagery they can create and the worlds they can form or destroy. My writing process usually consists of a single idea, a blank document, and me sitting there with my eyes closed. I’ll take a deep breath and with my eyes still closed I’ll begin to write. I will not open my eyes or stop typing until I’ve hit a fork in the road of sorts…a different way the story could go if I just go North instead of East. At that point one of two things will happen: I open my eyes, open a new document, type out the “different” scenario, save it, close it, and go back to what I was typing before with my eyes closed again. Or I will open my eyes, open a new document, type out the “different” scenario, save it, then work it into the original document but my eyes will stay open because now I’m actively trying to shape the idea that just came to me instead of letting it flow.

I am a former RPer and if the circumstances are right I could see myself picking it up again. For those who don’t know what that means I used to Role Play. I wasn’t on a forum or anything but I did role play with friends for over 6 years. It was so much fun coming up with a character and then having them go through emotions, situations, etc at a moment’s notice. It really tested my creative ability at times. I stopped role playing when I discovered MMOs (Full term is MMORPG - Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) but character creation and depth never left me. I would still come up with backstories for all my MMO characters. I still play MMOs to this day and I still do this. MMOs are what led me to my first RPG single player game: Dragon Age: Origins in late 2012. And thus leads us to where this post is really going toward: Characters in RPG games.

Graphics are wonderful to look at and having characters do interesting things in places full of fascinating historic stuff is important. But what makes or breaks an RPG game for me are the characters. Can I relate to my hero? Will I find my companions worth recruiting and keeping? Is the person I’m romancing loyal? The questions go on and on and if a game doesn’t having ‘sink-my-teeth-into’ characters that I can get behind then I will refuse to play the game. Even if I played the previous one. For me, the whole point of an RPG is to lose yourself in the story. Not just the main quest and quests surrounding it but also as the person you’re playing as and those you choose to keep around you as the story goes on.

And a character that moves me is the reason for this post. He is from Dragon Age: Inquisition and his name is Solas. Solas is one of the very first characters you meet when you start the game. He is an elf and a mage. When I first met him he was aloof and bristling because I was a Dalish elf and I was thinking to myself “Ok, he’s going to be like Morrigan. I just need to gain his trust first, right.” But oh, how I was wrong. He’s nothing like Morrigan - who ended up being my favorite character in the entire series after all was said and done and my Warden’s best friend in EVERY play through.(This is saying a lot, btw because there are so MANY wonderful characters in the Dragon Age series.) But I digress, back to Solas! After a few key choices I was on Solas’ good side and that’s when I started noticing things. How he would phrase things when you asked him questions or how he was different when he interacted with certain people. The man comes off as arrogant at first and I admit to wanting to punch him but once he trusted me it was like day and night. That’s where the attraction came to the character and considering how the game ends and everything you find out about in the end? It’s heartbreaking. The most heartbreaking story I’ve ever come across in *any* series. But just like Morrigan: Solas will NEVER be an enemy for me. I just can’t hate him. It’s the way he’s written. It’s the brilliant way that he’s voice. And yes, I’ll admit it, if I had the chance to bed him I would because his personality seals the deal for me.

Ya know, I get it. Different strokes for different folks but the question that was posed in that tumblr post about what makes Solas attractive for you really got me thinking about my gaming history, how I write, and even how I view Heroes vs Villains. Since being on tumblr and surrounding myself with the like-minded people I have found so far? I am “awake”. I wake up every morning and if I have time before work I’m typing in a word document another chapter to a story or an expansion on a previous story idea. When I’m at work and on my break I’m listening to voice actors or reading stories that inspire me. When I come home from work, I’m researching games or game lore to better improve my stories and to hopefully one day test the limits of my voice acting skills. All of you have given me my voice back and for that I will be forever grateful.

So to sum this all up: I love writing. I love creating characters and watching them get into or out of trouble respectively. I hope to be reading monologues or clips of my own stories soon. And yes, I think Solas is fucking sexy despite everything that happens. Hell, maybe even because of what happens. I don’t know yet. Still thinking about that one, haha.