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Are you going to really keep up with the lie that your problem with Hayley was created before her sex scene with Klaus? This is why all of you obsessed klaroliners have a problem with Hayley and PT. So stop pretending!

Is it crazy anon day today and I haven’t noticed?

Oh well…so I could write you an essay about this (since I am sure this is coming from Plec’s illusions that people do not like Hayley and Cami due to their shipping preferences) but I will refrain from doing so.

Instead I am going to show you a post I had made in 2013. February 27 to be exact. It was BEFORE 4x16 aired. We only had spoilers that Morgan would be in a sex scene and NO ONE knew or could imagine that Hayley would be the woman he would have sex with. It was kept a secret and there were no hints or clues about it whatsoever. You can check if you want. Back then most people have been talking about Caroline or I don’t even know what else. Hayley was not in the picture. At all. That was the situation that existed BEFORE 4x16 aired.

So if what you say is true and me and so many other Klaroline fans simply do not like Hayley and the actress that portrays her because she had sex with Klaus then why would I ever make that post BEFORE Hayley had sex with Klaus.

Here have it and in block quote too:

My opinions on the spoilers about the sex scene in 4X16.

I don’t care with whom Klaus has sex with. But I am just hoping it won’t be with Hayley.


I REALLY don’t want to see my favorite actor in the series having an intimate scene (even if it is meaningless) with my least favorite actress in the series and with a character that I really dislike (Seriously what is the point of Hayley’s existence anyway? And can’t the creators see that she is a character that most of the people [from what I have seen anyway] don’t like?)

I don’t think it is Hayley, but then again who knows. Maybe this is a way to start making her part of the spin-off. But that would be a low blow.

ANYONE else I can take!

# As for a possible sexual scene with Caroline. I have refrained to comment at this possibility so far but let us be realistic. With the progression they have shown in the last episodes -and in general- when it comes especially to Caroline and Klaroline it wouldn’t  be realistic for Caroline and Klaus to have a sex scene. Only if it was a dream or a hallucination or an angry foreplay that wouldn’t lead to sex eventually.

The thing is though that there are a few episodes left in the season and since Klaus will be leaving in the end of this season I do want to see meaningful scenes with him and Caroline.

I would prefer a REAL full of emotion kiss over a sex scene actually. And some progress of honesty.

Aside that we will have to wait and see. Who knows. Anything can happen.
Let’s just focus on the positives.

Joseph Morgan and a sex scene is one hell of a POSITIVE… long as it is not Hayley O_O


I actually DID NOT LIKE Hayley’s character or the actress that portrays her BEFORE she had sex with Klaus.

Why do you think that is? Maybe because the actress has limited acting skills that even like that are a disaster or because the character she plays is way way worse and the biggest writing failure I have even seen in my screen?

So are we done here?

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