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Please tell me they reached the limit of the teasing they will do to us ... at least for today, I've got fiction to write and hearts to break.

Hopefully no new promo or material or clip or preview is going to be released until the season is over. We REALLY do not need anymore of that.

OtaYuri Week | Day 1: First Time | In which figure skaters become mobile suit pilots in this self-indulgent Gundam AU.

Written for @otayuriweek

Title: Touch of the Martian Sun
Day/Prompt: Day 1 – First Time
Author: ryukoishida
Summary: Yuri Plisetsky may have the eyes of a soldier, but even the bravest warrior and one of the most formidable Mobile Suit pilots in Korishiro Corps can break at the seams when he reaches his limit. [Gundam (Iron-Blooded Orphans ‘Verse) AU]
Rating: T
Warning: Mention of past physical and emotional abuse
A/N: That Gundam AU that literally nobody asked for. Also includes some Mila/Sara because I couldn’t resist. This is one of the most self-indulgent things I’ve ever written, probably. You don’t need to know anything about the Gundam ‘verse except it’s kids piloting giant fighting robots.


“Yuri, what the hell are you doing?”

His captain’s voice is grainy through the intercom, but his hands – slender, graceful, scarred with old and recent wounds – continue to move like a fluttering dance, pushing buttons and pulling levers.

Every movement delicate and precise. Deadly.

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So I was rewatching YOI again and then I got to think…

In Episode 7 when Yuuri cried:

  • He’s always been an anxious fellow; he gets extremely nervous before important events
  • Now his anxiety and nervousness doubled because he thinks that his mistakes will reflect badly on Viktor, too, and of course he of all people doesn’t want the living legend to look bad in front of everyone - especially on Viktor’s debut as a coach
  • He’s trying his best to man up and hold himself together
  • But then Viktor said “i will resign as your coach if you fail” like testing him, so Yuuri gets extremely upset because it feels like Viktor has so little trust in him
  • Thus he reaches his limit and breaks down in tears

And then in Episode 12 when Viktor cries, at first I was like “well of course he cried, who wouldn’t be sad suddenly listening to yuuri saying something like that?”

But when I tried to put myself in his shoes:

  • He has been fascinated by Yuuri since the banquet last year; he was lonely and at the brink of losing inspiration, but then Yuuri came and brought colors to his life
  • His relationship with Yuuri has made him extremely happy; Yuuri taught him “life and love”, they have just recently exchanged engagement rings
  • They have been practicing for the Stay Close to Me Duet; that night Viktor must be looking forward to tomorrow’s exhibition when he could finally show their love to the whole world while skating to this program - the program that represents his desperate plea for love which was answered by Yuuri
  • But suddenly Yuuri said he would retire after this final, making that Duet he looked forward to the last time they skated together


Okay, let me be the one to say what we’re all low-key thinking about episode 8:

It didn’t have enough Victuri moments.

And not only that, but also the fact that you could probably pass the ones that we did get all off as ‘acting for the cameras’.

Or the fact that the kiss from ep 7 was never mentioned or otherwise acknowledged in the story.

And I think all of us may worry: Did YOI finally reach its limit? Did episode 7 have no significance to Victor and Yuuri’s relationship at all? Did they mark the kiss off their list and went “good enough, let’s forget about their mutual attraction now”?

In my opinion? No.

Is Victuri still canon? Yes, very much so.

Why did episode 8 focus on them so little then?

I think this much is apparent by now: Yuri on Ice has very little time left. We literally have only 4 episodes to go, one of which will be Rostelecom Free Skate, and at least two of which will be the Grand Prix Final. This time around, Victor and Yuuri’s screentime was taken by the 4 new skaters (not sure if it was entirely necessary) and Yurio (which was absolutely necessary and I’d argue that we didn’t get enough of him). And trust me when I say that I love the creators’ ambitions and their desire to show that each skater is unique and the world of figure skating is diverse and interesting, and their dedication is admirable but we just don’t have enough time for all of that.

However, I also don’t think that the focus will stay away from Victor and Yuuri for long now. This episode was important in terms of establishing the new skaters, but I believe that in ep 9, Victor and Yuuri will be in the main picture once more (even without Victor being physically there, and God, this can go in so many directions).

Is YOI trying to do more than it has the time for? Yes, absolutely, and it might just be a shot in the leg for the production team.

But does that mean that we should worry? No.

Yuri on Ice has taught us many times that it can surpass our expectations. I think we can trust it to impress us again.

I find it really sad how disposable Kpop groups are. Not just by their fans but also by the industry itself. It’s like they have an expiration date set on them, where once they’ve been in the industry for a certain number of years, they’re labeled too “old” and just thrown into the sidelines to wither away. They’re not even worthy enough to be invited to award shows because they’ve apparently reached their limit and supposedly not “relevant” enough to the public eye, so they end up being disrespected and forgotten. What’s even more sad is that these so called groups considered irrelevant now are the ones who made Kpop this huge and profitable today, and they don’t even get a quarter of the acknowledgement they deserve.

I’m so sensitive about Kara Danvers, as soon as I see someone saying something bad about her I’m like

Remember the scene in the latest episode where Tsukki was bending over at the sink?

Doesn’t this remind you of something?

This scene is from when Tsukki found out his brother was never the ace at Karasuno. 

What he learned from that experience is that no matter how hard you try, there will always be someone better than you. So, why try at all? Why practice and get better if someone is always ahead of you?

When he explained this to Yamaguchi in s2 ep8, Yams obviously got really mad.

Yamaguchi called Tsukki lame for not trying his best. Tsukki, whom Yamaguchi has always looked up to and thought as cool, is now ‘lame’ in his eyes. 

This is a major turning point for Tsukki. From then on in the season, Tsukki tried really hard to improve and learn new skills.

Now, fast forward to s3 ep10… Tsukki is finally realizing his passion for volleyball. Throughout the season, he had tried his best during the match with Shiratorizawa and reached the limits of his ability. Yet, even after they won, he thought of himself as ‘lame’ for not trying hard enough. This is SO DIFFERENT from where he was in season 2, where he thought people were lame for trying TOO HARD.

Yamaguchi realizes how much Tsukki has changed…

Yamaguchi recognizes that Tsukki tried his very best in the match, and is reassuring him that yes, you DO have something to be proud of. They won and are going to nationals! And Tsukki was the MVP of the game.

Tsukki isn’t lame for trying his best. He should be proud of his team and his own accomplishments.

And I think that by the end of the episode, Tsukki does realize how cool Karasuno really is.

Lemme just say… holy shit. That is some good character development right there. This is why I love Haikyuu.

On “Eros” and “Yuri on Ice” and what they might mean for how the GPF ends

The title of the anime is the same title as Yuri’s free program. It would make it quiet poetic if Yuri managed to win a medal in the GPF thanks to an excelent performance on it, wouldn’t it?

Moreover, while “yuri on ice” is about Yuri’s trajectory, “Eros” is about enticing someone. So it makes sense in a meta analysis for “Eros” to fail him when, well, Victor is already his and he doesn’t need Eros anymore. And while Eros has a limit to it (to entice but not what happens after), “Yuri on Ice”, on the other hand, does not. It’s something that can change and improve so long as Yuri changes.

So in a meta sense: Yuri has reached the limit of what he can do from Eros, but not “Yuri on Ice” and thus, if his issues are dealt with before the next GPF round, the finale could be him surpassing himself again and making up for his low mark, earning a medal even if not gold.

Misha’s 100th Episode

 I was on IMdB today and I saw that Misha is currently credited with 96 episodes.  (However, some of those are “credit only,” so I went to SuperWiki to get the real number).  As of LOTUS, he has appeared (with one of those being voice only, but it counts) in 94 episodes.  We know he is in First Blood (12x09), and I assume he’s going to be in the episode where the Winchesters try to save him from the crazy human (12x10).  That will be 96 episodes.

Now, I hope that he will be in at least 4 more episodes this season (although knowing this show, who really knows?), and if that’s the case he will hit the milestone of being in 100 episodes of Supernatural.  I think it would be nice if we all tweeted him or got it trending the night it airs. Of course at this time, I don’t know what episode that will be or when it will air, but I wanted to get the idea out there and circulating.

Let’s let Misha know how much we appreciate the fact that he’s been with us so long.

I know this is an extremely stressful time for you, but just remember you can only do as much as you possibly can. Then, give yourself a definite break of at least an hour to two, just to give yourself (brain included) a rest, which everyone needs once one reaches their limit. Remember, you will still be alive tomorrow, the sun will still rise the next day, so its not “A matter of life or death.”
—  Krista Cowton
Remedy (11)

Bucky x reader

Bucky’s POV.

Notes: trigger warnings! Implications of sexual abuse, mentions of torture, swearing, injuries, angst, fluffy, smutty, surgery, a very protective Bucky who knows exactly how to be sweet and careful.


I needed a surgeon. So I chose the most obvious one! One time appearance ;)

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“I’m sorry, sir”

“No-..” I huff out a laugh. “Sweetheart, don’t call me sir. You know this. Just tell me what’s bothering you, please?”

She looks at me and tries a smile, but it vanishes the moment it appears. “I don’t know, Bucky. I’m tired, I guess”

Okay, that’s something.

“d’You wanna take a nap then, doll?” I wrap my arms around her tighter, prompting a content sigh from her.

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