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how about the Chocobros being tasked with rescuing a noble's/important person's child bc they've been kidnapped but once they get there they discover that the child is their s/o who hid their lineage from them?

Aiyyyeee, guess who’s back. Sorry for the few day hiatus, everyone. I’ve been swamped with school work and other projects, but I’ve wanted to write so badly— this prompt has been on my mind for a while now.

And speaking of such, I apologize to the anon who requested this as it’s long overdue, but from the moment I first saw it I knew it was going to be another big one. So I wanted to wait and give it the proper time it needs to be worthy of what I had imagined. 

Without further ado, the angst queen presents yet another series “Not Who You Think I Am” (that title is about as cliche as it gets, I know)

Enjoy lovelies~



“The who?”

Noctis folded his arms across his chest, peering down at the old woman seated in her rickety chair. She rocked it casually, as if she were only talking about the weather. A voice shouted somewhere behind them— orders being given to soldiers— or hunters. Meldacio HQ was quite lively this Saturday afternoon.

The woman primly folded her fingers together in her lap. “The heir to the Gralean royal family, dear prince. I didn’t stutter.”

Prompto gaped beside him, “but the Gralean royal family? Isn’t that like Iedolas’ child or something?”

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REQUEST: Divine Intervention [Ravus/Reader] AU

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Edit 1: Guys, I would appreciate it if you didn’t spam that person who sent me the request, okay? It was my mistake, I am sorry. 

You all wanted Ravus… so here’s Ravus :3 If you were wondering why I wasn’t posting much… it was cause of this, lol (8 pages) The ideas put into this is a chain of events. The butterfly effect. How different Ravus’s story would be if something didn’t happen. The alternate universe of my Ravus Headcanon. And I shall graciously take those cookies, thank you! :3

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House Northbane is Recruiting!

Lord Dandez Northbane is seeking able bodied men and women to aid in safeguarding his homeland from demonic and domestic threats. The devastation left in the wake of the demonic invasions has created a situation where people are suffering and need strong defenders. Rebuilding and protection is a priority for House Northbane.

We do business and trade with other guilds. Merchants can benefit greatly from trade with the House, as we offer commission to any merchant, crafter or skilled hand who seeks to broaden business within House Northbane.

All specializations are accepted by House Northbane. Contact Lord Northbane or his Royal Guard Valdasowin to discuss pledging your service to the house.

Currently Open Positions

Seasoned Knights

(OOC: All races and classes are welcome, though at this time limited demon hunters will be accepted. The minimum requirements to join the guild are TRP and MessageBoard. Discord to be launched soon. Contact Dândez, Valdasowin, or Darrus to join.)

Welcome to AH City (WIP)

Based off of Achievement Hunter’s Let’s Play Minecraft series. (Currently only assorted episodes 1-100)

Buildings Include:

  • Downtown Achievement City (Geoff, Ray, Gavin, Michael, Jack, and Ryan’s houses, Kerry’s basement/Team Nice Dynamite hall WIP)
  • King’s Court (Top Right)
  • Spring Harvest Farm (ep. 93, West of King’s Court)
  • Goeff’s Farming & Mercantile Supply (Ep. 93, South of the Farm)
  • Hospital (ep. 87, North of Downtown)
  • Royal Bank of Geoff (ep. 95, West of Goeff’s)
  • Altar of Pimps (ep. 19 & 100, Top Left)
  • Thunderdome (ep 43, Bottom Left)
  • Birch Bunker (ep. 64, South of the Altar of Pimps)
  • Wool Collecting House (ep. 31-32, West of Downtown)
  • Shopping List House (ep. 52-53, West of Geoff’s House, South of Wool House)
  • Petting Zoo (ep. 76, East of Downtown)
  • No/Dark Petting Zoo (ep. 41-42, 64, North of Petting Zoo, South of Goeff’s)
  • Bay of Pimps/Jamboree Campground (ep. 28 & 80, Bottom Right)