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#1060. (Modern AU) Cia and Lana are determined to play through the entirety of Breath of the Wild as a team, with the two of them operating the separate JoyCons

anonymous asked:

how about the Chocobros being tasked with rescuing a noble's/important person's child bc they've been kidnapped but once they get there they discover that the child is their s/o who hid their lineage from them?

Aiyyyeee, guess who’s back. Sorry for the few day hiatus, everyone. I’ve been swamped with school work and other projects, but I’ve wanted to write so badly— this prompt has been on my mind for a while now.

And speaking of such, I apologize to the anon who requested this as it’s long overdue, but from the moment I first saw it I knew it was going to be another big one. So I wanted to wait and give it the proper time it needs to be worthy of what I had imagined. 

Without further ado, the angst queen presents yet another series “Not Who You Think I Am” (that title is about as cliche as it gets, I know)

Enjoy lovelies~



“The who?”

Noctis folded his arms across his chest, peering down at the old woman seated in her rickety chair. She rocked it casually, as if she were only talking about the weather. A voice shouted somewhere behind them— orders being given to soldiers— or hunters. Meldacio HQ was quite lively this Saturday afternoon.

The woman primly folded her fingers together in her lap. “The heir to the Gralean royal family, dear prince. I didn’t stutter.”

Prompto gaped beside him, “but the Gralean royal family? Isn’t that like Iedolas’ child or something?”

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Tough Magic: Part Five Voodoo!Harry AU

I already had this finished, so why not post it?

(Hint, hint: The next one is going to be SMUTTTTYYYYY)



He doesn’t know much about witches. Just that they can be just as powerful and any voodoo master, only, their magic is born with them. He also knows that voodoos are not particularly chummy with witches. “They’re here?”

“Apparently. Thought I had chased them out a century ago.” She’s immortal. The only cost was selling her soul to Papa Legba. The only problem with being immortal is she has to sacrifice and innocent soul to him every year. This usually consisted of virgins or children… babies. The thought alone sent a shiver down Harry’s spine. “But, hunters aren’t limited to witches. They’ll pay for your blood too.”

“Is that why we’re here? So you can tell us there’re witches and hunters in New Orleans?” Jeff asks.

“I have more.” She stands up and walks over to a drawer in the corner. She reaches in and pulls out several stacks of cash. “I want the witches gone. So everyone you bring to me, dead or alive, it’s ten grand. A witch’s soul can satisfy even the greediest.”

“How are we supposed to know who’s a witch? They’ve gone this long without us knowing.” Harry asks, staring at the large amounts of cash.

She smiles. “The good thing about us is we aren’t born with natural magic, making us impossible to find. So, we pair with the hunters. Let them know that we’re here to help because we want them gone just as much as they do. And each one you eliminate…” She waves the stacks in the air before putting them back in the drawer. She turns to them, about to speak again when the bell above the front door rings. “That’s all I have for you today. During this though, you’re still doing your other job. I’ll handle the deal with the hunters.” She walks up to Harry and flicks his long locks. “Cut your hair.”

He scowls at her back as they follow her to leave. When he pushes past the beads, he stops in his tracks and his blood runs cold. There, looking at the various herbs on the shelves was Charlotte. She hasn’t seen him yet, too lost looking at the jar in her hand. Harry quickly tries to back into the room, but he bumps into Jeff and the beads make an obnoxious clashing sound.

Charlotte jumps at the sudden clatter and looks for the source. Her eyebrows pinched together when she sees him and another man standing in the doorway at the back of the shop. She had been here before, but never has she seen Harry here. She stares at him, trying to process why he was back there when her thoughts were disrupted by LaLaurie. “Charlotte, how are you?” She pulls her eyes away from his, giving her full attention to her.

“I’m good. Just came to get more thyme.” Her sweet voice fills the tense air.

“Still can’t get that damn plant to live, huh?” She laughs. Harry was shocked. He’s never seen LaLaurie so…nice. Maybe it’s just a thing with this girl.  

She shakes her head and sets the jar on the counter. “I think I’m just going to give up on it. I’ve been trying for almost two months now.” She giggled. She looks at Harry out of the corner of her eye.

He feels a nudge on the back of his shoulder. “That’s her, isn’t it?” Jeff whispers. He nods.

“Don’t talk like that now, child. When have you ever given up on anything?”

“I really think it’s given up on me.” She smiles that smile that makes Harry’s legs tingle a bit. She takes the jar after she’s paid for it and puts it in her bag that hangs off of her shoulder. “I have to go. My friend is waiting for me in the shop next door. It was nice seeing you, Miss LaLaurie.”

“Goodbye, sweets.” She gives a little wave.

Charlotte locks eyes with Harry again, not breaking it for a few seconds. He looks away first, scratching his nose. She pulls her bag higher up her shoulder before turning and leaving the shop. Harry’s glued to the floor, unable to move. His heart was beating in his chest so fast. She’s going to ask him why he was there, why he was in the back room, how he knew LaLaurie. He needed to create answers that weren’t “hey, I practice voodoo and we’re trying to kill witches.”

“Dude, what the fuck.” Harry looks at his friend. “Go!” He was telling him to go after her.

Harry’s broken from his trance and starts to take long strides to the front door. “Styles!” He turns sharply on his heel to face the queen. “She’s good. Don’t ruin her.”


He looks to his left just in time to see her pull open the door to a boutique. Jeff exists soon after. “I’ll wait out here.” He smirks.

Harry shoots him a glare before hesitantly walking into the boutique. When he pulls open the door, a little bell above him rings. A girl about his age walks up to him with a wide grin. “Welcome! Is there anything I can help you with?” Her voice was so high it made his ears ring and he wanted to get away from her as quick as possible.

“No.” Was all he said to her, turning away to look for the girl he’d much rather be around.

“Are you sure? You look a little lost.” She’s closer to him now.

He opens his mouth to tell the girl to piss off when he feels a small hand wrap around his bicep. His head snaps in that direction, only to be met with the top of a blonde head. Charlotte is looking at the other girl with narrowed eyes. “He’s looking for me.”

Harry couldn’t help but smirk at her jealousy. The girl gives Charlotte a hard stare before turning and walking away. As soon as they’re alone, he turns to her rather sharply. “Why haven’t you answered my text?” He quietly snaps.

“What? I did like an hour ago. You’re the one who hasn’t answered.” She crosses her arms.

“There’s no way…” He pulls his phone out of his pocket and sees that he does in fact have a missed text from her. “Oh.”

“How do you know LaLaurie personally?” She raises an eyebrow.

“What makes you think I know her personally?”

“Well, you walked out of her back room that customers are not allowed in.”

“I help her… sell product. It’s a side job.” He shrugs as casually as he can. “The extra money helps pay the bills.”

She gives him a look before uncrossing her arms and walking to a different part of the shop. He looks back at the other girl, catching her eye before she looks away quickly.

Before Harry caught up with her, Charlotte saw the girl still looking at him. She narrows her eyes at the shelf of shirts she was absentmindedly adjusting and a row falls off, piling on the floor. Charlotte smirks before going back to looking through the clothes as the girl lets out a disgruntled moan. She couldn’t find Claire anywhere, so she assumes she was in the changing room. She suddenly felt someone stand against her back and a pair of hands settles on her hips. “Mind me asking why you were there?” He whispers in her ear.

“I know you heard me talking to her. Or were you staring too hard?” She doesn’t remove her eyes from the lace top she pulled from the rack.

“It’s hard not to.” His hands slide higher up her sides, giving a light squeeze that made her squirm. With a satisfied smirk, he releases her from his grip (much to her dismay) and folds his hands behind his back, looking around the small shop. “So, what are you doing today?”

She looks at him over her shoulder. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

“Why do you continuously feel the need to be a pest?” He complains.

“Because it’s fun to annoy you. You make it too easy.” She pulls a black sundress off the rack. It was getting too cold to wear these, but she’ll save it for spring.

“I do not.” He pouts.

She turns to him with the clothes draped over her arm. “Yes, you do, Haz. You let every little thing get to you.” She laughs. “Stop and smell the roses for once.” Little does she know he had a small rose garden behind his house that he cares dearly for.

He feels a tightening in his chest at finally hearing her nickname for him. “Haz, hm?”

She takes a bottle of water out of her bag. “Would you prefer a different one? Because I have couple rather not nice ones if you’d like.” She unscrews the cap and takes a drink.

“Is ‘daddy’ one of the not nice ones?” He looks her dead in the eyes.

Charlotte can’t help but to choke a bit on her water, her cheeks turning a crimson color. “I-I…” She watches as Harry’s amusement only grows as she scrambles to find words. “I’m going to try these on.” She quickly rushes past him to the changing rooms. “Claire?” She whisper yells.

“What?” She peaks her red head out of the curtain.

“He’s here.”

“Harry, where?! I need to see this guy!”

“Shhh! Oh my god! He’s going to hear you.”

“Where is he?” She tries to look over her shoulder for him.

“I kind of left him standing there to after he basically told me to call him ‘daddy’.”

Charlotte thought Claire’s jaw was going to hit the floor. “Hot!”

“Will you- you know what? I’m going to try these on.” She goes to a changing room at the end of the hall and pulls the curtain closed. She pulls her plain black hoodie over her head and shimmies out of her jeans after kicking off her shoes. She has the sundress on and is struggling to pull up the zipper in the back when the curtain flies open. Charlotte yelps and turns to see Harry standing in the entrance. “H-Harry, what are you doing?” She asks as he steps in and closes the curtain again.

“Need help with that?” He smirks.

“Um, sure.” She turns around, watching him in the mirror as he steps closer. His fingers run down her spine, leaving goosebumps in their trail.

“It’s too cold to be wearing this, Kitten.” He can’t help but to press his lips to her smooth shoulder that was left bare from the thin straps.

She sighs softly and rolls her head to the side, letting him trail his lips up the side of her neck. “Are you going to zip me up or not?”

“Do you want me to?” He teases.

“Yes, in fact I would very much like it if you did.” The smirk is quickly wiped from his face and he zips her closed rather harsh.  He takes a step back and watches as she decides on the dress, turning side to side in the mirror. “Don’t be so grumpy.” She teasingly pouts at him through the mirror. She can’t help but to laugh at his toddler-like fit he put on while sitting on the stool in the corner of the dressing room with his arms crossed. She wanted to kiss his pouty, rejected lips. She walks over to him and stands between his open legs and places her hands on his shoulders. “What’s the matter?” She speaks to him in a baby voice that annoys him, but he doesn’t have the heart to tell her he hates it.

“You’re a pest, that’s what the matter is.” He doesn’t look up at her.

“Now, that’s not very nice.”

“Thought you knew by now ‘m not a very nice person.”

She shrugs. “This is true.” He looks up at her finally. “But you are when you want to be. And I like it when you are.” They stare into each other’s eyes for a moment before she smiles and turns around. “You can unzip me now.”

He stares at her back, observing the curve of her shoulder blades and her smooth skin that he wanted to kiss again. He sits up straight and grabs the zipper before slowly pulling it down. “Thank you.” She hums softly, staring to walk away, but is stopped by a firm grip on her waist. She stumbles back a bit as Harry pulls her to him. He leans forward and presses his lips to the center of her spine and going up as high as his sitting position would allow him. Her skin was so smooth and all Harry wanted to do was rest his body against her naked body. Nothing sexual (though he would mind), just wanting to have skin to skin contact with her.  

Charlotte can’t help but close her eyes, sighing as her head rolls back onto her shoulder, reveling in the shivers that were sent through her entire body. He smirks into her skin when she moans so quietly he almost doesn’t hear it.

“You goin’ to get it?” He mumbles.

“No. I don’t like the way it’s cut. It makes me look-“

“Don’t even finish that sentence.” His lips stop their movement on her spine and his voice becomes firm, his grip on her getting tighter.

She turns a bit, looking at him over her shoulder. She smiles softly before finally slipping from his grasp to change out of the dress. She slides the straps off of her shoulders and the dress falls to the floor.

“Nice seeing you in some color, Kitten.” He says, talking about her baby pink bra and panties. He can’t help but squirm in his seat a bit, feeling heat rush to his groin.

She laughs a bit. “They never said anything about the color of our underwear, so why not?” She blushes a bit, not realizing until now that she had just stripped in front of him. She hangs the dress back into the hanger and begins to put her cloths back on. She didn’t need to try on the other clothes, knowing they were her size. She grabs the clothes from the hook and holds the ill-fitting dress in the other. She begins to walk out of the room before she stops. “Oh, Harry.” She looks up at him as he stands. “Can you grab my purse?”

He looks at bag on the floor and then back at her. “Are you serious?”

“What? Of course I am. I don’t have a free hand.”

“’M not carryin’ your purse.” He scoffs.

“Seriously? I’ll take it back as soon as I’m at the counter.” He stares at her, not moving. She huffs, about to just give up and try to get it herself, but gets an idea. She closes the small space between them and stands on her toes, leaning in until her lips ghosted against his ear. “Please, Daddy?”

She can hear his breath catch and see his body go ridged. She lowers herself back down and their eyes meet. He blinks twice before scoffing and bending to snatch the purse from the ground and marching out of the dressing room. She smiles and saunters after him. He’s already halfway to the counter, quickly making his way through the shop. Claire is standing by the front entrance with a shopping back in hand. Her eyes widen when she finally sees Harry for the first time. She looks back at Claire and mouths an “oh my god”. Charlotte puts a finger to her lips, telling her friend to be quiet.

When she gets to the counter, Harry’s already set the stupid purse on the counter and was standing to the side, waiting for her. She gives to dress to another lady, that wasn’t the one eyeing Harry, and sets the rest on the counter. While the lady was scanning, Harry watched the total go up. “How are you able to afford all of this?” He knows he hits a soft spot when she takes a few seconds to answer.

“Well, my mom kind of…forced me to go here last second and I guess she feels guilty so she sends me money all the time.” It wasn’t a complete lie, just not the full truth.

“Where are you from?” He realized that he doesn’t know anything about this girl and he wanted to know everything about her.

“Connecticut.”  She says as she hands the lady her credit card to pay.

“What about dinner tonight?” He says quickly.

Her head is spinning from how quickly the subject changed. “Where did this come from?”

“I just-I don’t know anything about you and I’ve already had my tongue down your throat.”

She gasps and blushes quickly when the cashier gave them a look. “Don’t you have work?”

“Not tonight.” He snatches her shopping back from the counter before she can grab it. Sure, he’ll carry my clothes but not my purse. She rolls her eyes at the thought. “Come to my place.”

“I-I don’t know.”

“It wasn’t a question.”

She smiles and shakes her head. “What time?”

He gets giddy inside. “How about we take your friend home and then head over?”

Charlotte looks at the time on her phone. “It’s only twelve.”

“So lunch and dinner.” He shrugs.

She laughs, looking at Claire. “I have to speak with my advisor.”

“Your what…?” He watches as she walks over to her friend. “Really?”

Charlotte ignores him as she walks over to Claire. “Dude! He’s so hot!” She whispered loudly.

“He wants me to go to his house.”

“Oooh.” She wiggles her eyebrows up and down, whining when Charlotte smacks her arm. “Alright, damn.” She rubs the sore spot. “I say go for it. Maybe you’ll get laid.”

“What happened to ‘don’t go all haven’t had sex in a year’?”

“Yeah, but that was before I saw how fit he is.”

While the two girls were going back and forth, Harry stands off to the side holding Charlotte’s shopping bag. The bell rings and Jeff walks in, walking straight to him. “What’s going on?” He asks.

“She’s speaking to her ‘advisor’” He grumbles. “You can go home. ‘M walking her.”

“Alright. Don’t do anything stupid.” He pats Harry’s arm. “Don’t forget.” He’s talking about to supposed witch hunt.

Harry smirks. “How can I forget that much money?”

Jeff returns with the same smirk before walking out of the shop. Right after he left, Charlotte comes back to him with a large smile on her face. “You’ve been approved.”

“Have I now?” He huffs.

“Mhm.” She sees his unimpressed face. “Oh, come on. Smile a bit. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you smile.”

He rolls his eyes before walking past her towards the exit. He holds the door open until Charlotte and Claire are through the door. “This is Claire, by the way.” She says.

Harry nods at the other girl, not saying anything. He can see Charlotte frown a bit, obviously expecting him to be a little livelier like he was around her. She doesn’t know yet that he isn’t like chatty with everyone. Sure, the first few times they met he was a total ass, but he talked to her more than he would anyone else. He still hasn’t figured out yet what makes him so drawn to her. But, he’s slowly starting to care less and less about finding the answer.

The short walk from the shop to the house was quiet, Harry not wanting to strike up a conversation with anyone (other than Charlotte). However, his wishes were not granted when Claire spoke up. “Who was that guy?”

He didn’t respond at first until he felt a nudge to his side. He looks to see Charlotte looking up at him, her eyes narrowed as if to tell him it’s not polite to ignore people. He knows she would say that.

“My friend.” He mumbles. He can see the small girl next to him roll her eyes. “Jeff. He just came in to say bye.”

“He was kind of hot.” She states. He almost laughs when he hears Charlotte turn to her friend and whisper he name firmly. “What? You can have your fun, but I can’t have mine?”

He doesn’t like the thought of only being “fun” for Charlotte. Was that all she thought of him as? He couldn’t help the bit of anger that filled his chest.

Before they know it, they arrive in front of the large, white house. He stares straight ahead as the two girls said their goodbyes, Charlotte saying that she won’t be out too late. When Claire tries to say bye to him, he only nods, still not looking at either of them. As soon as he hears the gate close, he starts off in the direction of the trolley stop. The walk to his home was too long to just walk. Charlotte has to almost jog to keep up with his fast pace. “Harry.” She calls with no success. “Harry!” He stops this time, waiting for her to catch up. “What’s wrong with you?”

“Is that all I am?” He turns sharply to face her, his figure towering over her and making her feel even smaller. “A bit of fun?”

“What are you even talking about?”

“Your friend. She said that I was ‘your fun’.”

She scoffs at him. “She didn’t even mean it that way. You’re not just ‘a bit of fun’. What you are right now is a baby throwing a tantrum.”

He glares at her before facing a head, waiting for the trolley. He hears her sigh, as if she was giving up. “I don’t keep a lot of people around, y’know.” He finally says after a few minutes of silence. “Jeff, he’s really the only friend I have here.”

“I’ll be your friend.” She steps a bit close to him.

He looks down at her, his face set in a serious tone. “I don’t want you to be my friend.” She frowns a bit and he notices. “Not just my friend.”