Manannán at Night

I go for a walk/jog every day. A few days ago I decided to go around 9 pm. It had been raining most of the day, but it was nice then, peaceful. The air felt wonderful as it tugged at my clothes and hair.

And fog lay heavy all over the ground. Off in the distance, close at my feet… everywhere I looked. And as I walked the streetlights shone golden, like man-made fireflies lighting my path. As I walked and it got darker, my feet treading a path I know quite well, a sense of liminality overcame me.

Sounds seemed almost muted. I ran my hands over plants and felt the cool rain drops cover my skin. Not a person was out and about. I felt as if I could and would walk straight onto another plane.

It felt magical. And for some reason I can’t get a grasp of, Manannán’s name kept occurring to me, like a song at the back of my head. Quiet, yet persistent.

In conclusion: what u want, Manannán?

leesunmi  asked:

Are you a Beyoncé fan?

The Toothless Dentist hovering above me smiled wryly and whispered in an ancient and accursed tongue, blessedly unbeknownst to most,

Eye am but here to clean out your ears.  

With the pompous dexterity of an orchestral conductor so skilled in his practice that he experiences every musical note as a personal affront he stabbed at the interior of my ears, targeting the deposits of accumulated wax with alien precision.  

There you are, Fellow; your ears are clear my dear.

It was as though I had flown so high in the sky that all of my senses were perforated simultaneously.  I experienced a swift swelling, impartial energetic spore in the center of my forehead that seemed to embody years of congestion and my mind went numb. 

I felt as though in three seconds every thought I had ever thunk was reread to me backwards and forwards by a choir of elderly Berber tribesmen with leathery tongues and spritely eyes. 

Then the energetic spore came to a head and instantly self-immolated, leaving my ears clearer than ever before.  I could now hear at such a high-resolution that I experienced the textures of the drones and hums of the imposing white machines as transdimensional frequencies of liminal lightwaves; all sounds could be seen with such clarity that I had to close my eyes.  

That was amazing.  Thank you so much.  I said to My Dentist, sensing that he knew the gravity of the sensory shift that had just occurred, as much by my participation as his talent.  

Wait, what about my teeth cleaning? I asked, remembering that this is what I had in mind when I booked my Dentist Appointment.  

He winked and smiled and I knew I was asking a bit much.  Would you like me to file your income taxes, too, and water your plants while you’re on holiday in Alsace-Lorraine?  My Dentist asked.  

I laughed, knowing I need not press the matter further.

How much is it for today? I asked.  

You’ve already paid!  My Dentist said with a dazzling smile, and I realized that my teeth had in fact already been cleaned after all — they seemed to glisten in his mouth.