alright @ing nakaat for shits and giggles aside

this is a huge curveball - like his stuff with Perfume, Mito and Lawson-chan is a given (pretty sure Kyary is now working with all sorts of producers as well as nakaat now as per what she outlined), but CAPSULE is a huge fucking ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Like I’m sure they probably won’t disband and it’ll probably just become another one of Nakata’s production things, minus with this he’s in the limelight; but honestly I think if they were it’d probably be a good thing ultimately in the end - Nakaat can continue making whatever he wants (and get people in for vocals or stuff), and honestly? Toshiko is WASTED on Nakaat

She has so much talent, range and passion, and while she seems perfectly happy with her contributions these days to the unit, for her to just sing a few verses and phrases per album just… wouldn’t be fulfilling to me when I could be doing much more.

I’d be sad if CAPSULE disbanded overnight… but on the other hand, it’d free up Toshiko to go do whatever she wants, if she wanted to. She probably wouldn’t earn mega yen if she went on a solo career but honestly she’s loaded anyway

Cracking the Whip-Sword (A Defense for Plutia)
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Character: Plutia

Fandom: Hyperdimension Neptunia

Steals Screen time from Neptune: How dare this newly-introduced character steal screen time from a character whom we’ve seen in literally every other main-series installment prior. Neptune is my personal favorite character in the series, but to be fair Victory (the game obviously in the limelight) was Plutia’s first appearance.

Traumatizes other characters, Poor portrayal of Sadism, Joke Gets Old, Acts more like a Villain: Iris Heart, her HDD transformation, is supposed to be a personified representation of the aggressive manner that Sega used to advertised both the Sega Genesis and Sega Saturn, simultaneously attacking their competitor, Nintendo, in the process.

[Spoiler] Threatened to keep attacking Mr. Badd’s daughter and mortally wounded Pirachu [/Spoiler]: Neither character was a saint in the situations that were conveyed and were getting punished for wrongdoings. also there is the fact that she also mentally traumatized Arfoire, which represents Sega’s anti-piracy campaign at the time. Also, 

Never got Punished for It: Simply put, none of the CPU’s felt like they could punish her because of the dominatrix personality of Iris Heart.

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If Future Puck and Present Puck were one person (like a Fusion) would she be able to choose between SonGaia and Trunks?

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T R U N K S ! ! !” Present Puck wasn’t amused at all, of course she’d go for Trunks. Gaia is a good friend. How crude that may sound, she couldn’t make more out of it than it was. Friends. Just friends. However, Future Puck shrugged it off while she held onto a pink rose, smelling it while her where eyes closed and with a smile, “ It’s obvious my counterpart hasn’t met my Gaia yet. Gaia it’d be. Trunks is a good man but got a lot goin’ on, you know. Bein’ famous in both timelines in their own right, I’d go for someone who’s less ‘popular’. Not much of a limelight girl.” Future opened her eyes as she looked at her counterpart, “ Are you, cravin’ for the fame of your City Boy?” Present furrowed her eyes at her counterpart, “ I’m neither diggin’ the limelight and Trunks knows! But as Trunks takes me for who I am, I take him for who he is. Fame is part of him and I accept it ‘cause I frankly CRAVE for Trunks!” A amusing chuckle left Future, “ I see. I suppose that YOUR Trunks and MY Gaia have to fuse to come to a solution.” 

In question Present looked at Future, “ What ‘bout their gender…?” 

“ We’ll see once at it, don’t worry there!~” Future reassured Present while she took another sniff from her rose. -They’re going to be female of course. Shhh~ 


Who Remembers? :

When Uptown’s Riv was a disco?

Riviera Theater Becomes 3-level Nightclub August 23, 1985| By Marla Donato.

In all the fuss over the recent Limelight nightclub opening, no one has seemed to notice the effort of Sam Frontera. Frontera has been working very quietly farther north, converting the old Riviera Theater, at 4746 N. Racine Ave., into a three-level nightclub that could give the Limelight some Uptown competition.

Frontera, a 29-year-old Detroit native, said he plans to open the club doors Wednesday and hopes to avoid a scene similar to the jam at the Limelight opening that had some angry partygoers mobbing the front door.

“We`ll probably invite about 5,000 people (sending out about 2,500 invitations) to the opening night party,” Frontera said. “If there`s room inside–and there should be because not everyone comes at the same time–we`re not going to make anybody wait.”

Frontera also said his club has a larger capacity than Limelight; at 70,000 square feet, it can accommodate 2,500 people.

From outward appearances, the Limelight and Riviera are similar. Both

“New York-inspired” clubs are massive, multi-level affairs that feature mainly dancing and were opened by out-of-towners who had clubs in Florida. But while the Limelight is banking on private parties, celebrities and art happenings for its draw, the Riviera concept is to dazzle with high tech wizardry–such as an extensive lighting system.

It was designed and installed by Elvio of the New York-based O.J. Productions. Elvio was responsible for the lighting and special effects in the Pulsations nightclub in Philadelphia, which features laser projected animations, a 3-ton UFO model and a remote-control robot that sings and dances.

Elvio said the Chicago club won`t have a dancing robot, but similar effects could be added if there`s a demand.

For now, Elvio said, the Riviera can boast the highest-powered lighting system in the city, including 300 1,000-watt lights and a series of neon Mercedes-Benz emblems in white on a royal-blue and green background.

The lighting system was part of the nearly $2 million Frontera said was spent to upgrade and convert the building, which he is leasing. Renovations included filling in the sloping theater floor to accommodate a bar, a champagne area and a dance floor. A second floor VIP area overlooks the 55-foot oval bar. The bar`s ceiling is the Riviera`s original ceiling, a gilded dome.

In the balcony, 750 seats have been left in place. From there clubgoers can view the dance floor and stage.

Frontera said the Riviera will be “mainly a dance club,” but he plans to “bring in entertainment three or four times a month–groups like Frankie Goes to Hollywood or Sade.”

This is the second nightclub for Frontera, who opened his first business at the age of 18. That was a restaurant next to his father`s produce business in Detroit. After moving to Florida and dabbling in the silver business, he opened his first club, Shangri-La, in Ft. Lauderdale two years ago.

Frontera said everything was “going fine and then I met this lady in Ft. Lauderdale and we started dating. She was from New York/New Jersey and we started going up to the New York clubs. That`s what gave me the idea to open a bigger-volume nightclub. But there was too much competition in New York and Detroit is a motorcar town. So I decided on Chicago. Chicago is one of the nicest cities–and being from Detroit, I`ve spent a lot of time here.”

Frontera said he found the Riviera by chance in June of last year “after wandering into a Rush Street movie theater and asking the people there if they knew of any old theaters. A guy in there told me about the Riviera.”

A few days later Frontera was standing in front of the Italian Renissance-style theater, which was built in 1921. The Riviera had its movie- palace heyday during the Roaring `20s and the Depression, but it was closed when Frontera checked it out.

“The owner was across the street and he came over and asked me if I wanted to see the building,” Frontera said. “He told me people from the Limelight and Club Z from Miami also were interested in the building. He asked me just how interested I was and I said, `I`ll take the place today if the deal is right.` That night I gave him a $2,000 deposit and a week later the papers were signed.” His lease in hand, he started on the renovation shortly thereafter.

Frontera said the club`s Uptown location shouldn`t hurt business, and he hopes the Riviera will appeal to “the upper-middle class.” There is no dress code, but door charges will range from $5 to $12. Drinks will be priced at $2 to $3.50, and valet parking will be available.

The Lucky One is a song that I wrote while I was in Australia. It talks about some of my fears through telling the story of other people that I was inspired by. But more than their stories being told, I’m pretty much singing about what I’m scared of in that song. Ending up kind of caught up in this whole thing and lonely and feeling misunderstood and feeling like when people think you’re lucky when you’re really not. So it kinda express my greatest fear of having this not end up be fun anymore and end up being a scary place. Some people get there. Some people end up there. So it’s a story song and it’s something I’m really proud of because it kinda goes to a place I’m terrified of.


“The only constant in life is change.” | Castle, now and then.