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hello everyone! ive been bloggin about the last couple of days and u might have caught on already, but my grandma recently died on July 8th, and we just had her funeral yesterday on July 22nd.

both me and my grandma were in a messy family situation, which resulted in the both of us having to take care of my two little sisters, who are each 8 and 9 years old. my grandma raised us, and helped me raise them, and its a tremendous blow to us. we’re all so very devastated and sad, and we’re scrambling to figure out how we’re going to live from now on. we have just lost the only person who loved and cared for us, and we seriously dont know what to do.

as you all know, funerals are so very expensive, and all money went to that. rent and bills are going to be so tight and i feel like im alone, and im trying to work on that, but for now, here is my amazon wishlist

there are a lot of items on there that could be used for my sisters and the apartment, and i’ll be adding more things here and there. stuff like kids clothes and shoes and medicine. any little thing counts, and would help us out tremendously as we figure out how we’re going to divide expenses, ect.

pls, i just want to make sure my sisters are ok i dont really care about myself right now, i just want to make sure my sisters have the basic things to help them right now. i love them so much. they’re so sad and this is just another blow to them. they lost their father back in  2008, and now they have lost the only person left who actually loved them and cared about them besides myself.

there is also a donate button on my blog, just hover over my icon and it should pop up!!! thank you so much, and maybe boost if you can?

im also thinking of opening up $15 sketch commissions later, but i’ll make a separate post for that if and when i do it.

thank you so much for reading and this would really mean a lot to me and help me out until we figure out what we can do.


i’m opening character sketch commissions!!!

here are some examples of what they would look like! 

all art will consist of sketch lineart + basic background (if you would not like a background, just include that in your query). 

  • the price for one fullbody character sketch is $15
  • to add color is +$3 (consists of flat colors done in a textured brush)
  • additional fullbody characters are +$5 
  • single bust sketches are $10 
  • additional bust characters are +$3
  • to add color is +$3

i also do chibis

  • the price for a single character chibi sketch is $4. additional characters are +$2
  • to add color is +$3

things i will do

  • your otps
  • your ocs as long as they are human in appearance (must provide details/reference material)
  • anime
  • cartoons (steven universe, invader zim, south park, ect)
  • western tv shows (teen wolf, spn, sherlock, ect)

things i cant do

  • nsfw, furries, animals, weapons, perspective shots, detailed backgrounds, vehicles

i only accept paypal! money must be payed up front, then i will draw the piece and deliver it through email in about 4-5 business days. if interested please contact me at

first come, first serve!

SLOTS: 5 open

i would like to think that while building baymax, since tadashi would have had to spend so much time in the lab with him, baymax observed every single mannerism, every outburst of joy, every frustrated grunt, everything that makes tadashi, well, tadashi. like maybe he recorded and cataloged everything about tadashi and his personality.

and maybe as the years go by, when hiro gets a little older, he decides to update baymax, and all that cataloged information gets upgraded with it, and one day hiro is frustrated working on a school project and is about to give up and baymax just suddenly goes “hiro, use that big head of yours”

and maybe tadashi really is here


$5 headshot/bust digital commissions! i can draw ur haikyuu favs, invader zim, homestuck, other anime~

i need to make some money to pay some upcoming bills, so if you’d like to commission me, pls message or IM me here on tumblr. 

i only accept paypal, and money must be payed first. within 2 days, i’ll then send ur drawing through email or @ you and post on tumblr, whichever you wish!!!! my paypal is

however, pleas don’t send me any money until we have discussed everything first. don’t be afraid to message me with any questions!!


i was cleaning and i found some old gorillaz stuff :3 the little booklet i got from a friend in middle school around the year mentioned on the booklet. he said he found it on the ground?? but he knew how much i loved gorillaz, so he saved and then gave it to me at school. 

and the wired magazine my brother stole from a supermarket cuz he knew how much i loved gorillaz LOL

god my middle school days are coming back to me

hi!!!!! i am only $250 short on rent because my mother spent the rent money and im livid, i have a paypal donate button on my blog. my paypal email is if you wanna donate that’d be so rad. i hate asking but im desperate ;3;

if u donate i’ll follow you? i would sketch you something but i think my internet is cutting off tomorrow OTL or i could write a one-shot fanfic for u. or i could mark u down for a sketch drawing and send it over email when i have my internet is back up? not sure when that will be, but i’ll do it, even if i gotta go to th starbucks and use their internet to upload it. or i guess i could transfer the file to my phone and upload it that way??

anyway! please reblog/donate if u can ty

i remember one christmas we forgot to buy cookies to leave for santa, so my little 6 year old self panicked and my gramma was like, its ok we’ll leave him tamales

and im lik wtf??? but went with it. and in the morning i was so relieved to find that all the tamales were eaten

but my gramma played me! she ate all the tamales! she purposefully forgot the cookies so she could eat tamales instead lmao

;-; i was had