Smacking head. Again. This nonsense.

Dear World,

Tom Hiddleston is an amazing actor who has abilities I have seen in few others of his craft. He is stunning and mind blowing at what he does. He is intelligent, well-spoken if a bit long-winded at times, altruistic, kind and generous. A truly lovely human being.

He is ALSO a DAMN hot piece of ass. If given the opportunity, I would fuck the light out of his eyes and then fuck it back in. Every day for a damn year. I look at pics of his schlong and his ass. As well as the rest of him.


It is OKAY to appreciate a person for who they are and get down and dirty with the body that encases them. That is how adult relationships work. Guess what? Married for 11 years, bitches. I can love my husband for the good man he actually is AND AT THE SAME TIME WANT WHAT’S IN HIS KNICKERS IF YOU KNOW WHAT I’M SAYING.

So all y'all haters move along. We are grownups here, and can handle the demands and nuances of adult relationships, even when they’re imaginary.

We got this. We’re good. No help needed. Cheers. No one is being hurt here looking at pics of a massive dick.

Try it. You just might like it.