limecrime dupes

I have two dupes for limecrimes Pigeon from the Venus II palette, which is on the far left. The one in the middle is Hocus Pocus from Total Intensity and it’s like… 8 dollars and can be found at Kmart; the far right one is from the Wet n’ Wild Comfort Zone palette, which comes with 8 shadows and I think is still being sold??? It’s a really nice palette tbh but I can’t remember the price sadly.

accomplishment of the day: limecrime venus dupes.

The total without shipping is $39.84, and both coastal scents and makeup geek are cruelty free. PLUS, coastal scents sells empty palettes (a 12-space palette is like $5 or $6) and it seems like both of the brands’ pots are the same size, so you won’t have loose pots all over the place.


Some photos of my most recent beauty haul. It’s a mix of orders from Give Me Glow on Etsy, All Cosmetics Wholesale and The Fanciful Fox at the Vegan Shop Up.

Everything is vegan & cruelty free! (Thanks for the recommendation for the contour kit veganmakeup)

- The Fanciful Fox bath fizzie
- ecotools Lovely Looks brush set
- Australis AC On Tour Contour & Highlight kit
- Australis Tint My Brow in light brown
- Give Me Glow lip colors (swatched)
- Medusa’s Makeup eye makeup remover
- The Fanciful Fox body scrub
- Australis Blemish Buster primer
- Medusa’s Makeup blush in Georgia Peach
- The Fanciful Fox lip balm in wintergreen
- The Fanciful Fox blemish stick
- E.L.F. Lip Lock pencil

Give Me Glow is an amazing Etsy shop that makes dupes! They can even custom make you one.

Melted Galaxy is a dupe for Melt’s Spacecake
Rusty Rose is a dupe for LimeCrime’s Riot
First Kiss is a dupe for Jeffree Star’s 714


So Lime Crime is releasing two new shades for IMATS LA. Exciting! Well maybe not. So much for not boring colours because we’ve seen both of these before. Lime Crime has three purples in it’s arsenal right now; Pansy, Jinx, Beet it. Apparently they needed a fourth. 

Meet Fetish. Fetish is almost identical to Jinx, just a little redder and only just slightly bluer than Bee Tit. Easily dupeable and you can probably make it yourself using Beet It and Jinx.

Then there was Polly. Polly is a mauve pink almost identical in colour to Doll Parts by Jeffree Star. Same colour, close name… *stares at Lime Crime*
If you’re trying to make drama Doe, you’re doing it right.

So quite honestly I think these are really easy shades to skip from Lime Crime. They’re not new, they’re certainly not unique. 

What do you think?