lime popsicle


Here’s my Burnerman.EXE popsicle I designed and made for the 2017 Megaman Summer Chill Contest!! It’s a popsicle holder that holds two popsicles at once to mimic his flames. It actually works and you can use it! (I used myself as test subject :p) His popsicles are blueberry flavor ^^

The second I saw the contest category I knew I wasn’t missing my chance to make Mega Man sweets and got to work on designing this. I had no idea if I could get it to work but I managed after some tests! I never finished him but theres also a Burnerman classic variety one that pairs with lime popsicle. I’m gonna try to finish that one this week maybe :D

I love limes

I swear to you it is one of my favorite fruits, and certainly my favorite candy or treat. Green candies are usually lime, and there’s nothing better than a lime Popsicle. Nothing is better than tequila and cold limes. key lime pie, lime chillers, limeade .

I don’t care. So nice.